What Did Nessa Say to Make Kail Lowry Walk Off Stage at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion? Plus Kail Reveals Her Thoughts on MTV’s Role in the ‘Young & Pregnant’ Drama

“Oh helll no!”

Part three of the Teen Mom 2 Season 9B Reunion was full of scream-at-your-coworker, run-off-stage fun! The episode, which aired on Tuesday night, showed the girls from Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant appear on-stage with ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Kail Lowry and Jade Cline. As The Ashley told you back in October when it all went down, ‘Y&P’ star Ashley Jones got into a screaming match with the other girls while on-stage.

During the fight, Kail is seen encouraging Jade to leave the stage, stating “Walk out, walk out, it’s not worth it.” She also encouraged Kayla Sessler to change seats with her so that she wasn’t sitting next to an angered Ashley. Soon after that, co-host Nessa is heard saying something to Kail (that the viewing audience wasn’t able to pick up) that angered Kail so much, she too left the stage, yelling, “WHAT? Ooooh, bye! Bye, NESSA! See ya later!”

So what did Nessa say to Kail to get her so heated?

An audience member who was seated in the first few rows the day of the blowup, tells The Ashley that Nessa was trying to get Kail to stop trying to diffuse the situation.

“Nessa quietly told Kail to back up and sit back,” the source said. “It was clear that Kail was interfering with the drama, and it seemed like Nessa wanted to see it play out on-stage. Nessa later explained that she said it because she was concerned for Kail’s safety, but that was obviously not true, because they brought Kail out and put her right in the middle. [The producers] and everyone wanted that fight to happen because the audience loves that drama and Kail was ruining that.”

“Nessa was almost pissy about it and told Kail, like, ‘Come on!’ and gave her a dirty look,” the audience member added.

(You can see it play out in this Instagram video, around the 1:20 mark).

On Wednesday, Kail took to Instagram Stories to explain her side of the story.

“I just want to address everything that happened on the third part of the Reunion last night,” Kail said in a video. “I did not watch it, mainly because I didn’t want to relive what happened.”

Kail explained that she had attempted multiple times to prevent, and then stop, a fight from happening.

“You know I had my Reunion drama like two seasons ago and I regret how I acted, and I regret so much of that day,” Kail said. “I wasn’t going to let MTV put Ashley and Jade in a situation where they’re pinned against each other…

“I had actually gone up to the producers prior to being on stage with the ‘Young & Pregnant’ cast and I told them I did not think this was a good idea, and that there was no real reason for me and Jade to be on stage with the other girls,” Kail added. “It took me a long time to get to this place, but I just hate seeing that MTV is now kind of specifically pinning girls against each other.”

Kail said that those behind the show seem to be encouraging the girls to fight.

“I think MTV really got what they were looking for in the ratings when me and Briana had our drama, so I don’t like that they’re kind of taking advantage of the younger girls, ’cause they’re newer,” she said. “And I think some of them feel that they don’t have a voice necessarily to speak up against what they do or don’t want to film. I really didn’t want to film that scene, I didn’t want to film that segment but there’s this [thought of] do my job or stand up for what’s right. At that point, it was like, if they’re saying it’s fine, I guess I’ll just do it, and I went against my better judgement and sat on the stage with them when there was really no need for me to be up there in the first place.”

It was never explained by Nessa or Dr. Drew Pinsky why Kail was sitting on-stage for a segment regarding the ‘Young & Pregnant’ girls. However, Kail gave her thoughts as to why she was “chosen” to be there.

“So…does this mean we should cancel the mud pit we ordered for the girls to wrestle in or…?”

“One of the ‘Teen Mom 2′ cast members met me in my room after the fact and literally asked one of the producers why Kail is always picked to do the bulls**t of the show and I, in my heart of hearts, believe that MTV thought I was going to egg on the girls’ drama basically, just based on my history,” she said. “I feel like I’ve grown a lot since then and it kind of irritates me that I was picked to be in the middle of all this drama because, yeah, I was friends with Ashley and, yeah, I had introduced Jade to ‘Teen Mom 2’ through my podcast but I really didn’t have anything to do with that [drama.”

Kail explained that the ‘Young & Pregnant’ segment was added so that the ‘Y&P’ Reunion could air right after the ‘Teen Mom 2’ one, in hopes that the higher ‘Teen Mom 2’ ratings would “transfer over” to the ‘Young & Pregnant’ Reunion.

“But I just really didn’t like that I was dragged into something that I was really trying to get away from, as far as like the drama goes,” Kail said. “I’m really trying to work on myself, and that whole situation was not in line with what I’ve been trying to do.”

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. I dislike Nessa! I hated how she treated Jennell and Boone did anything and I refuse to watch the reunions because of her! I will always be a fan of the teen mom shows. I’ve noticed lately that on teen mom 2 all they show any more is the the chick in Florida, which I do not like, seems she gets more air time, what’s up with that? Get rid of Nessa an her bullshit and I will start watching the reunions again!

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Nessa should be kicked off the show! I can’t stand her. She is a host no one gives a shit about how she feels (Jenell) or her POS boyfriend! Give her the boot!

    1. Nessa is a big mouth and should be thrown off the show. No one cares about Nessa! MTV get smarter and find a different host!

