EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ Mother Barbara Evans Wants to Move to Tennessee; Nathan Griffith & Jenelle Working on Custody Agreement

“Hey MTV, wouldn’t ya like ta capture this special moment with your videotape cameras?”

Jenelle Evans is busy building a life for herself and her kids far, far away from The Land (and estranged husband David Eason), and it looks like she may have an extra set of hands to help her.

The Ashley‘s sources tell her that Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, is very seriously considering moving to Tennessee, which is where Jenelle and her kids Kaiser and Ensley have been living since Jenelle left David in October. Currently, Barb resides in North Carolina, but she flew out to Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with Jenelle and the kids. The “happy family [Cracker Barrel] picnic” was captured in a photo taken on Thanksgiving at the restaurant.


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Happy Thanksgiving !! In Tennessee ???

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“Barbara and Jenelle have been getting along and she has been very helpful to Jenelle in the transition, but she can only do so much from where she is,” one of The Ashley’s sources says. “It’s over 10 hours away [from Jenelle]. Barbara is very serious about wanting to leave North Carolina.”

Many Teen Mom 2 fans, at first, doubted that Jenelle was really leaving David and figured it was a stunt to get her spot back on the MTV show. The Ashley has maintained from the beginning that this is not a stunt and now, over a month later, it seems more fans are starting to believe it’s legit. 

“Jenelle has rented an apartment and the kids are starting school and daycare in Tennessee,” the source said. (Jenelle proved this by posting a photo of Kaiser boarding a school bus on Tuesday.) “She still has no idea what she’s going to do for income, though.”

He’s probably just happy he’s not being forced to attend the Little Red Schoolhouse on The Land….

The Ashley’s MTV production sources tell her that, “at this point, they’re not bringing Jenelle back. If it does happen, it will be a while down the road…way down the road.” (Obviously, if anything changes, The Ashley will let you know.)

“Jenelle is still under contract right now, but that does not mean MTV will exercise that contract,” the source added.

The source noted that Barbara is still under contract as well, and has kept in touch with the MTV producers.

“She has definitely tried to get back on the show, a lot actually,” the production source added. “But there’s no way they can put her back on without adding Jenelle, so it can’t work.”

While Barbara is very serious about wanting to move to Tennessee, she has not yet taken the steps to get the move in motion. At press time, her home was not for sale.

“Not gonna lie…I could go for a little Tennessee cowboy poke right about now!”

“She has to figure out her situation with [Jenelle’s] nephew, whom [Barbara] cares for, and also Jace’s school,” the source added. (As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Barb has full custody of Jace and, even if they did move to Tennessee to be closer to Jenelle, Jace would remain with Barbara.) 

In addition to repairing her relationship with Barbara, Jenelle has also made nice with Nathan Griffith, the father of Kaiser. Nathan recently even randomly defended Jenelle on Twitter against her ex-husband Courtland Rogers

“Jenelle and Nathan had a court date last week,” the source said. “They did not have to attend but their attorneys appeared. They are discussing a possible consent order.”

(According to US Legal, a consent order “is generally a voluntary agreement worked out between two or more parties to a dispute. It generally has the same effect as a court order and can be enforced by the court if anyone does not comply with the orders.”)

“The next court date to work out the custody details is set for January 6,” the source added.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    What a disastrous mess.Pretty promiscuous teen with borderline IQ, white trash affiliations gets pregnant in mid teens.Studio identifies her having the ideal potential for their series “bun in the oven @16 via a random teen dude”.Pretty, presumably naive accidentally (?)pregnant creature re audience sympathy to embark on struggles to be a good mom. Yet is stupid, self preoccupied trashy enough to provide lots of dumb mistakes and drama. With studio exploitation, her loving attention and easy money she will be an evolving disaster for current and future babies, herself and others making studio money until she crashes.Poor kids with fractured custody arrangements, multiple dads that only one is somewhat fit as a dad, others useless to crazy criminals, mom unfit as a parent and a granny who did grow up in senior years to pick up the pieces when permitted.Plus spread over state lines.WOW!

    Not the studios fault really, it’s the public’s taste in viewing. They won’t watch a teen with a real accidental pregnancy focusing on her babies needs while resuming study and part time to finish high school not dating, then using childcare while doing further studies in a community college to gain a career Plus eventually engaged and marrying a respectable guy with a sound career remaining monogamous.BOOORRRIIINNG!

  2. I am one who doubted her motives at 1st. But now not only do I believe her…I am rooting for her. This was not easy for her and I really hope Barb is able to move to Tennessee.
    However, I don’t actually think it would be in her or her children’s best interest to be back on the show. I think it encourages drama and with lots of money…I don’t think it would be a good mix for Jenelle. She needs time to just be a normal mom for awhile. Good luck Jenelle!

  3. She still doesn’t know what she’s going to do for income? I’m sure Walmart’s Deli is hiring. I’ll never forget when she tried to shame Babs for working at Walmart Deli, but Jenelle was going to be “saving lives”…and now look at her. Unemployed, “hiding” and broke. My how the mighty have fallen….side note….why doesn’t Ensley always look sticky?

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised ( since she’s still under contract) that mtv are paying her rent and school for headsley!!!!

    Barbs is off her head, to move to be near her bitch of a daughter.

