Chelsea Houska Talks About Her ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers, Adam Lind & Her Future As a Reality TV Star in New Interview

“I actually did an interview!”

Chelsea Houska recently chatted with the Don’t Tell Mom podcast about everything from how long she thinks she’ll remain on Teen Mom 2, her marriage to Cole DeBoer and how she deals with the haters and creepers that come from reality TV fame.

The interview– which was posted to the podcast’s YouTube page earlier this week– is a rare one, since Chelsea very seldom gives interviews. Unlike her fellow ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars– who are usually all too happy to chat with tabloids and gossip websites–Chelsea tends to hold back.

During the interview, she revealed why she rarely does interviews.

“I probably should have gotten permission technically to do this podcast,” she said. “To even do articles, we’re supposed to go through MTV Press, but I don’t think people do that anymore. I don’t like to break rules!”

(The Ashley can confirm that, technically, the girls are supposed to obtain permission from the network’s press department before doing any sort of on-the-record interview, magazine article or making any type of public statement. Of course, though, as the years have gone on the once strictly upheld rule has become lax and the girls rarely– if ever– ask first before they give interviews.)

Anyway, The Ashley has broken down the interview and include the most-interesting tidbits below!

“You’ll be seeing this mug a lot more, guys!”

On coming out of her shell lately:

Recently, Chelsea has been a much bigger presence on social media and in the press than ever before. During the interview, she explained why.

“This last year I feel like I’m kind of growing as a person,” Chelsea said. “Before I used to hide in my house, literally, hide in my house, all the time. Now I’m trying to put myself out there a little bit. We are so lucky for the opportunities we have due to this platform, so I’m finally being able to be like, ‘Listen, if you want to make the most of this, and anyone should, you’ve got to put yourself out there,’ and that’s what we’re trying to do now.”

On the rumors that Adam is coming back to ‘Teen Mom 2’:

During the current season of the show, Adam Lind– who is the father of Chelsea’s daughter Aubree– was seen on-screen. Adam notoriously quit the show years ago and has not had his mug on-camera since then. When he was shown on a recent episode, fans assumed that he had rejoined the cast, but Chelsea (and The Ashley’s sources) say that’s not so.

“No, I think that might have been a little click bait because he made an appearance on one episode because he showed up to one of Aubree’s softball games when we were filming,” she said. “So they caught him on camera. I don’t think he’s coming back. Not that I know of.”

(The Ashley’s show sources tell her that because Adam had signed a consent to be filmed form in the past they were able to film him and show his face without it being blurred. He has not signed on to film future episodes.)

On the hate she gets from being on the show:

“Do I need to put the parental controls on the computer to keep you off Reddit?”

Chelsea has been very vocal about the fact that she takes fans’ criticism hard, even stating once that she no longer allows herself to go on Reddit because of all the mean things she says people write about her on there.

“I’m very sensitive, and I just want people to like me. I care a lot,” she said. “Luckily, our following is so supportive, and for the most part everyone is really sweet to us. We’re really lucky because I know some of the [‘Teen Mom’] girls get hit pretty hard by [haters]. It makes me feel really bad for them. But we all get it.”

Chelsea said she has been sensitive to the haters since her first days on MTV.

“I remember when I first started the show, someone had written an article about [me], the next girl who was going to be on 16 and Pregnant. I remember calling my dad crying,” she said. “I called MTV and I wanted them to not even play my episode because it scared me so badly to see [the negative comments]. I didn’t know. I wasn’t prepared for that part. It took some getting used to.

“I read [comments online] for a little bit and when I see one negative one, I’m like, ‘Alright I’m done.’ Otherwise you get sucked in,” she added.

On how she deals with people talking negatively about her husband Cole:

“I’ll cut a bitch who talks bad about my baby daddy…the good one, I mean…”

“When people say something mean to Cole, I’m like, ‘NO! You don’t be mean to Cole because he’s like an angel!'” she said, later adding, “He had to accept a lot. He had to accept me with a kid, me with a baby daddy who’s a little sketch and also the show.”

Cole, who joined the interview at one point, said he gets very angry when he reads mean things written online about his family.

“There’s been a couple comments where I almost gave [the person] my address and said, ‘I’ll be outside,’” Cole said.

“Whatever! If they actually showed up, he’d be like, ‘Hey buddy, how you doing?’” Chelsea joked.

On having more kids:


Chelsea and Cole already have Aubree, as well as son Watson and daughter Layne, but they say they’re not done growing their family.

“We definitely want one more [baby],” she said. “At least one. Aubree’s older so she’s easier now…she was a good baby. Watson’s a tiny Cole, really sweet and sensitive and the easiest baby ever. Then Layne came and she’s the wildest, feisty baby. Before [she came] we were like ‘Let’s do two more’ but now we’re like ‘Maybe one.’”

On whether or not the drama on the show is manufactured: 

“Pete the Pig sometimes craps on the rug. Does that count as drama?”

