‘Teen Mom’ Thanksgiving Twitter Fight: Kail Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith & Courtland Rogers Squabble Online: A Battle of Jenelle’s Former Soulmates & Friends

“We provide a bounty of drama and a cornucopia of pettiness for you to enjoy!”

While there may be fewer and fewer videos of Black Friday store brawls circulating the Interwebs these days (damn you, online shopping!) some of the stars and former stars of Teen Mom 2 were kind enough to provide us with a Thanksgiving fight for us to feast on!

Jenelle Evans, Courtland Rogers, Nathan Griffith and Kail Lowry celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday with a good old-fashioned Twitter brawl! 

(I wonder who started the soulmate social media scrap at the very first Thanksgiving?)

Anyway, the fun kicked off when Courtland— who is Jenelle’s (first) ex-husband— declared on Twitter, “I want a divorce!” (Mind you, this is just days after Mr. Jenelle Evans #1 welcomed a new baby with his wife.)

For some reason, Kail decided to tweet some words of advice to Courtland. She didn’t indicate why she responded to his tweet, as she has no history of chatting it up with Courty online. However, Kail has been through a divorce, so she may have just wanted to share some insight with him.

“Before you do this, think about why [you want a divorce],” she advised him on Twitter. “Then ask yourself if it can be worked thru…don’t give up because it’s ‘easier’ to the ‘next best thing’…you will eventually struggle in the next relationship so cherish what you have Courtland! Love is a commitment…

“Even when it’s hard!!! I know I’m being a hypocrite but it’s only bc I’ve been thru it!!!” she replied.

While Kail’s wise words were appreciated by some of her Twitter followers, they were not appreciated by Jenelle…or Jenelle’s ex, Nathan. As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle and Nathan are no longer bitterly battling for custody of their son, Kaiser, and have been getting along recently. Because of this, Nathan decided to stick up for Jenelle and scold Kail for chatting with Jenelle’s ex-husband on Twitter.

“Kail really?” Nathan tweeted at her. “Why get involved with an ex that obviously gets under [Jenelle’s] skin? You don’t want the drama but then you egg on the drama. I know Jenelle has done some sh**ty things but do you honestly have to keep it going? Not trying to be a dick just speaking truth.”

“Anything for attention,” Jenelle piped in.

Kail seemed confused as to why Nathan came at her on Twitter, and indicated in her response tweet that he may be being a bit dramatic dramastic.

“This has absolutely nothing to do with Jenelle… what are you talking about?” Kail wrote.

Then…Courtland began burning up his dial-up Internet to jump back into the fight.

“Bro please ..u had no business dipping into me and kail’s conversation..” Courtland wrote to Nathan. “Who are u to EVERRRRRRR GIVE ADVICE ANYWAYS? I AM NOT TRYING TO FIGHT BRO I JUST THINK MAYBE U HAVE MORE TO WORRY ABOUT IN UR OWN LIFE THAN TO TRY AND FIND WORRY IN MINE. ANYWAYS …. WELP SEE YA LATER.”

Nathan then shot back at Courty.

“Never made any negative connotations. If that’s the way you justify this ‘innocent’ reach out for help, I’ll pray for you. please for the love of it, educate yourself before speaking as if you’re a person incapable of critical thinking or thinking everyone else is dumb besides u,” he wrote.

“I miss all the Twitta soulmate brawls! I really need to get one of those computas! It’s hard to tweet on my Jitterbug!”

If you’re having trouble placing Courtland in Jenelle’s ever-growing lineup of soulmates, he came between Kieffer Delp and Nathan. Jenelle married him in December 2012 after dating him only a few months, and was shown during an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ aborting his child and telling her friend she was unsure if she was pregnant by Courtland or by her then-new squeeze, Nathan. (You can reference all of Jenelle’s former soulmates here.) 

