‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Production Company Megalomedia Files Formal Petitions to Have Three Former Cast Members’ Lawsuits Dismissed

Let the back and forth begin…

After being hit with eight lawsuits from former My 600 Lb. Life cast members this year, the show’s production company, Megalomedia, is making moves to have nearly half of the cases dismissed. 

According to Starcasm, the legal team defending the show’s producers has filed formal petitions requesting to dismiss the gross negligence cases of David Bolton (Season 6), Gina Krasley (Season 8) and Maja Radanovic (Season 7) based on claims that Megalomedia is protected from any cast member lawsuit once the individual has signed a contract for the show.  

Maja during her Season 7 episode…

Three weeks ago, the attorney representing Megalomedia responded to David’s lawsuit, attributing any injuries David claims to have suffered to his “own negligent conduct.” The attorney, Charles L. Babcock, also argued that David waived his right to take legal action against Megalomedia or show producers when he signed his contract to appear on the show — a contract that reportedly included a strict non-disclosure agreement. This claim was reiterated in the recent filings of Megalomedia, who argued that every cast member waives his or her rights to sue once they’ve signed the talent agreement. 

Documents of the lawsuit obtained by Starcasm also mention an “Assumption of Risk” provision, which states that a “plaintiff” (aka cast member) “expressly assumes all risks of physical of psychological injury” associated with their participation in the program and that they agree to voluntarily “release, discharge, waive and relinquish any and all claims, demands or liabilities … resulting in any manner” from their participation in the program, “whether caused by negligence or otherwise.” 

Gina during her Season 8 episode…

Megalomedia’s request to have the three cases dismissed is also based on the argument that verbal changes to cast member contracts do not overrule the original contract that was signed. 

As you may recall, David was the second individual to take legal action against Megalomedia this year; the first lawsuit came from the family of James “L.B.” Bonner, for what they believe to be Megalomedia’s role in L.B.’s 2018 suicide. (Megalomedia previously responded to this lawsuit and maintains that the production company had no fault in L.B.’s suicide.)

Maja and Gina were the third and fourth to file, respectively, followed by Jeanne Covey (Season 7), Nicole Lewis (Season 5), Dottie Perkins (Season 4) and as of last week, Annjeanette Whaley (Season 7). 

Megalomedia has not yet formally responded to the lawsuits filed by Jeanne, Nicole, Dottie and Annjeanette.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; Megalomedia)


  1. I cannot believe the nerve of these folks! They beg for help to save their lives that THEY THEMSELVES ALLOW it get in the situation they find themselves in WHEN THEY BEG FOR HELP…only to selfishly get that help & then try to extort money because they recieved the help THEY WERE BEGGING FOR! If its mental help they need, they shpuld have gotten it … That would have been just as simple as the food they consumed to get there. I have health insurance that WILL NOT COVER MY OBESITY issues & then you see this abuse of our judicial system & the comoany they sued! Sickening when there are those of us who would give anything to be so fortunate! Lazy assed people…always looking for HANDOUTS… Beth

  2. I would not have tried to help these people. It is apparent they cannot control their own bodily appetites. So why would anyone use them in the real world? Feel sorry they are obese. But one of them, that I remember, was so delusional, she thought she should have her yellow brick road without any change. You were going tig be on TV. Were they so far removed from reality that they didn’t realize what that involved?

  3. No disrespect but those people should have been very happy that someone was willing to help them. It is their responsibility to maintain their weight and not get to that extreme. Instead of graciously bowing out and saying thank you they try to blame other people for their actions. Get over it! Get healthy and get a job. You have a sickness and addiction. Get the help you need and get over it. Dr Now is THE BEST. People get angry because he knows them and their excuses so well. It is so sad watching these people struggle yet they continue to eat instead of getting well. Appreciate the fact that someone really cares and be grateful. I hope you’re not trying to get money to buy more food. LAWSUIT-STOP IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. [These people think that by suing they are going to lose weight?? They are idiots. They want help but they think that Dr. Now has a magic wand and they are going to loose weight right away. They are ungrateful. They just want t get money and eat their life away.

  5. They cry ! I need help with my problem with overeating ! They always say it’s because of when they were little! Mom or Dad. Brother and Sister some crap likeve that! A lot of people have had a Bad when they were growing up! I don’t even want to think about it because I would cry! They get past it well a lot of people don’t turn into overweight people an blame the world an try to get money if if they can’t get help! But they are not too blame! But we know that they are an need to put on their big girl pants an grow up

  6. I am so tired of people trying to make a pay day out of people who legitimately try to help them! These people all thought they knew how to lose weight better than Dr Now and they followed their own program not the one prescribed, then they want to destroy the only doctor who tried to help. And they want to take the show away from the millions of us who love it. I personally use the show to help me control my weight. One look at then and I put down the candy bar!

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Oh well. People who are overweight are irresponsible and always looks for an excuse to blame other people for their laziness and lack of self control when it comes to eating. They always have some excuse for eating uncontrollably and it’s never their own fault. Sue your parents for allowing you to over eat all your lives and not accepting responsibility for your own actions.

