Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star David Eason Threatens to Expose Nathan Griffith’s Family Secrets After Claiming Nathan Told “All the Court Details”

“I’ll get you, my pretty…and your little manbun too!”

David Eason wasn’t happy about his day in court on Tuesday, so he took to social media to express his feelings— and threaten Nathan Griffith!

The husband of former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans blasted Nathan on his Snapchat on Wednesday, threatening to tell secrets about Nathan and his family seemingly in retaliation for talking about David and Jenelle in court.

“Since Nathan wants to tell all the court details but only from his narcissistic point of view, I guess I will spill the beans on his horrific past with his family…on top of other things…” David wrote.

David posted this to his Snapchat on Wednesday…

He did not explain what “court details” Nathan supposedly discussed, or where. (The Ashley was unable to find any new interviews given by Nathan either in the media or on video from Tuesday). He was, however, in the court room during Tuesday’s hearing, as were the other caretakers of David and Jenelle’s children: Barbara Evans (who has their daughter Ensley and Jenelle’s son Jace), and the maternal grandmother of his daughter Maryssa. 

(From what The Ashley heard, though, none of the caretakers took the stand on Tuesday.) 

David also confronted Maryssa’s grandmother after Tuesday’s hearing. On a video posted by Radar Online, David can be heard scolding Maryssa’s grandma as Maryssa walks quickly away from David. 

“Hey, I texted you about an important thing,” David tells the grandma, who replies, “Today?”

“No, yesterday,” David said, adding, “You might wanna think about that!” 

This is not the first time David has approached Nathan after court. Earlier this month, David was captured on film shouting at Nathan from a car window as he and Jenelle drove by. During that confrontation, David was upset that Nathan was talking with a cameraman.

So far, David has not indicated what he plans to “spill the beans” on in regard to Nathan, and Nathan has not responded publicly to David’s threat.

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Snapchat)

123 Responses

  1. Keep it up, creep show. Keep showing the court how volatile and unstable you are. Doing everyone a big favor, showing your ass every damn day.

    1. YEP, They will also be able to see how well the anger management classes are going ………NOT!

  2. Did he really just call someone narcissistic? He claims he lives to protect his family but when the time came for him to make a sacrafice with the option of leaving the home so his family could remain under one roof…he stayed put.

  3. Is this guy that fucking stupid to just keep running his mouth!!!! Jesus Christ what is wrong with this guy!

    1. He’s a FUKWIT! He thinks he can stand over people because he stands over his wife and children; She’s no better!!!!!. They’re both mouthy!

  4. David is so narcissistic and stupid he doesn’t realize with each idiotic move he makes he is assuring he will never get custody of his kids. I hope the court sees that marriage counseling and anger management is not going to change David or Jenelle.

    1. Well it hasn’t worked so far !!!! There hasn’t even been the slightest attempt to abide by the courts orders.
      AGAIN……He’s trying to prove he’s “ABOVE THE LAW” FFS, Lock him up already, hes making a laughing stock out of the authorities .

  5. I cannot take this crap anymore. All this guy knows how to do it threaten. I have never heard a positive or educated word come out of his mouth and that goes to show how immature and simple minded Jenelle is. She is the only fool to fall for such a bone head. And to not only fall in love because all of us can be fooled, but even after seeing everything allow him to ruin her life and put innocent children in harms way. He has taken everything from her and put her in a position where she thinks he’s all she has. She is no angel by far and she has issues up the ass but I do not think she is evil. Self centered, stupid, immature, but not evil. He is though and she is pathetic and has absolutely no self esteem that she chooses to go down with him than stand on her own.

    It’s so sad and in the end none of them win. I just hope the kids can make it through this and whatever the outcome is. I hope they grow up to be respectful adults and take all this turmoil and turn it into something good.

    1. Bull shi*… If there was anything scandalous other them what we know …you could be sure that Jenelle would tell David and David would have spilled it long ago and infact Jenelle would have spilled it long ago.. Anything that comes out of his mouth you can bet is going to be as scandalous lie

  6. My question here. Why are they going to DC all the time for her makeup? I lived outside DC, and there isn’t makeup distributors there! Are they creeping around DC to get attention? Bc the secret service or whomever went to his house once? It’s like they are poking at a bear and trying to get a rise from people by lurking around the White House. Almost like they want media to fish into why they are there, and get stories written about it. Which, is more attention on them and selling their stories. They never went to DC before, for her makeup line. They went to NY.

