PETA & ‘Teen Mom 2′ Advertisers React to David Eason Killing Jenelle Evans’ Dog

Teen Mom 2 fans are not the only ones who are deeply disturbed by the news that David Eason killed Jenelle Evans‘ dog on Monday night. The animal welfare organization PETA has issued a statement on the dog’s murder, and ‘Teen Mom 2’ advertisers are making it known that they are reconsidering having their ads run during the show’s time slot on MTV!

As The Ashley previously reported, David shot Jenelle’s Frenchie mix dog Nugget on Monday night after he snapped at their daughter Ensley. On Wednesday, David admitted to killing the dog, telling his social media followers that “a dog is a dog” and he doesn’t “put up with that s**t.”

On its social media accounts Wednesday, PETA posted a statement regarding Nugget’s murder.

“BREAKING: This is HORRIFYING! #TeenMom2 star @j_evans1219’s husband, @hicktownking, reportedly SHOT & KILLED their dog, Nugget,” the organization wrote. “People who abuse animals typically don’t stop there. There’s concern for other animals and humans in the house as well. There is no excuse for animal abuse, and we hope David Eason will be prohibited from owning any other animals in the future.”

“This is so wrong!” PETA wrote in the caption of a screenshot of the video David posted of Ensley with Nugget. “Jenelle Evans’ and David Eason’s dog was being cornered by a toddler and reacted defensively–like most dogs would. [S]he didn’t deserve to be shot and killed by Eason for that.”

In a statement to Radar Online, PETA pointed out that David has abused animals before, most recently by dragging a pig on The Land by its foot.

“David Eason has a long history of violent behavior and was caught on camera, just weeks ago, forcefully dragging a pig by his or her legs, so alarm bells should be sounding,” the statement read. “People who abuse animals typically don’t stop there. Domestic abusers commonly begin by threatening, torturing, or killing animals, and if reports that he shot Nugget are true, it’s time to worry about the safety of the humans and remaining animals at the house.”

PETA isn’t the only organization to issue a statement about David’s horrifying actions. Several companies who advertise during ‘Teen Mom 2’ have stated on their social media accounts that they are reconsidering running ads during the show.

Pet product company Greenies has been flooded with tweets, emails and Facebook messages by concerned viewers, and the company has issued this statement to those who have contacted them about running ads during ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Thank you for reaching out – we are a company of pet-lovers and are devastated by the loss of Jenelle’s dog, Nugget,” the company wrote. “Like you, we have zero tolerance for animal cruelty and are looking into this ad placement.”

Persil ProClean, a laundry detergent company, has vowed to yank its ads from running during the show immediately.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention,” the company has stated in tweets regarding the incident. “We are no longer advertising on Teen Mom 2. Again, thank you for your feedback.”

UPDATE! As of Friday, Chipotle has also pulled its ads from running during ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Dove Chocolate and TWIX have both vowed to stop advertising during the show.

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68 Responses

  1. WHY in the world are companies pulling their advertisements NOW?
    TM2 already cut ties w David ages ago (and Jenelle was fired!)
    Pulling the ads now makes ZERO sense. Must be far-left liberals trying to “make a statement”. Unfortunately, they’re a few months too late!!

  2. “NuggetGate” is becoming more & more repetitive. Anyone else feelin’ this way? This incident is getting more coverage than the countless murders of human beings taking place each night across the country…What does that tell you? MOVE ON. There are other issues affecting America that are far more serious and actually WORTH your time to push for change.
    This “David Shoots Dog” story is the same article/“news”, printed over & over again for well over a month now. Yes, what he did was terrible. He’s a sh++y excuse for a human.
    I am NOT defending what he did, but I do want to make something clear & you may find it unpleasant. If Jenelle & David were normal people who did indeed fear that the dog was a danger to their small children, no one could fault them for that. If they took the dog to the Humane society/SPCA, and he indeed showed a propensity to bite – he would have been put down. Sure as Hell beats being shot & killed so dramatically. But the end result would be the same. It’s too bad the Easin’s couldn’t be bothered with perhaps obedience school (they can afford it), or just took the time to take the lil guy to a shelter. Even if he DID end up having to be “put down”, Often times you can hold your animal as they are euthanized. I’ve had to do it once (medical reasons w a cat I had). It’s a tough world, and these things are heartbreaking for animal lovers, but it happens, and we need to move along. Throughout the rest of your life, you’ll encounter many more, “David’s”. It’s just a fact. You need to understand that being intolerant of his views (as screwed up as they are), is a double-standard. He has a right to be an idiot.
    The state of NC will decide when he goes too far. The state isn’t pursuing any charge with regard to Nugget, so we do need to drop it.
    Having a guy’s car towed, yelling at a lady around his “Land”, showing off his gun collection, and generally being an Ass Clown is just something you’re gonna have to deal with. The state will decide what is considered criminal or not. So, in closing – If you get too triggered by all of this stuff, just hit the “x” and carry on to another corner of the Web.