  3. 1) These girls need to treat this like a job, not a bar room brawl.
    2) “Dr.” Drew is the BIGGEST instigator. He purposely brought all that shit back up when Ashley came back out. You know it’s a sore spot leave it alone you’re a grown man who is SUPPOSED to be a professional with a PhD.
    3) I kind of agree with Kail for saying MTV does this shit on purpose for drama, but again these girls, and I say girls cause they sure as shit don’t act like women, need to treat the reunion as a job.
    Would you try and throw fists at a regular job? No? So don’t do it here

  4. MTV needs to take Ashley off of the show… She thinks she all that and thinks she better then anybody else… Cause she on a show about young mom’s honey you need to remember why u are on a show to start with… And to talk about someone else babies is childish has f###… You need to grow up honey your 20something now !!!!

  5. Mtv needs to take Ashley off of the show she think she all that and better then anybody else is and talking about someone babies is childish… Grow the f##k UP!!!!

  6. Same old self entitled Kail storming off stage. Yet she wants to be a talk show host? What is going to do? Stomp off stage when people don’t agree with her? Which will be half the population because Kail never gets along with anyone. Funny part was when she stormed off stage and for once no one went chasing her lol. Addie is not cute! I cringe when people laugh at her because she’s getting a positive reaction to negative behaviour and it’s not her fault it’s what she knows because both her parents don’t discipline her.

  7. I didn’t see Kail trying to get away from any drama, in fact, she seems like she is pissed because she was told to stay out of it 💁

    I don’t understand how or why Nessa ever got this “job” and how or why she has kept it for this long.

    Kail and Jade were obviously up on stage explaining Jade’s transition from Y&P to TM2, which Kail did sort of have a hand in by having Jade on her podcast. What was completely unnecessary was bringing the Y&P cast out, especially Ashley, and acting as if they had no clue this drama has been going on. The intention was clearly to add some drama to a third part of a reunion that reunited more of the Y&P and OG cast than the actual TM2 cast.

    But Kail loves inserting herself in the drama and was acting as if she was the head of security on set. She says she wanted to diffuse the situation but that was only after bringing up the issue that Dr. Drew was acting dumb about. Yes, she answered the question that was asked, but that was obviously to get them to argue, especially considering Ashley is such a hot head. If Kail is such a pro at this, she should have seen this coming and instead of falling into the trap the producers wanted her to, she should have changed the subject or anything else other than hyping up the whole situation. She also looked like a fool storming away ripping off her jacket like a tough guy.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I don’t even know why Nessa is part of any y&p or teen mom. Kail was trying to diffuse the situation and Nessa even tried to tell Dr. Drew to hold on. She’s irrelevant every where else. Her and her man. She tried starting drama with one of the girls last season over her man. You got it all wrong. You must like Bre and her trashy ass family.too. 🤣🤛

  8. I think Kail means to say “pitting,” as in: “MTV is specifically pitting girls against each other,” but she keeps saying “pinning,” and I’m feeling a lot of second hand embarrassment for her. All of these Teen Mom cast members, from Jenelle, to Nathan, to David, to Leah, to Farrah, to Amber, to Kail, keep making the stupidest mistakes when they speak or write anything. They’re always picking the wrong word or using a “smart sounding” word completely out of context. I can’t take any of them seriously ever because it’s so silly and distracting.

    1. I don’t have a lot of great things to say about myself personally but one of the few is that I’m educated. I say “pinning” instead of “pitting”. That’s an extremely small detail to pick at & kinda irrelevant? Not being mean but I don’t know a single person who uses the correct terminology for every single sentence…

      1. It’s just that she said it twice. The first time I was like “that’s weird, but maybe she doesn’t want girls to be literally pinned against each other on stage in a fight.” The second time it made a lot less sense. “MTV is pinning girls against each other.” I have never heard anyone use “pinned” in place of “pitted,” and it stood out because it just sounds wrong. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

  9. MTV , stop trying to make “Nessa” happen. She is a terrible host, trashy, and doesn’t do anything to make this stupid show run smoother. All of these girls are trash. Up on their high horses bc they’ve suddenly got some money. Girls, remember, you are all mothers. This is not what the world wants to see. This is not what your kids want to see. I’m sad to be a part of the generation that has this nonsense going on.

    1. This! They are trying so hard to have her be the “cool” girl “voice of reason I can relate” blah blah bullshit. She sucks as a host as for Drew. Nessa likes the drama and has been pumped for it ever since she argued w Jemelle. #byenessa

    2. I miss SuChin Pak. She asked questions that actually required some critical thinking. Nessa is probably capable of doing a better job, but MTV likely wants her to keep it dumbed down.

  10. ashley is a POS. when she films she acts all grown up and easy going and thats what we see on tv. then we get to see the real bitch. and that other one rachael and her family are the biggest bunch of white trash sluts i have ever seen on tv.

  11. They are all paid to make up drama. Don’t want drama? Leave the show. I bet Ashley, Jade and the rest are pretty happy with their paychecks. All they have to do is talk sh*t about the others and I think they’ll do that for free.

  12. Please send Christmas cards. The only thing he wants for Christmas.

    Marty Mendoza
    419 West Avenue C
    Benton, TX 76513

      1. Kail, I appreciate what you’re doing by posting about the Christmas cards, but this is the only place I’ve seen mention of it; you’ve posted it multiple times and without any explanation, and it was feeling a little spammy. I was wondering if someone was posting on your behalf (without your consent). When I finally googled it, it made perfect sense.

        Maybe that’s why all of the downvotes?

    1. I heard relax too. Which makes sense on why Kail hulked out after Nessa said it. Kail has got to one of the most annoying bitches. She just can’t help but be dramatic as hell. Even the way she walked off stage. “Bye! Bye! *takes jacket off to emphasize my anger*” 🙄

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