      1. Since when have those two ever worried about “The Law”? They’ve lost their kids ….and STILL cant follow the courts directives as how to get them back. ! They’re arrogant FUKWITS that assume the law doesn’t apply to them !

  7. Nathan, don’t respond! Just try to get a restraining order placed, and get a cease and desist order placed on both David and Jenelle. We all knew David couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and he would lash out soon. David never knew Nathan before Jenelle, and he has no true knowledge about Nathan or his families past. Only, the made up lies coming from Jenelle. Go ahead David, we call your bluff. Do it, and see what happens after you open your mouth. Him and Jenelle honestly think they can get the kids back by bashing other people and spreading rumors. It’s only going to keep the kids away longer. Which is a plus. If I were Nathan I would sue the both of them if David starts using those talking words and spreading viscous lies about me. It’s slander. And, David is a little bitch being driven around by Jenelle all the time. He must have his license suspended.



      1. Nathan has the right to say whatever he wants in court his son is involved, David abused his son and he’s not saying anything the courts don’t already know, glad to know you’re a David supporter, you bum

      2. Nathan has clearly cleared up his act, That’s what a parent who TRULY loves their child would do.!
        I honestly don’t know what planet David and Jennelle are on !
        But its BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that NOT A SINGLE WORD from these legal proceedings are sinking in to their thick skulls !
        And IM GLAD !!!!!! WHY ??? Because I want them to fail so that those children NEVER get sent back there!

  8. These dumbasses are no longer a part of TM2, and I am starting to get REAL sick of looking at their ugly mugs!!!!!

  9. You might think about giving this information to the judge or get the tape from radar, he shouldn’t be able to get away with this

    1. And, why has nothing happened to Jenelle for what she did outside court? And, David? For cussing at Nathan and flipping him off? CPS better bring this into court and show the judge that the both of them are violating the courts order to stay away from the kids. They need to have a restraining order placed on them and visitations cut off. Obviously, they lurk around and trap everyone when they are leaving the courthouse. Police need to be outside.

  10. Ooooooooohhhhh HERE WE GO !!!!! Dibber Dobber David ! I’m sure Jenelle would have had a hand in this “EXPOSE OF NATHAN”…… In other words, its come from Jenelle, So therefore it has to be gospel! Nathan has really cleaned up his act … and is proving it.
    David on the other hand is jealous as hell because he’s “STILL A LOSER”.
    Always has been….. Always will be !

    1. No offense, I’m sure you’re very nice people…… But I wouldn’t be owning up to knowing David !

  11. Jenelle and David are both like the big, nasty turds that just won’t flush. No one is missing either of them, especially ot their children. Why can’t they realize that?!?! Just go away already you worthless excuses of human beings!!!!!! Looks like their free ride is over!!!!!!!

  12. Ur a piece of shit David no one ranks in ur level of evil!!!! Ur a psychopath everyone knows it , the sooner u accept the quicker u can get help and get medications for ur problem! JS…. Don’t try to bring Nathan down because of ur and Jenelle’s pathetic way of living putting each other before ur kids. Anyone to treat children or and WOMAN TO LET A MAN TREAT THERE CHILDREN LIKE THEY SHIT ON THE BITTOM OF THE SHOE , WELL LETS JUST SAY U DONT DESERVE TO BE A MOTHER. I PRAY GOD UR WIFE ISN’T PREGNANT. The last thing y’all need is another child when u lost all ur other kids!!!!!! SMH

        1. Ohhhhhhh my God!!!!!! This happens to me too ! I feel TERRIBLE, because I’m actually trying to up-vote and I have the same problem LOL , I’m putting my fingers on a diet !!!!!

      1. EVERYBODY knows that David Eason will stoop to ANY level to try to make Nathan look bad ! ……JEALOUSY. Nathan has put his hand up for his mistakes and he’s learnt by them. He’s worked really hard on improving himself, Nathan, Ashley and Kaiser are a beautiful little family and I’m really happy for them.
        David and Jenelle will NEVER learn!
        David’s anger management classes CLEARLY AREN’T WORKING!
        He is still a pathetic loser with a big mouth!

      1. Hahahaha; What a fool…. His stupid big mouth trying to sound “threatening and menacing” and he got tongue tied or something and made himself look like an even bigger idiot than he already is……. AND HE HOME SCHOOLED MARYSSA???? He can’t even pronounce words properly himself! …. What s goose !