  3. Everyone please stop giving these 2 free publicity!!!!! Make them irrelevant…. She is just as much to blame as he is. She stood by him thru all this bulls… defending his every action. I am personally sick of them making $$ from MTV and other various sources.

  4. I hope this shuts this shit show down. I would like to see TM2 & OG gone. Let those over entitled bitches come live in the real world. I’ll watch the “Where are they now”, special in ten years.

  5. Barbara and Nathan both need to go to court ASAP to prevent Jenelle from having any contact with Jace and Kaiser indefinitely. Ensket needs to be put in the care of the state. It’s either that or end up with dead kids.

  6. I am a stockholder in several of these companies and wrote to them concerning where my hard earned dollars are going. This is the response from Hershey.

    Thank you for contacting The Hershey Company and for sharing your comments about our advertising policy with us.

    We appreciate you being a shareholder and your interest in our company and have passed along your valuable comments about the Teen Mom show to our Marketing Department.

    Thank you again, ***, for taking the time to write.

    Have a sweet day,

    Consumer Representative

  7. If this is true, he needs jail time, counseling, and a lifetime ban on owning animals. Clearly, no vulnerable beings are safe around this man.

  8. I usually don’t say this about a person. But her husband is a horrible excuse for a human being to hurt a dog who was not doing anything wrong. I hope that he rots in hell somewhere for what he has done ???

  9. This is a huge reason for Nathan to act, right now! Nathan needs to have his attorney filing an emergency interference , like yesterday. Jenelle says Kaiser doesn’t know what happened, Jenelle lies!!! Kaiser needs to be evaluated by a physician as to his emotional health, right now!
    It may not land Nathan everything he wants but it builds his case and the little boy surly needs a child therapist after all this.

    1. Yea, I’m not understanding why he hasn’t jumped at the opportunity to get custody of Kaiser. This is an emergency…David is clearly unhinged. No one is safe around him.

  10. Jenelle needs support instead of hating on her she’s obviously in a dangerous relationship and who knows what threats he scared her with

  11. Can anyone provide a list of companies that advertise during TM2? I’d be more than happy to tweet at them about their need to pull advertising.

  12. Once MTV’s most important advertisements start backing out of the show, MTV’s Teen Mom 2 is finished. Enough is enough. I admit, I use to delight in watching the drama in this show. Not anymore, it’s turned very dark. Chelsea’s house getting broken into, Brianna’s courting of ANOTHER BABY DADDY, Leah treating the “girlsies” like adults, ect…..Janelle having to film outside the State for MTV producers safety. I mean, enough is enough. Pull the plug on this show. Things are getting extremely dangerous.

  13. This is fantastic news! Now we need the BIG sponsors to pull out- Chipotle, Subway, etc. these companies are sponsoring a show that has a goal to bring in a young audience by keeping the word “teen”, the star cast members children are closer to teen than they are.
    It’s a shame that nugget had to die for action to be taken. Teen Mom 2 and OG is promoting that it’s OKAY to forget about an education, it’s ok to have multiple children with multiple partners, it’s ok for men to make babies and pay little to no support… I could go on and on, I’m sure we all can.

    1. GREAT NEWS- as of a few hours ago, Chipotle has pulled all advertising! GUYS, KEEP UP THE TWEETING AND EMAILS, IT’S WORKING! Justice for Nugget and all the other animals this jack@ss has abused!

  14. I also rarely agree with peta but on this they are spot on. The whole thing reminds me of two events in my life that stick with me. The first I was 7 years old living on my grandparents farm while my dad was deployed in the military. Our barn cat had a litter of kittens and a month or so later I went out to the barn to play with them but found one laying very awkwardly in a cattle pen and she was making the most devastating noises. I got my grandpa and he quickly realized a cow must have stepped on her and broke her neck. He took her way out into the pasture and shot her to end her suffering. I always understood why and never saw my grandpa as a horrible or violent man. Later as an adult I was married to an abusive man. I saw him be a little too mean to my dog repeatedly and finally had a plan in place to get out and take my baby & dog with me. My best friend knew everything it was all in a Facebook message. 2 days before I was set to leave he came home early but I wasn’t there and went through my computer. When I got home my dog was gone and he tried to say it ran away yet his leash and crate were missing too. 3 days later the sheriff contacted me, they found my poor puppy hanging from a tree in the woods. I have no doubt I would have been next had I stayed. Jenelle needs to realize the danger she, her children & animals are in and run away far & fast.