    When it all goes tits up, and Chinny moves again, barbs will be stuck in Tennessee

  5. why do people fall to her feet. i get there are kids involved but damn. it’s just like kail. Jenelle & Kail say jump and everyone around them asks how high?

  6. I just hope Barbara and Nathan know that as soon as Jenelle finds her next soulmate (so many 2 months or so), everything will turn back to the way it was before. Jenelle has not changed, she’s just using them to her advantage because now she needs help

  7. She doesn’t know what she will do for money, how about get a job?. Work like real people do! Babs is absolutely nuts for moving her entire life given that as soon as a new man enters the picture she will screaming, yelling and threatening to take Jace!

  8. Kaiser actually has a genuine smile on his face……And Jace looks so grown.
    Don’t move Babs. Won’t be long and one of those two swamp creatures will be kissing the ass of the other one and they’ll be back on the laaaaand together again.
    How is Jenelle renting an apartment? Who is paying for that? I don’t believe for a second she had any savings.

  9. Babe learn from your past. Your shitty ass daughter is gonna get knocked up next week by some random and they will both be back to hating you. Don’t move.

  10. Why are Javi’s eyes are never completely open??? His mouth is always open. How can he see??? Will they eventually close??? Weird I tell you. Weird.
    Will Kail’s instagram pics ever match her reflection on tv??? No I say..shocked. Kail’s lonely cuz Chris and Javi have moved on without her.

  11. You would think that Jenelle would move closer to her mom to make it easier on her family, but Jenelle is always #1 in Jenelle Land

    1. YES!!!

      SHE moved away FROM HER SON not the other way around. We have already established that she is not scared. She has complicated situations for all her baby-daddies and Babs/Jace.
      She is selfish, immature and pathetic.

      It would be different if she was moving for a job or to better herself but we all know she will never work. She randomly moved 10h away from HER RESPONSIBILITIES- SHE SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE for the consequences!
      It’s pretty simple

  12. I happen to love Babs (despite all her faults), but I think it’s a mistake to pick up and move to another state just because her “bitch of a dautgha” is doing so. I don’t think she should leave because Jenelle changes soulmates like the rest of us change underwear and if the next dude isn’t from Tennessee, she would be more than happy to follow him to wherever he is from. Since Jenelle has no concern for anyone but herself, she has no problem with being transient, look at all the times during the history of the show that she’s moved, while Babs has only moved once. It’s clear Jace has some problems and the stability Babs has brought him has been one of the few things that has helped him. Let her go Babs, things will blow up in her face soon enough and she’ll be back.

    1. You may very well be right about that. Moving, getting used to a new school, making new friends will have an impact on any one – adults included. But for Jace, leaving the enviroment and friends he knows, leaving that stability, might be even more difficult.

      Thank you Jenelle.

  13. Will Jenelle find a soul mate before the New Year? The whole family Barbara included are bat sh-t crazy. Everybody knows she ran to a man. Funny how Jenelle just went on vacation to Tennessee. Now she lives there.

  14. I’m just going to say what everyone is thinking. That waitress next to Jelly has got a set of lungs on her. Am I right!

    1. Dude. I know you pride yourself on your impeccably low standards, but no. We want better for our favorite troll. ❤

  15. didnt Jenelle graduate from some sort of technical school, way back when? Also, why is Ensley starting daycare??? Isn’t daycare the place where kids go while their parents work?? WORK ??

    1. Yes, she got some technical degree for medical assistant I believe but she never got her license. I think she’d actually have to repeat the course to get licensed because many years have passed. Either way, what medical facility would hire someone with Jenelle’s rap sheet? Just a quick Google search would show them who she is

      1. I wouldn’t want Jenelle to touch me or ANY OBJECT I have to be in contact with – especially if I was a patient in a medical treatment.

        (Sorry for my English – it’s not my first language. But I’m sure you ALL know what I mean!)

    2. Right!
      How is she paying daycare to stay at home all day every day with BOTH kids in school?!?
      WHY would she want to send egghead to school when she literally has nothing else to do with her pathetic self?!?
      Shouldn’t she WANT to spend the day with her??
      Oh right, it’s JE we’re talking about here

      She is sick.
      She has caused so many people so ma ny issues by running to her next man in TN (has to be the reason). She could have moved so many places but chose to move 10h from her child and support system?!?
      That is on HER

      However, she has never ever had to face consequences so why would she expect that to start now.

      She is revolting

    3. Well good for Ensley, right? At least during the day she’ll be surrounded by sane people, kids her age, and she’ll learn things… Isn’t it about time she starts preschool anyway? She’s almost 3 I think.

      1. Miller Mott. And she flunked the test. It was for Medical Assistant. Which turned into saving lives and her being a Dr know it all.

  16. Barb has to know that this little honeymoon period is temporary. This happens every single time Jenelle breaks up with a soulmate. She makes nice with Barb who falls for it. Jenelle will return to her vicious, vindictive self soon enough. It’s naive to pretend that David was the only bad actor here. Jenelle has never been a good person or daughter.

    1. She’s buttering Barb up so when she and TrashBag Tori want to go party, she has a babysitter to dump Headsley and Kaiser off on.

    2. You spoke the truth! They just want that MTV paycheck.There will be so many people that will go straight to sponsors and boycott their business! She’s just a nasty ass child abuser! So fake acting like she cares about her kids! Let’s see how she makes it when she has to get a job!

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