“I know that it’s different with each girl and it matters who they’re working with,” Chelsea said. “I know some people are shadier than others. I love my team that I have. None of the stories are fake or set up or anything. But they’re not always here [filming] either. If we have something going on…say, like when we got robbed. They obviously weren’t here for that but they came that week after it happened, and we were able to discuss how we’re feeling. They do miss some things.”

Chelsea said things are handled very differently now than they were in the early days of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“I feel like in the beginning, they definitely wanted that drama with Adam,” she said. “They would be like, ‘You should film with him to get this closure’ or whatever. But it’s come a long way from that, I would say.”

Chelsea praised her current crew of producers and camera people.

“My field producer, Mandi, I’m obsessed with her,” she said. “We have all had a couple different field producers, because you have to find someone you feel comfortable with. That’s the person who’s asking you some personal freaking questions and getting all up in your grill. They’re in your house, they’re playing with your kids. It’s hard to find someone that you mesh with.”

When asked if she’s had some really bad producers, Chelsea said that she had.

“I wouldn’t say really bad,” she said. “I don’t open up. I think I open up to women and gay men more. I’ve never had a producer who’s a manly man. I don’t open up to people, and it just hasn’t worked out. There’s just been sketchy people, I don’t know…”

On what would cause her to quit filming ‘Teen Mom 2’:

“I feel like we would eventually get— I don’t feel it now—– but I’ve been through ups and downs, where I’m like ‘Can I keep doing this? Is this healthy for my mental state?’ You go back and forth. We’re in such a good place now, we enjoy it, but if it ever got to a place where it was not healthy for us, [we would be done].

“If [Aubree] was like ‘I truly don’t want to do this’ we’d tell them she’s done,” Chelsea said. “Our family and our marriage is number one.”

Watch the full interview below! 

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39 Responses

  1. Yes, Chelsea is the best mom but she is boring her only story for years was about Adam OMG when she would talk Adam, adam, Adam I could have busted my TV. Also Amber did not do anything to Katie Joy and from the things Amber said there was no bashing she said the attorneys got her addy for court reasons I mean she was posting daily about Amber then Amber said something like she get what’s coming to her like you know bad karma or something she never once said she was going do anything to Katie Joy not did she tell her viewers to do anything Katie & Andrew we’re in cahoots to get Amber fired they didn’t. Katie Joy made herself a YouTube channel then talks about people on the daily she can’t cry & whine because she might get called a name, geez!

  2. The hate she gets on Reddit is absurd. She has done nothing to deserve it.
    The reaching there when they discuss one little clip is weird. Time and time again her rich dad is brought up and the idea she has (had) such an easy life.
    First of all, I think she has been struggling with anxiety issues for a long time now, it was hidden before. I also believe her parents’ divorce was hard on her and then Adam came along. Adam might have killed one of her dogs!
    I’m glad she is in a relatively good place now and I hope she will find something that helps her anxiety issues.
    To me she is the best mom out of the lot

    1. Whenever I read your comments I hear Dorothy Zbornak’s voice saying the words and I picture her in an 80’s sweater with huge shoulders.

      And agreed, there’s no point to the show anymore. They’re all in their late 20’s now and financially comfortable. Chelsea is the only one who’s life isn’t a train wreck. By this point all of the girls should have grown up and be providing stable lives for their children but they don’t except for Chelsea. Kail and Jenelle have six baby daddies between them. If the premise of the show worked then all of the story lines should be a snooze fest by now but the rest of the girls are emotionally stunted.

      Maci is the only non-disaster on TMOG. Both she and Chelsea seem to come from better families than the other girls. Farrah’s family might not have struggled but they’re whackos.

      1. @Lyin’ Hustah: LOL, I probably sound like Dorothy too because I am over it!

        The show needs to end with its current cast. What is the point now? If the point was to teach about the perils of teen pregnancy, it no longer does that because it rewards bad behavior and has become a lottery ticket for people who make poor decisions. It no longer represents the reality of teen parenthood, it represents the reality of TV stardom. Most importantly, the children are being emotionally and sometimes physically abused, and they cannot consent. No child’s pain should be used for entertainment and repeated in reruns in perpetuity.

  3. Reports today that due to ratings “crash” since Janelle left, MTV in talks to bring her back! They don’t realize most people left due to the disgust of watching these entitled brats, with Jenelle being the worst of the bunch, and bringing her back hopefully will not bring the viewers back!!! We all called that when the money ran out, Janelle would come crawling back. RIP Nugget

  4. I really like Chelsea…I remember when she was this whiny teenager chasing after a total piece of shit that was constantly SO mean to her. Adam was verbally abusive, and could be pretty cruel to her…and to see her now happy with Cole and the kids, it’s nice to see at least one of the girls has on her head pretty straight.

  5. Personally, I enjoyed the interview. Chelsea was always my favorite. Off-topic. Have any of you heard that Amber threatened Katie Joy from without a crystal ball and her parole officer was alerted of this? Evidently, she said it on IG live.

