EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ Future on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Decided in Secret Phone Call with MTV Exec Last Week: Here’s What Went Down!

“Maybe my manager should be on this call too? He’s down in the swamp, wrastlin’ gators, lemme go get him!”

Jenelle Evans‘ spot on Teen Mom 2 is currently in limbo!

The Ashley can exclusively report that the trouble-making ‘Teen Mom’ star had a very important phone call on Friday about her future with MTV and it did not go as the show’s producers and crew expected!

Jenelle’s phone call was reportedly with a Vice President for MTV Networks.

“No one has a call with him unless there’s a very big issue!” one production source told The Ashley. “Because she was talking to him, everyone behind the scenes was positive that Jenelle was being fired on Friday. That’s what been circulating among the show’s higher and lower producers for weeks, ever since the Reunion.”

Before we get into the phone call, allow The Ashley to set the scene and tell you what’s been going on…

The cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’ recently began to film for Season 9B. However, Jenelle has yet to film a single scene, and the show’s producers would allegedly not even confirm to Jenelle that the show would even be getting another season. (Of course, they’ve known that it will be getting a 9B season since November, which is when The Ashley told you about it!) 

“Jenelle has not been filming for Season 9B like the other girls have,” one source alleged. “She has asked various producers when–and if– she will be continuing to film and they have blown her off basically and not given her a straight answer.”

“Filming? No one’s filming…well, I mean except for all the other girls on the show…”

Jenelle apparently had no clue how close to getting the boot she was (and still is). She has allegedly told people that she does not believe the show continue without her.

“She also still believes that David will be allowed to start filming again,” the source said. “This is why Jenelle says David is causing so many problems [for the crew] because he thinks he was wrongly fired and if they just allow him to film, he will stop [being a problem]. She really believes that MTV will give David another chance.”

While many associated with the show believed Jenelle was being fired on Friday during her phone call, it appears that the MTV execs allegedly made the call to keep Jenelle on and give her yet another chance. (The Ashley is not positive who decided it, but it was not any of the show’s producers or Morgan J. Freeman, etc.; it came from above them, according to The Ashley’s sources.)

During the phone call, the VP reportedly spoke to Jenelle and said he wanted to try to figure out how to film without David causing problems for the crew and producers.

There were several other people on the call, including Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans.

“The people on the call actually apologized to Jenelle for what happened to her at the Reunion with Nessa!” one source tells The Ashley. “They promised Jenelle that nothing like that would happen again.”

“Apologize to me, biotches!”

They also asked her to please stop posting anything negative about the show or MTV to her social media. (This was not unique to Jenelle, though. Several other ‘Teen Mom 2’ and ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast members were contacted by MTV higher-ups recently and asked to remove posts that bashed the network or franchise.)

“The people on the call told Jenelle that there would be new rules for her that she would have to follow going forward,” the source alleged.

“We all know how great I am with following the rules!”

From what The Ashley was told, none of the other cast members were told about this call, or about Jenelle’s future with the show, although many were asking their producers if Jenelle would stay on the show. This was a big topic backstage at the most-recent Reunion.

“When the crew and producers found out Jenelle was not let go, many of them were very upset and disappointed,” the source said. “Everyone finally thought they were rid of Jenelle and David and all their chaos for good.”

According to one production source, many of the show’s existing rotating crew is still refusing to go to North Carolina to film with Jenelle, should she actually make it onto Season 9B.

“Nothing but love here on The Land! Come on down!”

Back in January, The Ashley told you that the crew began saying “no” to going to shoot with Jenelle. (That was right after David posted a series of alarming videos to Instagram stating that he would shoot those he deemed trespassers on The Land.)

This is putting the show’s production higher-ups in a hard position. As The Ashley has previously told you, each person who works on any ‘Teen Mom’ show has to pass a series of background checks and go through an approval process, since they are working directly with the children who star on the shows.

“We can’t just go on the [entertainment crew] job boards and hire random people,” one behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley back in January. “Everyone has to be cleared and go through a process.”

Anyway, as of press time, Jenelle has not been fired but there is much more to this story and things are still developing! 

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(Photos: MTV) 

71 Responses

  1. According to Radar Online, MTV has reportedly had enough of Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s antics. … Sources tell the outlet that MTV is fed up with Jenelle and David’s drama, and that Eason sparking outrage over the death of Evans’ dog was the last straw for production. “MTV is planning to fire Jenelle.