  13. I’m sure glad they lost custody of them children before he ended up killing them he will end up killing Janelle before it’s all over with if she don’t get away from him you better get away girl like I said before before you wake up dead keep your job he’s not worth losing your job over

  14. They’ll never get those kids back, i hope Nathan gets sole legal custody ( and only lets the chin have supervised visits at a visitation centre) I hope maryssa will be with her grandmother full time, and sorry to say this,but ensley should be adopted that good loving family (OUT OF STATE) and away from all of this dysfunction and nastiness.
    She’d be better off emotionally and physically if she were with a good family, she’d thrive, without the easons.

        1. I’m doing ok thanks my friend ?, pretty shitty few weeks but I’m getting there. I read your post on Duane and Beth’s story. I’m really sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. ???

    1. That goose David can’t keep his big fat trap shut for 5 minutes!!!!!!! NO WAY in hell should those kids be sent back!!!!!
      What a wanker!

  15. I’m sure jenelle has already used any dirt she had on nathan.
    The court needs to end these parking lot encounters and provide security. But then if the parents are so bad that security is needed how can they allow visits with the kids? What a mess.

    1. I think it is great David is pulling this crap. It is proof for the courts to show how threatening and unfit he is to have children in his care. I love it, love it, love it! Extremely damaging to his case!

  16. I wish a great strong man would punch the hell out of David Eason maybe it would cause two brain cells to go together to give him just a glimpse of normalcy! My God this guy is so far gone what the hell is wrong with Jenelle? Snap the Frick out of it! Get out, put him out, clean the Frick out of that house and go get your kids! Keep him away from them!!!

  17. It’s just that old story Jenelle has about Nathan and a cousin or son from family friend challenging each other to do things to their male organ they saw on MTV. Many boys do this, comparing them, challenging each other maybe. The only issue is adults overreacting, unless it’s really dangerous of course.
    The reaction from the adults does way more damage than kids just exploring their bodies and sexuality.
    In this case people freaked out because there was an age difference and now Jenelle makes it sound like a rape. Surely his parents told him to better do that stuff with boys his own age. It was an error of judgement, teenage brain does that, that’s why we don’t become adults until we are 18 or 21

  18. No one is going to believe a thing that murderous abusive liar is going to say. Why’s he even worried about Nathan. Kaisers not even his, he’s Nathan’s son. This behaviour isn’t going to help the court case. But Jenelle will defend him what ever he does. Plus no one really cares about anyone’s past. It’s how the children are cared for. Clearly David and Jenelle just don’t seem to get that. Look in the mirror you two, you are the problem.

  19. I guess David doesnt realize he could get in trouble for his threats. I forgot what’s it’s called I think its tampering with a witness. He is such ignorant trash.

      1. He will NEVER learn…. ONCE AGAIN, the dickhead thinks he’s above the law!!!!
        CLEARLY the anger management classes he’s
        supposed to be taking aren’t working!!!!!

  20. Honestly, those comments kinda sound omenous, like he is threatening Nathan and the grandmother.

  21. Is this guy that much of an idiot? Of course he is. To threaten someone on social media when you are supposed to be going to court ordered anger management. This guy should never be in charge of any children. Those poor kids! Nathan should get a restraining order.

  22. David only knows what Duhnelle has told him, so anything said by him about anyone shld be filed under the
    ramblings of a psycho. Kaiser is where he needs to be. Hopefully the courts will leave him there for good.

  23. If he really had anything significant to ” spill the beans ” about, you’d think he’d have done already. It’s not like he can EVER keep his disgusting mouth shut about anything, ever. He is a terrible person and parent and now he is angry and everyone who is taking care of his kids. Typical David bullshit.

  24. I can careless what David does or what he has to say about anything. I DO care what Nathan is doing , what Nathan does is critical to gaining full rights to kaiser.
    Should J&D not get the children back, the courts go back to the drawing board. The caregivers by no means are automatically guaranteed the child if J&D lose all rights.
    Nathan needs to be on his better than best behavior right now, he’s starting on an uphill climb given his many arrests. I know he’s had a few DUI’s, I would hope he has went through some sort of treatment. When someone has a DUI history like his it’s believed to be a drinking problem.
    Hopefully Nathan has a steady job and an acceptable home , Kaisers futures depends on it.
    Also, Nathan needs to stay away from the media, he doesn’t need to be seen talking to media like he was, to make it look even worse he was talking to TMZ.. he needs to stop.
    The only thing J&D need to do is follow and complete a case plan to get the kids back. Nathan is the one that has to be able to prove that Kaiser is better with him. In other words, he’s not going to get kaiser with the theory that Jenelle is bad bad bad, he needs to show why he’s good..
    I certainly hope Nathan has made some drastic changes since his “ Being Nathan” special, he was downright awful , treated his mother like dirt, made no time for Kaiser.. all he cared about was himself. I sincerely hope Nate can prove to be the Father that Kaiser needs and deserves.

