‘Jersey Shore’ Star Mike Sorrentino Has Checked Into Prison: Find Out What His “GTL” (Gym Tan Laundry) Situation Will Be Like Behind Bars

“This place gives extra snacks for good behavior, right?”

Well, it’s official… Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is no longer a free man.

The Jersey Shore star was officially booked into prison today to begin his eight month sentence for tax evasion.

Mike posted a video to Instagram Live that was made as he was driving to surrender himself to the correctional facility he’ll be in for the next eight months. Mike, sporting a “Feast Mode” T-shirt and a big smile, seemed to have a positive attitude, encouraging his fans to subscribe to his new YouTube channel to keep up-to-date on all things “Imprisoned Sitch.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Mike received a sentence of eight months in federal prison in October as well as two years of supervised released. The month after his sentencing, Mike married his longtime girlfriend Lauren Pesce in an extravagant, last hoo-rah ceremony held in New Jersey.

Mike has been checked into FCI Otisville in New York, a facility described as a “medium security federal correction institution with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp and detention center.” Mike will presumably be residing in the facility’s minimum-security satellite camp, based on the address he shared with fans interested in writing to him during his stint in the slammer.

Mike’s life will, no doubt, be very different now that he’s behind bars. The funfetti-aficionado will certainly have less choices when it comes to “eats,” and will be kept on a strict schedule that will make it much harder for him to do the signature “GTL” (Gym, Tan, Laundry) routine kept by the ‘Jersey Shore’ boys.

Thanks to the handy FCI Otisville Inmate Handbook, we have an idea of what life will be like for Mike while he’s in prison.


In typical prison fashion, Mike will be treated to three square meals a day. In addition to the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner grub, Mike will have access to vending machines in the visiting room as well as the option to treat himself to some goodies from the prison’s commissary list.

Mike will be able to cobble together a decent Italian meal, as FTI Otisville is known for having some of the best commissary food choices offered by any correctional institution.

Among the delicacies offered by commissary are a $3.60 pizza kit, $2.60 pepperoni, $1.40 mozzarella block, $2.30 pasta and even a $.60 kosher pickle. While the facility unfortunately doesn’t appear to sell funfetti cake, it does offer $.60 chocolate chip cookies and $1.95 snack cakes.

Gym, Tan, Laundry:

Fans of ‘Jersey Shore’ know that GTL (gym, tan, laundry) is practically a religion among the cast and luckily, Mike won’t have to go without during his time in the big house.

In addition to having access to a gym, Mike can also participate in recreational activities such as basketball, handball, tennis and baseball—-all of which would give Sitch plenty of vitamin D, thus also satisfying the “T” in GTL.

As for laundry, Mike will have to rock prison-issued gear during his stay, which he will also be responsible for washing and drying.

FCI Otisville also provides psychologists for inmates, an education room and a chapel for religious services. The prison also has required quiet hours for inmates as well as work assignments, which we hope for FCI’s sake don’t involve screen printing t-shirts.


“No smushing? Prison sucks… and stuff…”

Unfortunately for Sitch, there will be no smushing, as the Federal Bureau of Prisons does not permit conjugal visits. Mike will be able to have a little physical contact with his wife Lauren(s), though. According to the facility’s website, “in most cases, handshakes, hugs, and kisses (in good taste) are allowed at the beginning and end of a visit.”


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(Photos: WEtv, MTV, Instagram, Twitter)

16 Responses

  1. Is it weird that I kinda want to write him? I live on another continent! HAHA. But for real, I love Sitch, he is an amazing person now. Props to him for being positive in a hard situation (which prison most certainly is).

    1. Yeah, I’ve thought about it. The letter would obviously be positivity. I don’t want to be a fan weirdo though.

  2. So we need a commissary store on the outside. So much for making these people pay the price for their crime. Tell me where you can go now a day and buy a candy bar for $.90? I would definitely be able to afford groceries shopping here!

  3. I feel bad for him he has admitted his mistake not made excuses. He has turned his life around. Why bother go after the real criminals rapists druggies. What is the chance he will have to serve the 8 months probably all of it. yet in Ca a person can rape, beat, rob and get out for over crowding. Anyone know if his brother started his jail sentence

  4. I never thought there’d be a day where I’m commenting on an article about Sitch going to prison and saying the following:

    Mike has come a long, long way. He has worked so hard to change himself for the better and let me tell you, that is one of the hardest things for a person to do. I cannot believe the change in him from season one compared to now. I hope he continues to be so happy cuz let me tell you, even as he goes to prison, that guy is winning the game of life. He’s married to an amazing girl and is the happiest he’s ever been.

    1. I find it hideously unfair that he has turned his life around as you said and is being punished in this way while horrible people like Jenelle continue to do horrible things scot free. If there’s one thing the authorities hate it’s their money being taken from them! Drug abuse, abusing one’s children/partner/others, meh, not so much apparently.

      1. Personally I just don’t find it unfair, it makes me angry. This is my taxpayer dollars that I find are not being used in a way that’s conducive to society’s well-being

      2. To bad he didnt call Dustin to represent him (obviously that was a joke). Jenelle is the Teflon Mom

        Dustin must be some great lawyer, how did he keep her out of jail after so many arrests?
        She admitted to throwing a glass to Nathans girlfriend (at the time), she followed a guy ran over his mailbox & pulled out a gun on him all on video all while Jace was sitting in the front seat.
        Thats why she is the Teflon Mom

      3. In all seriousness, people have forgotten that the core purpose for the majority of prisoners is to rehabilitate. All signs point to sitch already being rehabilitated so what’s the point?

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