    1. I just read their article and, unfortunately, don’t believe it’s accurate- but oh how I WISH it was. They claim the firing was a “done deal” at the reunion taping, but we know that isn’t true (MTV execs even apologized to Jenelle for Nessa’s behavior!). They also back up her imminent firing with the statement ““All of the other girls have been filming season 9B for weeks…Kailyn and Leah are filming and so is Brianna but not Jenelle.”

      TheAshley gave details about a call that happened with the Vice President of MTV to discuss her future, as they were holding off on her filming. They laid down rules for her going forward (no negative posts about the show on social media, etc) and kept her on. Ash said a lot of the crew was very upset that she was not let go.

      Radar is hit or miss- sometimes articles will be accurate, but often they are not. For anything Teen Mom related I trust Ashley- it’s clear she has sources within production/the network, and has relationships with the cast themselves. I can’t remember a single time I read information that didn’t end up being true.

      I hope and pray she is fired, but it’s clear it hasn’t happened yet. I noticed articles are starting to pop up on TMZ about David “admitting he needs help” and feeling regret which seem like planted PR pieces to shift public emotions and keep her on the show. I 100% believe they are starting to test the waters. This is why it’s so important to keep writing to MTV, keep writing to the advertisers who have yet to pull ads and filing with the Sheriff’s Dept. and NC Attorney General’s office- the more pressure that is on them, the harder it will be for them to just let this go. Torture and abuse of an animal (and standing by the killer) CANNOT be rewarded with another season on the show and charges need to be filed.

      To anyone reading who is willing to Tweet or email and help, search ‘TM2 sponsors Reddit’ – there is a thread with a list of current advertisers, network contact info, and more.

  2. I’m happy to say that I’m finally done with this show. I still feel bad for Chelsea and Cole to be stuck with such despicable pigs. I hope they get their own show because it would be a nice replacement for Little People Big World which I think is on its last legs. Looking forward to MAFS coming back on. Also, on a more trashy note, looking forward to Love After Lock Up. The last season of that show was hilarious!

    1. Don’t feel sorry for Chelsea and Cole. They could’ve easily used their platform to help Nathan reach out to Nancy Grace when Jenelles son Kaiser had marks from David hitting him with a switch but NOPE, nothing. Here we are today with him physically beating a tiny dog and killing it, don’t tell me there’s no abuse going on with others.

  3. They need to get rid of Jenelle and David. Before someone gets seriously hurt by that crazy man. But MTV is all about ratings. That’s why they let there host Nessa treat Jenelle terrible. She’s an abused woman which MTV is putting her in danger by allowing their host to berate her in front of million of viewers. MTV will do anything for ratings!! They make me sick. I stopped watching because of it. Anything to make money.

  4. I’d be embarrassed to even be another castmate filming or even associated with this Tm2 show. You’re associated with Jenelle Evans Eason and her child neglecting homophobic husband whom she 100 percent stands behind.

    1. They all need to stand together and shut it down. What will J. E. do with no job. Karma’a never going to touch her BUT cast mates can by saying NOPE, we’re ALL done.

    1. Nooo to Jamie lynn.

      Why?? She’s nothing to do with teen mom.
      Bring back someone from 16 and pregnant.

  5. (If they just allow him to film, he will stop [being a problem]. )

    Fuck what is he a 8 year old? If you let him play he’ll be a good boy!!!!!
    Fuck off jenrelle.??‍♀️

  6. Let these jerks live out the life they have created for themselves. Shame on you, Freeman. Nothing but another misery profiteer.

    1. Did you not read the article?? The Ashley specifically said Morgan J Freeman didn’t have any say in this and that this was a decision made by a higher up executive.

  7. Nessa was WRONG to use her position to address the issue of her boyfriend. Not the time or place. MTV was right to apologize. Nessa usurped her role on the Reunion Special by turning this into a personal vendetta. Stupid to put herself and MTV in the position to have to apologize to the likes of Jenelle.

    1. Completely agree and I feel sick to my stomach agreeing with anything Jenelle says…but… She has committed many fireable offensive..She still needs to go..

    2. I actually disagree. I think standing against racism and bigotry should happen anytime anywhere. Workplace or not.

    3. I’m glad Nessa called janelle out. Janelle needs to be called out more often for her and her loser husbands ignorant comments. She is not worthy of any apoligies. Period.