  6. So listen,
    I was happy when the slide show changed from the many looks of jaaaahnelle, to Chelsea’s many styles of big red hair.

    BUTTT, I need to suggest (and hope whoever makes the slide shows sees this) make a slide show of all of jenelles eye brows through the years. Just bad eye brows. Theres so much material, and I would actually watch it. Please and thank you.

  7. Whats there really to hate about this girl? Shes pretty down to earth and the most stable..some people just always have to be negative

  8. Chelsea has been one of the more mature cast members of the show. Being on TV opens you up to criticism as well as praise. Most people will never make the salary she makes in a season/year, that’s one of the pros of being on the show.

  9. Chelsea has done fantastic in life and has been incredibly blessed. Let’s move on from this show thought, as we all know it’s become a drama filled circus (mostly thanks to kail, who still hasn’t matured 1/4 of the amount Chelsea has.) goodbye to this show, please make it stop. I don’t like seeing this and that about stupid Jenelle and kail and amber all the time. No, I’m not bitter. I actually loved the show in the early days and was a loyal viewer until kail started her nonsense with Brianna and tried to show up as big and bad

  10. Do you think she uses that baby voice in bed? Not sure if that would kill my boner or make me take it to the next level.

    stay lit

  11. It’s too bad people attack her. She’s so not deserving of it, especially when you consider the rest of the cast. She’s grown a great deal over the same span of time that others have disintegrated. I do miss watching her and Cole but I just couldn’t stomach that show anymore with the pigs that got added (I was already maxed out from Kail alone).

    1. I think people are just saying what they really feel. Some are just honest feed back. The shows ran its span and honestly, I agree that time is up.

  12. Sounds like a bunch of unhappy jealous people are commenting here. After the Trainwreck that is several other moms on this show, Chelsea’s story is refreshing. It’s disappointing so many people jump at the chance to be negative. I’m thrilled for her!

  13. God she’s more and more annoying with every episode. That stupid baby voice, her constant need to discuss her mental health around the children, and her complaining about her life with young kids… Who asked you to have kids so fast? You couldn’t even handle Aubree alone without your father’s help. She doesn’t even know how lucky she is. She gets to be a stay at home mom, her husband is loving and caring, she can even build a brand new house just because her current one was robbed! Spioled brat has to face reality and wonders why she has anxiety…

    1. AMEN! She’s always been a spoiled little rich girl & can’t make it without MTV’s money. She’s never worked full time and pops out baby after baby so she always has an excuse not to work. Face it–with or without Cole’s income, she won’t be able to make ends meet without MTV. Between the huge houses & land, expensive vehicles, maintenance on the animals, taxes on the property (the house that got robbed had an annual tax bill of close to $6000!) she’s in over her head. Randy spoiled her & gave her everything when she was a kid and she still wants it all without getting off her ass to earn it. And her comment about not meshing with “manly men” explains her connection to Cole. Yeah. I said it.

  14. The entire shows time is up. Time to end. I started out fast forwarding scenes leading up to no longer watching since the girls were ok filming on the same show as Jenelle that stood by her husband whom brutally beat then shot their 10 pound puppy.

  15. Chelsea seems to have issues. Chelsea seems very bossy. Cole seems to wait for permission to say or to do something on camera. The whole family seems to be walking in egg shells around Chelsea.

  16. Not to sound weird but is the wording of that last statement odd? Is she saying that if Aubree wants to be done with filming they’d just stop filming her or they’d all be done?

  17. Of course Deboring won’t quit, 3 years ago they were making around 550,00.00 dollars. I feel like all we’re seeing is her pushing her products to sell and I’m not liking it at all.

  18. Even her interviews are a snooze ? glad she’s happy and glad that her and Cole are good parents and have a strong healthy marriage but, she’s gotta go. She is extremely boring and I can’t take her nasally baby voice!

    1. Amen Desandauri !! You know she’s on every device down voting your comment and will likely this one. Sadly, I can no longer watch her story line, I feel it’s fabricated too much.

    2. Amen Desandauri !! You know she’s on every device down voting your comment and will likely this one. Sadly, I can no longer watch her story line, I feel it’s fabricated too much.

      1. Lol yes Cassandra I’m sure she is. The truth is the truth though. I am happy for her but she is annoying and I agree her story line seems forced. It’s like MTV is grabbing on to straws because her story line is boring. Which in reality is a good thing but unfortunately for reality tv it is not. No one is saying you have to be trashy for good tv but the nasally baby voice makes me want to pull my hair out!

        1. When have I changed my name? This has always been my name and why I my conversation with someone who replied to my comment bothering you so much?

        2. When have I changed my name? This has always been my name and why is my conversation with someone who replied to my comment bothering you so much?

    3. She’s right about Reddit. I joined thinking I had found a place to discuss the show with other fans but all they do is completely trash the girls. It wasn’t fun and every time I said something nice or defended one of the girls I myself would get attacked. A bunch of crazies over there.

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