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(Photos: MTV, Twitter)

39 Responses

  1. My favorite thing is how Courtland seems to think he’s having a private conversation with Kail that no one else can comment on, ON HIS PUBLIC TWITTER. He posts this obviously attention-seeking thing about wanting a divorce so he can get the drama of having thousands of people either sympathize with him or attempt to talk him out of it. Kail responds on her PUBLIC twitter account, knowing that responding would lead to entire articles like this one being written about the exchange. And then when Nathan chimes in with his (really stupid) opinion, Courtland is like “How very dare you butt in on my private conversation with Kail that we were having in total privacy just between the two of us!?”

    And I get such second hand embarrassment reading anything Nathan writes. It’s so obvious that he’s really kind of stupid and doesn’t actually understand what people are saying. The fact that he thought any of this was somehow about jenelle is an example of how weirdly dumb he is. And whenever he tries to use big words to make himself sound smarter and more “educated,” it ends up sounding like Farrah Speak. Those words, in that order, in this context do not mean what you think they mean, Nathan.

    1. Sorry Ashley, you can delete one of these posts if you want. My first comment went through even though I got the “please reload this page to post a comment” button.

  2. I think one of my favorite parts of all this is after Courtland screams “I want a divorce!” on his public social media and Kail responds from her public social media, and then Nathan responds to this public social media exchange, Courtland is all “How dare you butt in on my PRIVATE conversation with Kail!?” It’s social media! There are no private conversations on social media. Courtland posted his divorce thing with the intention of getting a reaction out of people, Kail responds knowing that her response is going to lead to actual articles like The Ashley’s being written about it, and yet they want to pretend that this was a private exchange between the two of them?

    I think Nathan was stupid was respond, and his argument that Kail was somehow trying to start shit with Jenelle by giving Courtland advice was ridiculous. I also get such second hand embarrassment for Nathan, because it’s clear from his responses that he is really, really stupid and doesn’t quite “get” what’s going on and what people are talking about. And then his attempts to make himself sound smart by using big words is very Farrah-speak to me. Those words, in that order, in this context, do not mean what you think they mean, Nathan.

  3. By most accounts Nathan has a good woman in his current GF. Why he would risk that to be Jenelle’s Captain Save-a-ho at this point is beyond me. He won’t land another good woman if she leaves, believe that. And she probably treats Kaiser better than both of them.

    1. She has some career or education relating to childcare, I’ve read that she’s the one urging them to get along for the sake of the kid.

  4. Kail didn’t technically anything wrong, but she knew it would bother Jenelle. Kail is a manipulator. She knew it would get a reaction out of Jenelle because Jenelle is a nutcase. Jenelle can’t help but take the bait.

  5. Courtland or Jennelle need kids. Period. He is a nasty hateful something and so is she. She just wants to be recognized as a celebrity and all she is is a slut. Those kids deserve better hers and courtlands

  6. Not a Kail fan but this time I don’t think she did or said anything wrong.

    This was just the lame sound of jobless Nathan and Jenelle getting thirstier and thirstier until they create enough “relevance” for MTV to hire them back.

    I’m SO over them with this. Hope MTV is too. Jeez.

  7. I don’t understand why Kail responded to Courtland’s tweet but it had nothing to do with Jenelle AT ALL. Why did Nathan had to chimed in? Is he so desperate to kiss Jenelle’s ass? It’s ridiculous

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    The obly one on this show that has their shit together is Chelsea. All the rest just a bunch of attention seekers

    1. @JAMES Your mom must be so proud to see that her son resorts to calling women horrific names instead of constructing a cohesive thought. Pathetic.

  9. Even if Nathan says he wants nothing to do with Jenelle or be back together with her…his response (which really had NOTHING to do with her, Kail talked to Courtland from her point of view-although I do think he said it just to get attention, no one mature just tweets “I want a divorce” just like that) makes it clear she is on his mind again. Dude, don’t go there, for the sake of your son, DON’T GET BACK TOGETHER WITH HER! (But we know he probably will and then they will fight and it will be over and blah blah blah…)

  10. Honestly kails comment was fine. It wasn’t drama or attention seeking. She gave honest advice that she should have taken herself, as this tweet so obviously indicates, she f’d up by pushing javi away. Her advice was honest and spot on, and nothing is wrong with that Nathan shouldn’t have gotten involved, but to keep himself on jenelles good side, he did. Is twitter even still a thing??