  8. She wont last much longer past this season.. MTV wont film in her home state and David is only going to let her ‘leave’ for filming so many times before he explodes with anger and frustration. She left one time to get away with her Mom for a couple days and he was already saying things like “Don’t pick up any guys” and “No flirting”

  9. It amazes me with her work ethic that MTV would keep her on. She’s not the type of role model I think anybody should look up to. I put her in the same category as Ferrah. If she didn’t have MTV she would be trailer park trash.

  10. I can’t imagine what production company or network in their right mind would even LOOK at Jenelle and David, or the gun pulling, child abusing, homophobic cesspool they represent. Let alone, hire these two mental giants for work.

    Clearly, David cleaning boats and acting like a damn fool (the only two things he seems qualified for) probably won’t cover the bills on THE LAND, because who would really be “lining up” to hire this scatterbrained nutcake for even that much?

    And for Jenelle, noting Farrah’s failed porn endeavors and hiring herself out as a “yacht girl” in Dubai after leaving Teen Mom, only shows that THIS won’t exactly keep the creditors and lawsuits away either.

    So clearly, Jenelle had better hold on to this “second chance” she’s being given by MTV — for DEAR LIFE.

  11. I’m SO DONE with this show! It’s beyond insane that they once again gave her another chance! They are losing viewers fast. I hope the ratings plummet!

  12. I’d be embarrassed to be a cast member of this show or anything associated with Jenelle Evans Eason on it, beyond disgusting!! I have no interest giving this network views any longer.

  13. I really don’t like Jenelle but I got to be honest without her the show will be even more boring than it already is!!

  14. All everyone has to do is stop watching. MTV won’t continue the show if the ratings are terrible. Then these girls can get real jobs and potentially contribute to society instead of being paid for being for being pathetic.

  15. Looks like this show will be on until they die. Friends and Seinfeld ended. Roseanne even got fired from her own show named “Roseanne”. WTH.

    1. Charlie Sheen made more money per sitcom episode than any actor EVER,he was replaceable. Okay, the ratings weren’t as high but the show did go on and probably ended (about 3 seasons) where it needed to reguarless of the lead actor.
      I think everyone has been loud and clear on their opinions of Jenelle and her spell casting husband, it’s apparent that the producers fear to film her and the viewers are disgustied with her. It’s my own speculation that this goes beyond ratings, something got messy. Why are they apologizing to Jenelle and handing her a new contract, from what we see and read isn’t this a huge liability?

    2. You know they’re just biding their time until “Teen Mom: The Next Generation”. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new relationships, to bring forth new life without civilization, to blindly go where so many have gone before.

  16. Get this guttermuppet off tv and stop giving her attention. She thinks she’s some a-list celebrity that can make demands and treat people like trash when she’s just some uneducated drama queen that doesn’t give a rats ass about any one other than herself. Do her a favor and show her the door. Maybe she will grow up and become a functioning member of society when she doesn’t have all this “fame” contributing to her ego.

    1. I guess anything (including child abuse) is okay as long as it helps the ratings for a TV show long overdue for cancellation.

  17. She’s a mess. Her husband is a mess. Things could be better. But they both have this entitled attitude. So, I really don’t see this working out.

  18. It’s physically sickening that something even more tragic than child abuse, racism, bullying, and death threats has to happen for MTV to say “ok, that’s enough, you’re fired”. By continuing to employ her, MTV is ENCOURAGING her and her (pathetic excuse for a human) husband to continue their appalling and extremely damaging behavior.

    1. Everyone needs to start being vocal and start saying they are going to stop watching teen mom until they fire Jenelle. I’d bet if it got big enough on social media MTV would fire her to make people happy so they watch.

    2. If this were any of us we would have been arrested for pulling out a gun and chasing someone (in front of her son no less), we would have CPS take our child for the abuse while they investigated further, we would be in some major ass trouble with the law for the death threat posts and videos directed at Randy, etc… What is it going to take to stop this sick behavior? A dead child? Someone innocently shot by loose cannon psycho David?

  19. The only way it would change is if viewers actively boycott and explain their reason for boycotting. I like to keep up with this site and occasionally reddit on whats going on, but I won’t be watching the new season, and deleted it from the DVR.

  20. Is there really nothing this girl can’t get away with? She and her hubby have kids living in a hostile environment with guns all over the house including on them, probably living in fear hearing them drunk and fighting. He’s just been deemed unsafe to even see his son. He’s threatened anyone who walks even near the property, she’s pulling gun out on someone in front of child and they take matters into their own hands like they are above the law and the actual law doesn’t do anything. I’m confused beyond anything how anybody saw those switch marks on Kaiser’s butt and didn’t have that child taken away, and MTV wants to continue to fund them?! When the kids in the house and the crew on filming are too scared of these people to be around them they would be willing to put lives in danger to give in? I just can’t….

