‘Counting On’ Star Austin Forsyth is Being Sued for Fraud By Couple Who Purchased a Renovated Home From Him in 2018

“I thought I told you to take care of this after you were done caring for our son, pressure-washing the driveway and installing a new sprinkler system… “

The Duggar Family may be able to keep away from premarital sex and tank tops, but the same can’t be said for legal drama.

Two weeks after a raid by Homeland Security was allegedly linked back to eldest son Josh Duggar, Austin Forsyth, the husband of Joy-Anna Duggar, is reportedly being sued for fraud by a couple who purchased a home he renovated and flipped.

The news of the Austin’s legal dilemma was first reported by the Facebook page Duggar Family News: Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, which posted the documents of the lawsuit. The Ashley has since obtained the court records from Washington County, Arkansas.

According to court records, the lawsuit was filed against Austin on October 11. The plaintiffs purchased a home from Austin in June 2018. (The home was featured on several episodes of Counting On.)

In the lawsuit, the couple who purchased the home are accusing Austin of lying about obtaining a permit for a septic tank on the property. The couple claims that, after moving into the home in August of last year, they “began noticing that their yard was saturated on the driest of days and that an unmistakable foul odor of human waste emanated from their yard.”

“Oh, so they’re too good to just dig a hole outside if they’ve gotta go?”

After hiring a septic tank installer to look into the issue, the plaintiffs were told the land was “unsuitable for the septic tank system that was installed” and that installing a new one could cost $20,000 or more.

(According to public records found by The Ashley, the buyers only paid $140,000 for the house to begin with.)

“I could do it for half that price, while carrying a couple of babies on my hip!”

The lawsuit also accuses Austin of failing to obtain the county required certificate or permit from the Health Department before the property was sold. While Austin “guaranteed that all work was done with proper permits,” the plaintiffs claim otherwise.

They stated that Austin “knew he had not received a permit from Washington County,” despite the fact that he claimed he had.;

“[Austin], as one engaged in the business of flipping houses, engaged in an unconscionable or deceptive act in conducting his business and Plaintiffs have suffered financial loss as a result of that deceptive act,” the papers state.

In addition, the buyers have decided to “rescind the purchase of the house due to the signed fraudulent statements of the Defendant during the sale” or “in the alternative, for damages suffered, for punitive damages, costs, attorney’s fees, and all other relief” the court decides is necessary.

The couple who bought the house also claim that their dog got sick from lapping up the (alleged) poop water outside the home. The court paperwork state that this event highlights “the unsanitary and downright disgusting faced by” the family in the new home. 

The couple said they contacted Austin to inform him of this decision, “to no avail.” Despite this, he has received a summons in the lawsuit, to which he responded November 19, denying most of the allegations in the suit.

“Man, Joy really got us into one heck of a pickle…”

In Touch Weekly reports that, in his response to the lawsuit, Austin stated he was “not required to obtain a permit” and denies the claims that he “falsely stated that all necessary permits were obtained for the work done on the home and that it was done according to code.”

Austin has since hired legal representation to assist him. Joy is not being sued and is not mentioned in any of the legal paperwork. 

The case is ongoing.

Watch a video of Joy and Austin beginning work on the house in question below!

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(Photos: TLC)

12 Responses

  1. WHy are fundie Christians always the biggest crooks? They must think all their actions are sanctioned by god just because they show up on sunday.

  2. Well……. that’s what happens when you buy a home from a fundie with limited skills and experience. AND without getting your house inspected professionally before purchasing!

  3. That whole family is a bunch of shysters! Hunger not included. I think all the men who marry Duggar women get a crash course in screwing people over and being shady for profit! Let’s see weasel weasel his way outta this!!

  4. I´d like to point out that Pickles was not the first to report this. The r/duggarsnark and r/fundiesnark Reddit communities did and she has been copy/pasting from people who do the leg work there often.

  5. Why didn’t their inspector catch this before escrow? Also, all of that paperwork should have come with the house (and be seen prior to) closing. Can’t say I’m surprised this family is in more hot water, but if you’re buying a home..do your research.

  6. I don’t really know what to think about this and I’m not defending Austin, but why would you buy a house that you know was just flipped and not have it professionally inspected?

  7. “People of God”, my @$$. They are more like a shady cult. That’s awful what Austin is being accused of, I hope that family gets everything they are asking for in the lawsuit. Wouldn’t they have asked for proof/ receipts of the septic system installation…etc?

  8. Why is everything related to the Duggars so shady? Selling used cars, flipping houses, all shady af. Why can’t they get an honest, normal job??

    1. Because they would have to interact with outside of their family/fundie circle. Also because none of them have a real education that could get them a decent job.

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