    1. When was the last time Nathan got into trouble? Seems like to me, he has gotten his act together over the last two years. Regardless, Nathan has done NOTHING compared to Jenelle and David in the “presence of Kaiser”. I don’t see Nathan beating a dog to death and then taking it out in the yard and shooting the dog with a shotgun. I don’t see Nathan being to lazy to feed Kaiser as Kaise begged Jenelle to feed him. Just sayin….

      1. I agree 100% Nathan seems to have really gotten his act together. Ashley seems to have had a really positive influence on him.
        There was a post that Ashley had posted of her and Kaiser ” blowing kisses”. It was adorable ? Kaiser looked healthy and happy, and the “scared little boy who jumped at his own shadow” was gone.
        I’m sure that Kaiser will continue to thrive in the custody of Nathan where he obviously feels loved and safe.

  25. Of course he threatened Nathan, he’s the Redneck Queen of Wonderland, who makes a point of uttering six ridiculous threats before breakfast.

  26. Omg if the children are not removed permanently there is something wrong he is the devil and seriously Janell is terrified of that idiot ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    1. I don’t believe Jennelle is terrified…… she’s the SHEdevil.
      They’re as bad as each other!

    2. Jenelle is as bad as David, she isn’t scared, she thrives on drama and playing the victim.

      She’s dangerous and poisonous like David.

      1. 100% I’m getting sick of hearing how “terrified” or how ” brainwashed” Jennelle is by David! They’re as bad as each other! I’d seriously be questioning any judge that granted them custody again!

  27. Let’s s acknowledge just how much David is a fucked up piece of human garbage, that he manages to make Nathan look stable, Level headed, and intelligent. Nathan.

  28. David is only making himself look bad, he’s sick, he’s basically threatening the grandmother in a passive aggressive manner, and threatening Nathan,after all these episodes, he’s not safe, and he’s very unstable, they’re NOT getting these kids back

  29. That’s good! That’s proof for the judge to see how David is & not return the kids. If he’s supposed to be on his best behavior & this is how he acts, how must he act when we aren’t watching? So keep it up David & Jenelle. It helps keep your kids away which is better for them!

  30. Isnt tgere a gag order? He should b charged with contempt of court her too for ambushing her mother with ensley! Couple of morons these two. I dont think ive heard of anybody as dumb as these people! Get over it morons we dont believe u! Some of us actually have brains imagine that! Go be miserable and shut up already!!!!!

  31. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    David just such an a******. Everyone but him can see how mentally unstable he is. Wisen up Janelle

  32. David is an idiot and a loose cannon! Mark my words, he is gonna go postal when he loose his only income, his children!

  33. Why does any of the care takers have to be in talks with David and Jenelle? All they need to know is when is visitation and CPS could tell them that. I be damned if I would be in communication with them. Hell to the No No. if I were the care takers I would get a restraining order. Why can’t the Easons be locked up for threats and J taking Ensley after court? I would have security walk me to my car. F the Easons. I see his YouTube followers have went up. Everyone unfollow them. If you don’t unfollow you are helping them to get their kids back and putting the kids in danger. I hear David’s dad is just as sorry as David. Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

  34. That sounds like a threat to me. Poor Marryssa didn’t even look towards him. But they don’t care about that, it doesn’t seem to matter what the kids feel to either to either parent.

  35. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    look nathan im on ur side. u used to be a usmc. ur not a pussy. if some stepdad put his hands on my son he would be in the ground today. blast that motherfucker in the mouth. fuck David

  36. Nathan should let rumors that he’s going to talk swirl, but stay silent and watch David do a huge public meltdown.

  37. With lawyers fees from all their other cases, child support and everyday bills the money has already ran out. She made great money but she was no millionaire. That’s why Jenelle has shut her piehole and is staying out of trouble and laying low. Lurch is stupid but he hasn’t been post anymore videos because those dummies are realizing that ship has sailed. They dont have bail money anymore.They are probably are living off of the royalties from reruns at this point. She is most likely in negotiations with VIVID entertainment on her next project.