  21. Nessa’s ignorance and arrogance turned out to be Jenelle’s save in grace, not only is she not fired but the big wig is apologizing to her.It sounds to me that a little legal jumbo was left out here, there’s pieces missing on the Jenelle side of the story and the top dog wants his employees to remove all their accusations of being defamed…hmm.
    I don’t care for the reunions anymore, they’re such cheesy crap( no wonder they make squat for them) the upcoming will be interesting to see, will they show us the Jenelle/Nessa nonsense?

  22. They will never fire her. MTV has this FOMO mentality with her. If she does get fired she’ll take all the attention away from the show. Her and Dave will do something crazy or or fake something nuts. I have a STRONG feeling the “tubes tied” is a farce and she’s pregnant and she’s trying HARD, to sell that as her storyline. This will be a “miracle” baby and another shot for David to get back on the show. She plays MTV like a fiddle!

  23. MTV only makes decisions based on monetary reasons. If they are going to keep this crazy bitch around it’s only because she still makes them money. The day that her troubles outweigh the revenue that she brings them or until someone gets seriously hurt that is the day that they will get rid of her.

    1. I had an old boss tell me… never fire someone when it’s good for them, fire them when it’s good for you. Make them suffer a bit and cut them off.

    2. By keeping her on they are just enabling her crappy behavior. She treats the crew, cast members, cast members families and the producers like s**t and MTV does nothing. Leah, Kail and Chelsea should have banded together and refused to film another season if Jenelle was brought back. No way would they keep Jenelle and let the other three go.

  24. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Jenelle doesn’t want to quit because how else would she earn money for her and the psycho?!!

  25. Ugh, such insanity. Why is she so bulletproof?! I can’t be the only one who fast-forwards through her scenes! Let’s just get rid of her already.

  26. And this is how much MTV cares about about the gay community, rasism, promoting common decency, society, innocent children and their real hard workers.
    Money over everything.

    1. You’ve got it, all while pushing social causes in all of their commercials. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

  27. Kail and Jenelle are pretty much their only source of drama on the show. If they lose Jenelle, Kail will be the only one that will save the show from being a total snoozer. It’s pretty pathetic that MTV is that desperate. Does the future of their network depend on Teen Mom 2 staying on air? I don’t get it.

    1. Well unfortunately if they fire Jenelle Barbara AKA Babbs will go to. So it may be good for this little family to not be filmed…these poor kids growing up with Mom & Dads and Grandparents threatening harm to each other and now against other People they film with. I feel for Jace #1 and then Kaiser poor guy will soon have same problems Jace has. The money shouldn’t be a factor raise the kids like normal now give them a chance
      They are the only ones suffering. Just my opinion

    1. This is gone on for far too long…Let’s inconvenience people and put people in a hostile work environment all to make a full grown brat happy. There is nothing special about this girl or her “story”. She is trash and will always be trash and the circle will continue with her daughter.

      She gets paid money for doing absolutely nothing. She is on Glorified MTV assistance. Her and her hubby don’t realize they are exactly what is wrong with this country. Hateful, ignorant pieces of sh**.

      1. Seriously – MTV can easily find some other trashy woman who had her first kid as a teen, now has a bunch of baby daddies and an abusive unemployed husband. A husband who is mentally unstable, owns multiple guns and has a bunch of baby mamas, at least one of whom have protective orders against him.

        Janelle and David are a dime a dozen and their brand of drama can easily be found across ‘Merica.

        If MTV keeps Janelle on because they feel viewers want to watch dysfunctional trash in a format other than ‘Cops’ then maybe they should just come out with a new show that follows around such people. I for one preferred the old days of TM / TM2 when the characters really struggled and it showed how hard life could be like the episode when Kail’s car was totaled. The money from the show should have gone toward the children’s well-being (education, decent housing) – not endless plastic surgeries and vacations for the parents.

        I’m doing my part and haven’t tuned in this season. The Ashley’s articles and user comments are a better and more entertaining use of my time. I also don’t want to support MTV while they float such low-lives while a child is being abused on camera.

  28. This is absolute bullshit. Just like when Farrah left Teen Mom OG Teen Mom 2 will be just fine without Jenelle. People have reached the point where they fast forward through her scenes. She’s barely been on this season and no one has missed her. David is never going to change and this situation with them is going to get worse, not better.

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