The Top 5 Most-Ridiculous Things Farrah Abraham Said While Defending Filming a Booty-Shaking Lingerie Video in Front of Her Young Daughter

All aboard the S.S. Farrah Speak…

In between defending her daughter’s twerking and dissing her former Teen Mom co-stars, Farrah Abraham has found time in her busy schedule to enjoy a wholesome, kid-friendly vacation with her daughter, Sophia. 

That is, if your idea of “wholesome” includes Farrah dancing (we think that’s what she was doing?) on a yacht with her surgically-enhanced body parts on full display, all while her 10-year-old daughter hangs around nearby.

Of course, Farrah received plenty of backlash for shaking her nearly naked backdoor for the cameras in front of her daughter Sophia. She was ultimately questioned by TMZ on Monday about her decision to film the video in front of Sophia. In true Farrah fashion, though, she defended her actions, complimented herself and gave us too much information.

Oh, and she also managed to call out her pre-teen daughter for being smelly and hairy…as you do.

In case you’ve somehow avoided Farrah’s latest thirst trap, feel free to get yourself up-to-speed by watching the video below, which Farrah shared to her own social media pages over the weekend. Keep in mind, though, that the video may not be a huge hit with HR, so proceed with caution if you’re viewing this at work. (Honestly, this is just a good rule to follow for anything involving Farrah….ever.)

Naturally (unlike Farrah herself), Farrah’s video caused some waves as it was revealed that Sophia was also on-board during the performance (?), as seen by the TikTok videos the 10-year-old posted.

Apparently the guy on the left raided Debz OG’s closet before boarding the yacht?

Farrah-haters came out in swarms on social media, with Farrah’s video receiving comments questioning her parenting and even accusing her of making Sophia film the video (as Farrah has done in the past). 

Here, we’ve compiled the Top 5 Most-Ridiculous Quotes from Farrah’s TMZ interview, all of which are A+ quality “Farrah Speak” examples! (All quotes have been left in all of their run-on sentence glory!) 

1. On never wanting to have to regret not shaking her booty on a yacht while wearing a captain’s hat:

“I feel like a lot of moms are sex-shamed, which I definitely have been in my life and I think when I am sexy, gorgeous, young and beautiful, I would almost regret not looking back on my life and not living a happy outgoing life and I would definitely hope my daughter’s never shamed to cover up herself and not be her happiest … ” 

2. On whether Sophia is growing up too fast: 

“No, ya know … she just recently lost her last tooth and she’s like, ‘I’m not gonna actually write the Tooth Fairy a letter this time.’ And also for Christmas, she still kind of believes in the Santa stuff. Other kids stopped doing that like, years ago. So my daughter, she’s pretty much her kid self.” 

3. On Sophia’s newest puberty signs:

“Well, I mean she started having B.O. [body odor], ya know, she started having armpit hair. Like, our kids are going through puberty and luckily my daughter is more well-behaved than I see of her other kids and her other peers and I’m very blessed.” 

4. On her decision to film her lingerie/violin video on the yacht video while Sophia was on-board: 

Farrah stated that, at one time or another, we’ve all danced in lingerie on a boat while someone played the violin…right?

” … Ya know, the yacht’s kind of big so if some of us are in the front and we’re just dancing and having fun. Like, my friend’s playing a violin and his girlfriend is there, ya know? Like, I don’t do anything that nobody else is doing. I actually think I live my life a little bit more conservatively than most other people do.” 

5. On how she’s handling the backlash: 

“I’m staying positive. No one is ruining my creativity. Or my Instagram happy page.” 

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(Photos: Twitter; TikTok; Instagram) 

40 Responses

  1. Scary …..but yes that’s a really high case scenario!
    And also, Sophia might actually prove to be way more intelligent than her mother and use her brains for her future and not”slut” herself around.
    However, I think it’s to late, Sophia has gotten a taste of the money that the kind of behavior her mother displays by being a skank……no education needed there !

  2. No doubt about it, this has gone way to far and it’s inevitable that Sophia will follow in her mother’s footsteps.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This trick is an embarrassing person to all women every where. I feel so bad for Sophia.

    1. No doubt about it, this has gone way to far and it’s inevitable that Sophia will follow in her mother’s footsteps.

  4. Not sure how she gets away with not having sofia in school. Where is CPS? I wonder if one of the reasons she doesn’t attend school is because Farrah is scared of what Sofia could possibly tell her teachers.

    I believe Sofia is in danger of being molested by one of all those man’s Farrah sees.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I feel the same some day she will be either raped or molested farrahis a very bad mom pos. I hope cps gets a lot of backlash when some thing does happen to Sophia an we all know it will!

    2. I think ur right someday she willed be raped an dumb a$$ farrah will have a camera there while irs happening! I hope cps will get a lot of backlash when it all goes down they have done nothing while all the red flags have been waving!