  15. Heart breaking to hear what this cunt did to nugget, I wish he’d get arrested and jailed, and that his punishment would fit the crime.

    I’m in tears just thinking how utterly terrified that pup must have been.
    All because that fkn kid wasn’t taught to respect animals.

    I pray every other animal on the swamp get removed and put in a safe environment.
    I hope those bastards at cps remove theirs kids.

    Because this fukka has serial killer written all over him, and I’d rather if be jenelle, than the kids or other animals while gets hurt, as I couldn’t give a flying fuck about that drugged up Chinion

    1. hope those bastards at cps remove the kids.

      Because this fukka has serial killer written all over him, and I’d rather it be jenelle, than the kids or other animals who gets hurt, was what i meant.
      Didn’t proof read my comment before sending.
      Hard to see with tears.

      I could never ever imagine hurting my dogs in any way at all, they are my babies.

  16. David Eason reportedly punched and threw Jenelle’s dog before shooting, texts from Jenelle after the incident, Animal Control visits The Land???

  17. With advertising dollars now flying out the window, I’d be surprised if MTV didn’t INSIST Jenelle divorce this savage POS, or be fired on the spot.

    Oh, yeah…. And mean it.

  18. Okay MTV it’s your move……. You better fire her dumb-butt or make a statement. I will never buy 1 product that sponsors TM !!

    1. This is probably the only time I’ll ever agree with PETA, but they’re right. This psycho is a danger to every living thing around him.

  19. I’m one of those who think David set this up as an excuse to kill the dog, for whatever reason. (It is true that domestic abusers will kill or torture their victims’ pets.) . The videoing is just too timely, the “Oh I DROPPED my phone when I saw the ‘attack!” too coincidental, and the fact that he elected to try to beat the animal to death first, just makes it that much worse. Bad enough if he was so easily enraged that he “took the dog two acres away” to kill it…but to grab a little dog and beat it to death, or next to death? That’s a psychopathological lack of control.

    I’m at the point where if Jenelle were next, I’d not care, my take is she stays with him for the same reason Amber stayed with Matt, too egotistical to admit she picked yet another big time loser, and this time married him.

    But what happens to little Kaiser, obviously the most despised child in that “family” when he does what all big brothers do sooner or later, gives his pain in the ass little (and wildly favored by both adults!) sister a shove so she falls down and cries? Will he get beaten to death as well? Will Jenelle run out and buy David a new truck right after?

    1. David absolutely murdered that dog to show everyone in that house who’s boss. Imagine if Jenelle stays with him and Kaiser hits puberty. It’s not gonna be good.

    2. “(…) too egotistical to admit she picked yet another big time loser”, girl, my thoughts exactly. Yet again faking a happy life, and we all know (even JE) this is plain BS. Just cut the crap already. This is the miserable life you want? Ok. But don’t bring your kids onto it.

  20. I’m an animal lover and I’ve been doing my best to avoid reading anything that has details about what happened to nugget. I was just on dailymail and their headline said that David was covered in blood after beating and shooting nugget. I feel physically sick. David needs to be put down.

    1. The description is so nauseating I actually felt faint. That rotten m*********r needs a taste of his own medicine.

  21. I truly feel so bad for the kids. Imagine what they experience and witness in that house of horrors? We all know they get abused but think of what else they see? Like between David and Jenelle’s relationship. The amount of trauma they have at such a young age is terrible. I pray those children will be saved from their custody soon.

  22. This is the only way MTV MIGHT hold these 2 accountable.
    Hopefully if all advertisers pull ads they will have no choice but to fire her.

    I doubt it will happen but a girl can wish

  23. Thank God for PETA….they do not play when it comes to animal cruelty and David’s effed up “beliefs”. They know in order for MTV to take action, they have to hit them in their pockets. What David has done is so messed up. I could never imagine murdering my family pet…my pets are my family…I adopted them, so I’m going to take care of them…David is one sick fuck.

  24. None of this is going to make a difference to Lurch. Ever since he lost his income from the show he has been feeling emasculated by having a wife who is the bread winner. He has been doing everything he can to be as controversial as he can to limit her participation in the show; therefore maintaining some semblance of control over her. He knows that he is worthless, has no power even one inch off the land and will never be able to lead a productive life. He would much rather have her fired and have to live in a double wide somewhere, controlling her and the children’s every move than watch her be able to travel and enjoy the perks of being on tv without him. Mark my words, he will be doing something just as if not even more offensive in the near future to keep his name in the spotlight.

