Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star David Eason Officially Charged for “Self-Towing” Stranger’s Truck: Will Face Criminal Charges in Court Next Month

“Can someone tell me what this here summons says? I ain’t much for the readin’ and such…”

David Eason received a very special Christmas gift from the Wilmington, North Carolina, Police Department: a criminal summons!

The former Teen Mom 2 star was officially charged on December 23 with two misdemeanors, stemming from the video he posted of himself “self-towing” a stranger’s truck because David felt the truck’s owner had parked too close to David’s boat. The video, which was filmed in June but not posted until last week, gave the truck’s owner, Terry Hill, enough evidence to file the criminal charges against Mr. Jenelle Evans.

According to the criminal summons, which was obtained by Radar Online, David is facing a charge of injuring or tampering with a vehicle, and a charge of injury to personal property greater than $200.

In the incriminating video, which David posted to his new YouTube account on December 19, David can be seen hooking a winch to Terry’s truck that is parked behind his boat. He then uses his own truck to try to pull Terry’s truck backward. When his first attempts fail, David declares that he has to “drag it f**king sideways!” Terry’s truck starts screeching as it is pulled backward aggressively. Jenelle can be heard cackling behind the camera.

“Pulled that motherf**ker out of the way!” she declares gleefully.

“Courtesy of On The Land Towin’!”

Ben Smart, a reporter for North Carolina news station WECT has been closely following the story since David posted the video to his YouTube channel last week. Ben was able to find Terry, who confirmed that he had to replace his truck’s transmission due to what David did. The truck’s engine and mirror were also reportedly damaged.

Ben stated that WECT reached out to David for a comment, and David initially tried to lie and say that it was staged and they used his friend’s truck in the video as a way to increase subscribers to his YouTube account. However, Ben then told David that he knew this was a lie, given that he had just interviewed Terry, the real owner of the truck, who does not know David and Jenelle.

The Wilmington Police Department launched its own investigation into the incident, but on December 21, the police department stated in a press release that it would not be able to charge David.

“We understand the frustrations of the many people who have reached out to us regarding the David Eason incident, but there is no legal avenue to pursue charges,” a message on the Wilmington PD’s Twitter account read.

Terry had originally stated that he would not be filing charges against David for what he did. However he had a change of heart a few days later and filed charges with New Hanover County.

“Somebody has to stop this guy,” Terry, who is 73 years old, told WECT in an exclusive interview.

As expected, Jenelle lashed out at Terry, WECT and the reporter, Ben Smart. In a post to Instagram stories on December 23, Jenelle told her version of events, and complained that WECT needs to hire someone who “knows the rules of journalism.” (Um…?)

“[Ben] begged David to write a story on him and come visit our home,” Jenelle wrote on Instagram stories over the weekend. “David said ‘no sorry bro out of town.’ David explained his side of the story and said OFF RECORD. OFF RECORD means as a journalist you cannot include those words in your article or story. Contacting our lawyer about Ben Smart today for harassment.”

She also stated that Ben was responsible for convincing Terry to press charges against David, simply so Ben would have a story to report on.

David received a criminal summons on December 23, ordering him to appear in court on January 28 to face the charges against him. According to Ben’s story for WECT News, both charges against David are Class 2 misdemeanors.

“Under North Carolina law, a Class 2 misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and a $1,000 fine,” the story states.

According to the criminal summons, if David does not appear in court on his court date, an order for his arrest may be issued and he may be held in contempt of court.

Jenelle and David have been uncharacteristically silent about the criminal summons.

Click here to see the criminal summons sent to David!

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(Photos: MTV, Twitter)

30 Responses

  1. Wrecking a vehicle of a 73 year-old man for no reason. What trash. And Jenelle wonders why people love and root for Chelsea and not for her. I’m sure they’ll get off like they always do, and then they’ll act like they “won”. GROW UP, you are parents of all those children and act like you’re in 3rd grade. Jace is more mature than those clowns.

  2. God I hope the judge gives that clown the maximum pentalty, and he gets 60 days in jail. I also hope that Terry pursues this even further and sues him for emotional distress, damages, and whatever else he can. David needs a lesson.

