‘Jersey Shore’ Star Vinny Guadagnino Talks About His Relationship With Angelina Pivarnick’s Fiancé, Chris Larangeira

“We’re Eskimo brothers, so he’s basically family!”

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Vinny Guadagnino says Angelina Pivarnick‘s fiance Chris Larangeira has no beef with him, even though he and Angelina have hooked up in the past. In fact, Vinny says he actually likes Chris more than he likes Angelina!  

After fans watched Angelina oil Vinny up in preparation for one of his Chippendale’s performances on a recent episode, many were left wondering how Angelina’s fiancé felt, given Angelina and Vinny’s past.


However, during a recent episode of Jenny McCarthy‘s podcast, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Vinny revealed that he’s best buddies with his roommate’s future husband. 

“All I’ll say is this, I’m actually mad close with Chris, [Angelina’s] man is my favorite,” Vinny said. “I like him more than her, because like, he’s super cool, maybe ’cause he’s a little older, so he’s past that insecure phase where, like, you don’t want your girl looking at any guy or whatever. As long as there’s no intention there.” 

Vinny added that not only do he and Chris get along, they actually make light of the fact that he and Angelina took it to the Smush Room a few times back in the day. 

“Let’s be honest, my roommates have done things far more embarrassing than spending a couple of nights with a dirty little hamster.”

“Like, me and him joke about being Eskimo brothers,” he added. “So, any other guy wouldn’t want their girl being in the same room as someone they slept with. This guy, when we get drunk, we’re on the dance floor, we’re like, sandwiching [Angelina] on the dance floor and he’s like, ‘Eskimo brothers!’ So, obviously he’s not going to care about the little shenanigans that we do on the show.” 

While Vinny says his friendship with Chris is solid, he does admit that things would be different if he actually wanted to be with Angelina.

“Wait, you mean you don’t?”

” … I’m not attracted to her either, so that kind of helps,” he explained. “Like, if I was trying to actually bang her, it would be different.” 

Angelina, who has been engaged to Chris since January 2018, recently told The Ashley that their wedding will be “like a fist-pumping club” with all her ‘Jersey Shore’ roommates there to celebrate with her— Vinny included! After that, Angelina said she plans to go right into making some baby dirty little hamsters with Chris.

“I want the wedding first — I have it down to a science,” Angelina told The Ashley. “I want the wedding first because I want to get drunk on my wedding night, and then I want to have babies after. I already got the house.”

Watch part of Vinny’s interview on The Jenny McCarthy Show below!

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Lol down to a science. Yeah I think most people ideally try to make a commitment to each other first and then bring new life into the world together.

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    It won’t last long Vinny has feelings 4 her come on

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      She bangs some guy in CT too

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