    1. ALL FACTS. He’s a little bitch. A sad pathetic little bitch. He’s ashamed he got kicked off the show and is acting out because of it. He doesn’t love Jenelle, he loves control. He figures since he had no control over his firing, he’s going to try and control what got him on the show…Jenelle and her kids…and in return he feels like he has control over the show because Jenelle is apparently unfireable ?

    1. PETA cares about animals, kind if thier thing – if anyone should be caring about the welfare of the children it’s CPS… which doesn’t seem like they care enough. Ensley was born with drugs in her system, there’s been numerous accusations of child abuse from concerned fans to even Nathan, even Jenelle called the cops on David for hurting her… yet, those kids are still left alone with that monster on The Land. I know it’s a really high bar to get your kids taken away, but there should at least be some sort of open investigation by CPS for Jenelle and David

  25. Thank you Persil for being straightforward and taking decisive action. No “we are thinking about it” or standard corporate lip service. Just “we are no longer advertising on Teen Mom 2.” Very well said and other companies could learn a thing or two. It’s not all that complicated. Pull the damn ad.

  26. Good! Hit MTV where it hurts – thier advertisers! Fellow castmates have voiced thier concerns over David’s behavior and MTV keeps Jenelle employed despite her antics and by association David’s abuse. Fire her MTV, no one wants to be party to this murder-suicide in the making

    1. Other reports are now coming out that David beat the dog before he shot him. Supposedly David was covered in blood after throwing the dog onto the ground and into the kitchen table. This is so disturbing it makes me physically sick. ALL THOSE ANIMALS AND KIDS NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THAT HOUSE IMMEDIATELY.

      1. I heard this also. What is wrong with CPS and law enforcement???? That poor dog. I literally feel sick as well. You feel so helpless. Just terrible.

      2. When this originally came out I *knew* this abusive POS didn’t just take the dog out in the woods and shoot it – what kind of “lesson” would that have been to keep Jenelle and the kids under his thumb? The friend (thank you whoever you are) didn’t call 911 because that dog’s death was quick and painless, Jenelle didn’t finally leave him (even for just a night) because it was humane… he beat the living crap out of that dog in front of various people, including the kids. CPS and the police need to interview the children away from the *parents*.

      3. Everyone one knows David loves hearing and watching himself on videos. Does anyone think this sick f##ck taped the whole murder to watch it over and over again like serial killers?

  27. Good I’m glad there has been so much outcry and action from viewers to impact advertisers.

    I don’t want to confuse matters, but I don’t think PETA is the best voice of authority on animal abuse as they have been proven to be abusive murderers time and time again – I never know what to believe when I read something about PETA. It seems they are the most known and “popular” animal rights group, while also being known for killing healthy animals because they do not believe people should own pets. Their brand of animal advocacy is very extreme and misguided.

    ANYWAY. David and Jenelle are pieces of shit and we can only hope more will be done to ensure no more animals/children are abused/killed at their hands. I’m not holding my breath but… crossing my fingers at least.

    1. I’m not a PETA fan, but I knew thier kind of crazy and obsession would help bring awareness to this incident. As someone pointed out, animal lovers might just be what brings the Easons down.

      1. Sorry but he wont be arrested
        He already lied & said the dog was still alive & when they asked to see the dog he said no.

        If they do arrest him he will lie & say the dog ran away. Prove him wrong. Unless Jenelle helps the police he will never be arrested or prosecuted

      1. Well, well, well, MTV. Do you still think it was worth giving her another chance? At this rate, you might have to cancel the whole damn show. You possibly just jeopardize your biggest show for one little girl and her psychopathic husband. There might be a saving grace if JE presses charges and leaves David but, do you really want to take that chance? Regardless, he is in her life for good because of Ensley. Do you really think he will make it easy even after they split?

        So again I ask, was it worth it?

    1. Exactly. He lives for arguing his rights, beliefs, warped way of thinking. Angry man. These 2 have no business having dogs, kids, or anything with a pulse.

  28. Maybe MTV will fire her since they are losing money now.

    Her and her kids will end up on the ID channel if she doesn’t wise up and kick him out.

    1. She has cost MTV millions already, closing down production, refusing to film, hiring security & production team to show up & she is late, refuses to show or David appears so they have to leave. Not to mention rent an air bnb so she can get high (hotels dont allow you to smoke let alone smoke pot). Lets not for get the reunion she refused to show up for because they wouldnt buy david a 1st class ticket so they sent Dr Drew & production to NC

    1. I’m optimistically assuming you’re talking about Nugget and not David. David’s a little bitch, but deserves no sympathy.

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