Temper Tantrums, Tears & Testing Relationships: Check Out a Sneak Peek of ‘Temptation Island’ Season 2

“You guys might want to get a photo of this… it could be the last time you see all of us coupled up with each other before we go off and embarrass ourselves with randoms in the hot tub.”

Get ready for some good old -fashioned relationship drama, Temptation Island style! 

A new season of the rebooted series premieres October 10 on USA Network, and based on the ET-exclusive trailer, we can expect a whole lot of tears, temper tantrums and theatrics this season as four struggling couples test their relationships while being tempted by 24 single men and women in Maui. 

“Bring on the couples… and their clouded judgement!”

In typical ‘Temptation Island’ fashion, the group will enjoy excursions galore during their time in Hawaii, although random hot-tub hookups and sneaking into each other’s beds will be on the itinerary as well… right next to embarrassing themselves and any living relatives. 

As The Ashley told you back in August, the four couples heading to a breakup Maui are all at a crossroads in their relationship and hoping to figure out if they should stay together and take the next step as a couple or move on once and for all. 

Season 2 of ‘Temptation Island’ premieres Thursday, Oct. 10 on USA Network. To watch the full season 2 trailer, click here! 

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(Photos: USA; Instagram) 


  1. No amount of money could make me act so stupid and disrespectful to myself AND to my current/former partner.

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    You can watch episode one for free on Facebook.

  3. Society is rapidly growing more stupid because of fake reality shows, and morons making idiots out of themselves for attention.

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