Jax Taylor Says ‘Southern Charm’ Star Shep Rose Was “The Worst Guest Ever” at He & Brittany Cartwright’s Wedding

Well, at least he didn’t get up at make a speech… at least not that we know of.

Vanderpump Rules couple Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright might think twice the next time they decide to extend invites to Bravo stars outside of the ‘VPR’ family… 

While sitting down with Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen earlier this week, the pair was asked some rapid fire questions about their wedding day last June, including whose behavior at the wedding they were most annoyed by. According to Decider, Jax was able to provide an answer with no hesitation.

“Shep,” he said, as in fellow Bravo-lebrity Shep Rose of Southern Charm

At this point, Brittany jumped in to co-sign her husband’s answer and explain further.

“He posted me walking down the aisle before anybody was supposed to,” she said. 

Jax added that Shep was “talking” and “videoing,” during the nuptials, to which even Andy agreed, noting that Shep “was posting everything.” Jax went on to call Shep “the worst guest ever,” while Brittany made a point to clarify that Shep “was great other than that.”

“I told him, he knows,” Jax said. “Yeah, I was not happy.” 

Jax said although wedding guests weren’t told to not have their cameras out or to not post to social media, he assumed it was “a given.” Ultimately, Brittany said her brother got on the microphone to remind people.

“Out of all people, I shouldn’t have to worry about Shep, I thought,” he said. 

Jax and Brittany gave out a few other superlatives (and not-so-superlatives) during the live show including Best Wedding Gift Givers, which they awarded to Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney, though the newly(ish)weds didn’t reveal what the couple gifted them. Scheana Shay was named Most Intoxicated Guest and Guest Most “On the Prowl,” and Tom Schwartz was named “Most Emotional Tom,” beating out his bestie and business partner, Tom Sandoval

Viewers will see Brittany and Jax’s wedding–including what hasn’t already been shown on social media by Shep–later this season on ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ 

Check out Brittany and Jax’s wedding awards segment below! 

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(Photos: Instagram, Bravo, YouTube)

7 Responses

  1. I, for one, was happy that Shep attended. I was really excited to see the wedding and it was because of Shep’s filming skills that we were able to get a sneak peak before People posted photos.

  2. Jax whose name isn’t even Jax is repulsive. If he could f himself he would because he thinks he is God’s gift to all women. He’s a misogynistic, egotistical, narcissistic prick who lies about anything and everything just to lie. Everyone around him enables him. Especially Brittany! And, Shep is just another Jax. They all make me sick.

  3. I have never watched that show because while I love reality tv nonsense, I don’t care for it when it’s obviously scripted and it seems like every single person on that show are nothing but wannabe actors; however, this dude is the most fake, horrible, wannabe actor of them all. Hard pass on anything to do with Vanderpump Rules.

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