  38. I thought there was a gag order on the court proceedings? Jenelle can’t sell stories and I’d imagine Lurch cannot publicly speak about anything said in court?

  39. Why is there no security outside? At least escort the care takers with their children to the cars. This is ongoing harrasment/drama. North Carolina courts need to do better.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      North Carolina court isn’t shit. I’ve lived here my whole 25 years of life and they haven’t done to try and be better by any means whatsoever. They both know they’re in the wrong I’m sure at some point idk how long it’ll take but they will realize that. At least I hope Jenelle does cause staying with him isn’t going to help her get her kids back by any means.

  40. There’s nothing that David could possibly say that is in fact more repulsive than his hate and anger at the entire world….go on down the road with you pathetic b’s….nathan has proven him self to be a more fit parent than either of you 2 numb nuts!

  41. I suppose when a person is isolated on Land that is guarded like hillbilly fort Knox, they have all day to sit around and think that there is an audience out in social media land that takes them seriously. Once these two idiots run out of money there’s no way either of them would ever consider getting a job that requires them to leave the couch, so the things they’re going to do out of desperation will be epic. Also, I guess this photo was one that he took after flat ironing his wierd beard.

    1. Can you imagine David having a Boss? Like he’s going to have someone tell him what to do!!HaHa!

      1. That just reminded me of my fiance who is a wonderful man but known to run his mouth sometimes. He’s been having a horrible time at work lately and Last week in an extremely stupid moment he told his boss to go fuck herself and promptly got sent home for the day. Now he knew he was wrong and apologized repeatedly and things are fine but I can imagine UBT pulling something like that just not ever feeling he was wrong to do so and I would pay to watch him crash and burn in the real world. It would be hilarious!

        1. You would seriously have to question the sanity of anyone who did his him !. They would DEFINITELY have to be just as unstable……Although I don’t see how that could be even remotely possible!

  42. He’s so full of shit and irrelevant.
    Shut up David, you have better things to attend to then to try and be some badass on snapchat ?
    Go prune your beard or something… I’m sure it stinks…

  43. He should not be allowed to have contact with the guardians period. Order of Protection need to be in place yesterday. And no contact with the children in the parking lot period.This ambushing crap needs to stop!!

  44. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Will this dumb mf ever learn when to keep his mouth shut?

  45. #1 The caregivers need to get a protection order, and a guard/officers need to accompany them and the kids when there is court or have zero contact. My opinion they lost it by harassing the caregivers.
    #2 David keeps digging his own grave. Let him. Hopefully he will find himself behind bars soon.

    I just want the caregivers and the kids protected. It’s sad when 2 adults can’t take accountability and change for their kids. Admit it and seek professional help. They have proved everyone right…they don’t give a damn about those kids and are Beyond messed up.

  46. You know that’s Jenelle posting that on David’s Snapchat. No way can he spell a big word like horrific! Anything ‘horrific’ going on at Nathan’s house, or in his past, David has beat in spades! You know, like assaulting your 8 months pregnant girlfriend, and throwing her down the stairs, beating and shooting your family’s 7 pound French bulldog in front of said family, throwing your wife on the ground in a drunken/drugged stupor and nearly breaking her collarbone, beating poor Kaiser with a stick until his poor little butt had bruises on it, etc. Yeah David, Nathan’s a piece of work, so you know you’ve got to be a real piece of shit to make him look like the good guy!

    1. Not disagreeing, but just want to put a reminder that Nathan has abused/beaten women too. He’s definitely not as bad as David and seems to have cleaned up his act.

      1. I live in Arizona. In the county courthouse in my area, anyone inside the county courthouse can walk up to a courthouse security officer and ask for a security escort to their vehicle as they walk out to the courthouse parking lot. This is a courtesy. No protection order or explanation needed. David and Jenelle are harassing everyone as they exit the courthouse building. You can even request security escort as you walk from the parking lot into the courthouse.

    2. Only way I can see him able to spell or punctuate properly is if he used voice to text tbh

  47. JFC. Honestly I don’t think Nathan or his fam are really… clever enough to even have secrets to keep. David is just gross. What an attention seeking loser.

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