‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Jade Cline Announces She’s Split with Her Baby Daddy Sean Austin

“I’m single and ready to mingle!”

Another Teen Mom relationship bites the dust!

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Jade Cline revealed Tuesday that she is no longer in a relationship with Sean Austin, her longtime boyfriend and the father of her daughter Khloie. During an Instagram Q&A session Jade— who is currently filming ‘Young & Pregnant’ Season 2—  announced the breakup.

She told a fan that she is “definitely not” still with Sean.

The couple has broken up numerous times in the past, but Jade seems to think that this split is for good. When asked if she would consider giving him another chance, Jade wrote, “Lol noooo.” 

While Jade didn’t go into specifics about what happened between her and Sean, but she hinted that Sean was being shady.

“People are not what they seem sometimes,” she wrote on Instagram.

On Twitter, Jade confirmed that she’s “been single” but she didn’t feel the need to run to social media and share the news of her split (unlike other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars…)

“I don’t tell the world every little detail of my life,” Jade tweeted. “S**t happens and I keep it to myself and keep it moving. Don’t feel the need to constantly put my business online.”

Whatever went down between Jade and Sean must have happened recently, because, just last month, Jade was talking about wanting to have another child with Sean.

“I’m not pregnant,” she wrote on her Instagram story in January. “Me and Sean have just discussed having a second child because he really wants a son and wants our kids close in age.”

On February 10, Sean boasted about Jade and his daughter on Instagram.

“@jadecline_ has made me THE most proud Dad,” he wrote in the photo caption of a picture of their daughter. “Kloie is the most intelligent little girl, she surprises me everyday with how much she is learning.”

We can assume that we’ll see the breakup play out on the upcoming second season of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant,’ which will air later this year. 

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Jade keep your aunties and grandmother close. Your mother and Sean are selfish addicts who will continue to bleed you dry financially because you let them. Be your daughter’s hero. She is what matters most,it’s not up to her to help Sean be a good dad that’s 100°\¤ on him. He is supposed to be a man. Rock on jade you got this.

  2. Is Sean desperate to have a son so that he can show him how to be drug-addled loser who sits around playing video games while sponging off his hardworking baby mama? Nice!

  3. I really like jade. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Her mom on the other hand is a manipulative toxic person. She would be better off without her as well. She will find someone good for her when the time is right.

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