  3. David has a new, creepy video where he screams at an old man on an off-road vehicle for “illegally dumping” on The Land and messin’ up his huntin’. He’s a very disturbing person. Luckily for the poor old man, David didn’t follow through on his promise to shoot anyone who came on The Land.

  4. Is it normal in America for police departments to post updates like this about cases? That is the weirdest thing for me out of this whole story

    1. They probably were getting hundreds of calls asking if David was going to be charged so they finally had to post something to put a stop to the calls.

    1. What’s super weird is posting the same comment twice 😉

      But, really, yes, for a case that has had a lot of publicity, it IS normal for police to keep people involved, and *sometimes the general public, generally updated. It depends entirely on the topic, what information is being shared and who is asking. If a reporter is asking them for information and they are able to give it, why wouldn’t they? It seems rather stupid to keep information that doesn’t *need to remain so, under some kind of protection.

      This isn’t abnormal in most countries, actually, so I have no idea why it would be weird to anyone, lol. In fact, in many countries, there is literally NO information save government secrets that remains protected (by police or otherwise) in regards to various different cases. Perhaps that’s why it seems weird to you, you only think you don’t see police keeping the public informed because it’s something your police have always done, just not in a way that seems as obvious.

  5. Janelle + David = white trash at its finest.
    They are both major aholes. David is going to end up killing one of the kids, and/or janelle the idiot. CPS NEEDS TO REMOVE THE CHILDREN FROM THEM. PERIOD.

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Hahahahahaha the fact that he brought this entirely on himself (and probably never would’ve been charged if he didn’t upload that video for attention) is the most beautiful case of karma I’ve seen for a hot minute. Let’s hope they give this dope a jail sentence so the world can have a break from his bullshit.

    P.S. Terry Hill and his wife are my heroes. That is all.

  7. I’m uncomfortable with the fact that the original summon that was handed to David looks like it has Terry’s informations on it.

    I hope David won’t do something stupid… oh wait. It’s all he can do.

  8. I was about to say “how stupid do you have to be to post a video of yourself committing a crime”, then I answered myself “as stupid as these two idiots”. However, since mtv is still paying for their lifestyle/criminal-antisocial behavior, they don’t care, they’ll just keep at it.

  9. Jenelle is so damn ignorant when she speaks. She stands on a soapbox and preaches to others about things without even bothering to am heck her information first. A simple google search explains that “off the record” actually means that the SOURCE cannot be printed. Not the information. If the statement was made on a recorded line or video, there’s no such thing as off the record. Most importantly, I don’t even think the statement in legally protected if it’s off record and the source is printed anyway. It may be unprofessional, but that’s a far cry from a recoverable offense. Idiots.

      1. NO ONE is teaching Marissa anything at Hillybilly Homeschool, you can be quite sure of that, which in this case a good thing. She’s supposed to be a smart kid so she’s better off being left to her own devices.

  10. Even if found guilty, it is not enough jail time or fines to make any sort of difference. David thrives on any type of attention, including negative. This will just feed into his victim ego and need for more control and attention. He will become more and more dangerous.

  11. Even if nothing happens, they will still be out thousands on attorney fees. Hahahaha! Idiots. Now, let’s see if Jenelle gets in trouble for illegally burning on the laaaaaaaand.

    1. He won’t spend one minute in jail. A small fine with Jenelle’s money is all he’ll get and since these two troglodytes have no idea what a hard earned dollar is, it will be about the same annoyance to them as flies at a picnic.

  12. Bahahahah I hope the judge makes him spend the 60 days in jail, Jenelle would have a meltdown of all meltdowns!

  13. Nothing will happen, they are invincible. He’ll have to pay some cheap fine, with jenelles money of course, and they’ll be on fb and Instagram within a hour, boasting about how they were right and they said it all along they were in the right and terry only did it because the guy from the news convinced him. And then david will rant about if he ever sees the news people, he has no problem shooting them or spout out verbally. Because you know, he’s invincible. Same stuff, different day.

    1. The victim, Terry, can also take him to small claims court for monetary damages as well. Hope someone saved all those youtube and instagram comments for Terry to access. Judge will mock both those morons for their idiotic statements. lolol

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