  8. Go get them, Megalomedia! They were all failures and decided to quit the program because they didn’t choose to continue and had no control over themselves so they wanted to blame it on the show. I bet if we knew them better we would find that the same is true for every other thing in their lives. Grow a backbone each one of you.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I don’t understand why these people are using them for their weight loss. Dr. Now is a no nonsense type of a Physician who puts up with all these lies and excuses that these people come up with trying to pull the work over his eyes. There are people who have exceeded on this show. We have been watching this show ever since it aired. They fit a whole 13 months into a 2 hour show and they come up with excuse after excuse and show little to no progress. I am a Licensed funeral Director and a few years ago there was a news piece on called the Oversizing of America. A normal size casket measures 24 inches wide on the inside. We have a measuring stick given to us and of course other funeral homes that we use to measure a body from elbow to elbow and/or thigh to thigh. Depending which is larger. Caskets start at 24 inches then goes to 28″, 32″ and up to 38″ wide. When we have these larger caskets then they need a larger liner or Vault. When you start getting these wider caskets like the 38″ one’s then you need to pay for 2 or 4 grave sites plus they need to get a septic tank to place the casket in. They don’t make liners or vaults over 32 inches. Now,this is just one casket maker that Iam getting this information. Now there are companies that do make larger caskets then the 38*. Anything over 38″ casket will not fit into a Hearse. Also if there are churches that don’t have double doors, these caskets can’t get inside for the funeral service I have had that happen to me twice. The first one, we had to leave the casket in the Hearse while everyone was in the church holding the funeral service. The other one we got smart and went to the church a couple of days before the service and measured the door. It was a few inches short so, we held the funeral service at the funeral home. This person was a large Donor to the church(No pun intende and had donated thousands of dollars to it over the years. Another problem is having enough strong Pall bearers to carry the casket to the gravesite. So most cases of a severely obese person the family will opt for a Direct Cremation. Now this could also present with problems. If they are morbidly Obese they may not fit into the retort. In cases like this, we may need to tie them up like you would a roast to make them fit. We have’nt ever needed to go to this extreme but, talking to others who have had to do it said that it was very hard to do. As a last resort you may have to do surgery on them by having to remove fat on their sides. But, that is not something that you really don”t want to do. And one last thing, if you place someone this large into a warm retort and then start the cremation, the fat will start to boil put of the retort and cause a grease fire. This has happen a few times around the world. You need to let the retort cool down at least 48hours prior to starting the process. It starts out at a lower temperature and continues until the retort shuts down and let’s the body burn on it’s own. Cremation usually begins at 1700 degrees and will fluctuate in temperature as it goes on. We have seen ours on time going above 200p degrees on an obese person.
    In conclusion, if you don’t follow Dr. Nows diet plan, this is how you will be disposed of. People of massive size usually dosen’t have life insurance because they can’t afford it. So your family member’s who can”t affirdbto ury or even cremate you. Even if you are on welfare, the county or state doesn’t give enough to cover a cremation and funeral homes need their money up front before services are rendered. Not too many places do payment plans because usually after the first payment is paid and your family has your cremains. There is nothing that can be reprocessed like a car can be. So hopefully this will make you think twice about following Doctors orders and help you live a long and successful life.

  10. Good , they should. Last thing they need is millions of dollars just to sit and eat themselves to death…

    Theres nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy. But it starts with you I went from being 256 lbs to 184. I was overweight and unhappy. I picked myself up and lost the weight from watching what I eat and daily exercise. I sought out no surgery and no help. You get yourself into this overweight mess you need to work out to and eat healthy to get yourself out of it. This show is trying to help morbidly obese people from DIEING!!!!! And all they can do is sue the production company for having to shutdown because of a worldwide pandemic!!!! That’s the true reason. It had nothing really to die with billing issues.

  11. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I feel doctor Now is a hero these people need to listen to him.

  12. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    When will these fat asses take responsibility for themselves? No one forced them to be on the show. No one forced them to eat themselves to near death. I hope all of the cases are thrown out. Worthless pieces of shit

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Blame yourself for how big u are.l9ve the show and Dr now.he goes beyond trying to help and give them a chance at life

  14. It breaks my heart how Dr now tries to help some of these people and they won’t try it’s everyone’s fault but their ignorant asses.he saves their lives and they have no respect I LOVE DR Now.luv the show

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    The level of intelligence that these fat people on this show is severely lacking….the fact that they eat non -stop is mind boggling… most weigh 650-to 800 lbs…even this Dr is struggling to not blow his top…take these freaks off the air….

  16. The show no better than an exploitative carnival sideshow and these poor ignorant fat bastards that sell their souls for a miracle cure for their gluttony are just painful to watch. The show should canceled and the production company burned to the ground based on general principles and basic morality.

    1. Love the show people that don’t try and want to blame 3veryone but thierself.love and admire Dr now.take responsibility for yourself.no one put u there but yourself.

  17. I heard they settled out of court with the three people for a Big Mac value meal and a Shamrock shake.

    True story

    stay lit

    1. This is why your shouldn’t sign contracts you dont agree with/don’t understand. I’m sure these people feel slighted, but unfortunately that is their fault if they signed a contract as stated by the production company…

      The production company probably has a team of lawyers who wrote the contract in a way that the company can never be sued. Unfortunately for the participants, they wont be able to go anywhere even if they feel their claims are legitimate

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        They let themselves go. Personally, I love the show. If they are going to blame someone, put the spoon down and place the on their lap. Since they cannot control themselves, wire their mouth shut.

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