‘Party Down South’ & ‘The Challenge’ Star Mattie Breaux Arrested for Third DUI: See Her Busted Up Mugshot!

“Oops, I did it again, y’all!”

Mattie Breaux took the name of her reality TV show— Party Down South— literally…and it landed her in jail!

The MTV reality star– who has also appeared on MTV’s The Challenge and will star on the upcoming season of Floribama Shore— was arrested for DUI early Monday morning in Nashville. The arrest came after Mattie crashed the car she was driving and landed it in the center concrete median, according to Scoop Nashville.

The site reports that when cops arrived on the scene, Mattie admitted that she crashed the car. She also told police that she had guzzled down two beers and taken some Hydrocodone before getting behind the wheel. The pills— which Mattie does not have a prescription for— were given to her by a friend, according to the reality TV star.

In her mugshot, which was taken after she was transported to the hospital for minor injuries, Mattie looks, um, sleepy, and has abrasions all over her chin.

This is not Mattie’s first DUI. She has been arrested twice before for driving under the influence– both times in Louisiana– and has had her license suspended twice because of those arrests.

Mattie was thrown in Nashville’s Metro Jail, where she sat until late Monday afternoon, when she made the $2,500 bail and was released.

Since appearing on the first season of ‘Party Down South,’ Mattie’s drinking has been a major topic of discussion. During ‘PDS’ Season 1, she went to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, something she discussed in a 2014 interview with Rumor Fix.

“It was very scary,” Mattie said at the time of the incident. “I woke up and I was hooked up to IV’s and it’s a blackout and you don’t know what happened. I could have killed myself. I just love Patron!”

Tequila-loving Mattie is due in court on September 6, where she will appear before a judge at 8:30 a.m.

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(Photos: MTV, Metro Nashville PD, Instagram)

13 Responses

  1. It’s odd she out on $2,500 bond and was supposed to be back for court on september 8th just choice not to come back and while being on floabam shore. Still get casted last minute to do the challenge 35.

  2. Out of curiosity I checked Tennessee laws and they must have one of the most lenient states in the us when it comes to multiple duis. She will only lose her license for 3-5 years even as a third time offender which is crazy. In Florida it’s 10 years and your 4th offense is for life.

  3. Man Mattie…I thought you had put your alter ego Martha behind you!!! I had such high hopes for you!!

    P.S.- @Michelle, PDS ended in 2016, and it was on CMT NOT MTV!!!!

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      She was on The Challenge and also will be on Florabama Shore, both MTV reality shows.

      1. I live in TN and the laws here need to change!

        DUI infuriates me. I have zero empathy for anyone that puts my loved ones in danger because they choose to drive impaired.

  4. She is worried about Killing herself???? are you serious? This is her 3rd offence she should be worried about killing someone else. SMH

    1. She is making us Louisiana people look bad. I hope she gets help. I think she is a little old to do Florabama Shore, you would she would have a life by now.

  5. So stupid to drink and drive not once, not twice, but three times! Have you not learned a damn thing the other times? Kiss your license goodbye for life now. Hope you don’t try to drink and drive yet again, now unlicensed, and potentially kill someone. Take your mtv money, go to rehab, and do something with your life.

    1. She was on The Challenge LAST SEASON!!! I’m pretty sure someone who is irresponsible enough to get their 3RD DUI has probably blown that $!!!

      1. I don’t think she will lose it for life either(even though I think she should)…she’ll walk out of that courtroom with a big smile and license in hand!!!! The justice system is a COMPLETE joke!!!

    2. Girl has definitely driven drunk more than 3 times. She has been CAUGHT 3 times. She’s an alcoholic and needs help, yikes.

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