  11. Why you making me side with Kail, Nathan? It’s weird that she commented, yes. And she’s petty af but I truly don’t think she was being shady this time around.

  12. it doesn’t matter if kail is a hypocrite. that had nothing to do with Jenelle and Nathan is annoying as fuck always trying to fight her battles. he goes out of his way to defend her because he wants to keep up this appearance of being this good guy who forgives everything. he really needs to get off her tit. he has a girlfriend and he loves crossing boundaries. i remember when he melted at the sight of seeing Jenelle cry. dude is obsessed with her. i know thats his kids mother but with all the shit she has put him through you would think he knew better and kept her at an arms length. kail is a grown ass woman and just because he wants to tip toe around Jenelles feelings doesnt mean she has to. tired of people falling at that bitch’s feet when she cares about nobody but HERSELF.

  13. Do these people just stay on each other’s Twitter pages? I don’t know how Twitter works, but it seems weird to me the Courtland would be anywhere on Kail’s radar at all. Da fuq do these people do all day? They all have kids, clearly no jobs, but Jenelle and Nathan are ensconced in legal issues and Kail has three baby-daddies to juggle> I guess I just don’t understand how these very-grown people are so involved in social media the way they are. And what a pathetic cry for attention! Any grown person that is so needy that they exclaim over social media that they want a divorce has no business being married anyway.

  14. In reply to Joe’s Rap Career. Yes. Then when Nathan cant think of a decent comeback, Nathan pulls the Christian card. Nathan tells Courtland to educate himself when Nathan himself isn’t educated

  15. Does this sound like Kail regrets divorcing Javi to anyone else? Was this her way of trying to make Lauren worry that Kail still would take Javi back? Kinda like a double f-you to ruin both Lauren’s and Jenelle’s Thanksgivings? Just a thought! I mean we all know how petty Kail can be.

  16. This whole thing is dumb and unnecessary. Instead of spending time with their children or family on Thanksgiving,everyone is on Twitter. Kail’s giving unsolicited advice to a guy she probably met once 7 years ago.

  17. Nathan was out of line. Lost any respect for him and I never had much. She is not leaving Lurch she is trying to get her “job” back. Can’t wait for that show to tank and be gone then they will all have to get real jobs.

  18. Kailyn said it herself, she is the ultimate hypocrite! She would have snapped if any of the Teen Moms started giving advice to her ex#1, or ex#2, or ex#3! Kail has more baby’s daddies than Carters has liver pills! You’d think a ‘ho with all those kids would have been things to do on Thanksgiving than play Dear Abby on the internet. Try cooking for your kids instead of starting shit for no reason.

    1. Right ? all that work he did trying to win custody of Kaiser for nothing. And watch, once Jenelle finds herself another soulmate, their relationship will turn to shit again

      1. I expect them to say “We’re back together!” and then they will break up again after a few months and start sh*t talking about each other…wanna bet?

    1. Kailyn said it herself, she is the ultimate hypocrite! She would have snapped if any of the Teen Moms started giving advice to her ex#1, or ex#2, or ex#3! Kail has more baby’s daddies than Carters has liver pills! You’d think a ‘ho with all those kids would have been things to do on Thanksgiving than play Dear Abby on the internet. Try cooking for your kids instead of starting shit for no reason.

  19. Nathan is the biggest trader. All Jenelles family is taking up for her now. They all are in it for the $$$$. Poor Kaiser will see this all play out. He will be so messed up. Nathan doesn’t want that kid.

    Kail just wants attention. She bought a mansion she can’t afford. $$$$$ hungry.

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