    3. Scary …..but yes that’s a really high case scenario!
      And also, Sophia might actually prove to be way more intelligent than her mother and use her brains for her future and not”slut” herself around.
      However, I think it’s to late, Sophia has gotten a taste of the money that the kind of behavior her mother displays by being a skank……no education needed there !

  5. So Nathan Griffin has to undergo a mental health check, but why oh why is Farrah never at the top of that check list?? I’m all for having positive self esteem and also wanting to foster that in our children too, but for the love of God, Farrah, some things you just don’t do in front of your children or allow them to see.

  6. I’ve always had a strong feeling Farrah was sexually abused as a child and her mother covered it up. There were some things in her book (idk how I made it through reading it without bashing my head against a wall) and some stuff said in arguments exchanged in early seasons that pointed towards that. I am a high school teacher and there’s always signs and she had quite a few. Not that I think it’s an excuse to ruin that poor child’s life and expose her to the kind of crap she has been but that coupled with what I believe to be extensive drug use seems to have warped her mind in more ways then one. She used to be annoying but not as deluded and sexually misguided as she is now. That’s just my take.

    1. Didnt she accuse her father of abusing her sexually, or something along those lines? Bug, you know, totally cool to leave your daughter with him, then.

  7. Morgan Freeman is a female who believe it or not is actually a mother herself and seems to have no problem with any of the Teen mom’s behavior cause when people tweet at Morgan Freeman about said behavior she just ignores it and shrugs it off.

  8. I swear we will all know when Sophia starts her “time of the month.” I would be MORTIFIED if my mother talked about me as Farrah does Sophia. Nothing is sacred.

    I read somewhere that Sophia had to repeat the last grade of school she was in. I’m really surprised she can read and write at this point. It is outrageous that Farrah seems to get by with anything she wants to do, no matter how it harms others.

  9. She’s so gross. No one should be “shamed “ BUT in reality, your kids don’t want to see you like that! It’s a fact that exposing children to sexual images damages them. They’re not supposed to see their freakin MOM as a sexual being. Put some damned clothes on! CPS should investigate the very very adult situations this kid is exposed to. She is leaving the door wide open for Sophia to be assaulted. Period.

  10. My take on all of the inappropriate situations Sophia gets put in is that Farrah doesn’t have any real adult friends. So Sophia is the replacement for this. I actually think Farrah will struggle (even more) with her mental wellbeing once Sophia realises she has the power to ‘opt out’ and decides she would rather hang out with anyone else!

  11. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Shes fucking deluded…

  12. MTV is lucky I’m not in charge of CPS.
    Morgan Freeman should be ashamed. I have no clue how this man sleeps at night. I guess counting money instead of sheep helps.

  13. That is the worst ass I have ever seen.

    Why does she think that’s attractive?

    I see Farrah being like Courtney Stoddens mother and marrying her off to some seedy overseas millionaire when she’s 16…..and then trying to steal him for herself. Shes disgusting.

  14. Sophia believes in Santa Claus cause she’s never around any other kids her age to tell her any different! How the hell does Farrah get away with not having her in school?

  15. Just, wow. I’ve wondered for years if she is the way she is because of brain damage or drugs, and I’ve come to the conclusion that’s it’s probably brain damage from drugs. I’ve recently watched some of the early TM episodes and while she was still insufferable, she wasn’t completely nonsensical. Rarely is her sentence structure composed like a normal adult and it’s not just when she’s getting ahead of herself by trying to use big words, it’s also run of the mill statements that shouldn’t confuse a five year old “my daughter, she’s pretty much her kid self.”(wtf!) She should be put away someplace where she can’t injure herself or others.

    1. I just recently happened to catch an old episode of Dr. Phil that was all about Farrah. It was right after the “sex tape” was filmed, but before it was “leaked” and her “co-star” was going around telling the truth, that he was hired specifically for the tape and was in no way “dating” her and the video just happened to get “leaked”, as Farrah had claimed. Of course Michael and Deborah made an appearance as well. Even back then, Dr. Phil could not get through to Farrah but she wasn’t even half as ridiculous sounding OR looking as she is now and Deb was completely different. I feel like that was around the time things really took a dramatic turn. Just Farrah and Debz appearance alone was so much different, they are barely recognizable from then compared to now. Did they both undergo a lobotomy procedure along with all the cosmetic surgery and injections? Or maybe some of that botox paralyzed their brain cells? Were they injected with some cheap, inferior toxic fillers? Or did they just loose their mind when their reality meal ticket was taken from them the first time Teen Mom was off the air while Amber served her prison sentence? (which is allegedly why Farrah initially wanted to film and leak a sex tape, so she would get her own reality show, KK style)? I honestly think the surgeries they have had have a lot to do with their behavior, along with their desperation to be famous. The drugs they probably receive post surgery have a lot to do with how they act and why they continue to have more and more cosmetic procedures.

      1. Was she on Dr Phil twice? I remember her being on after she got that dui. I don’t remember the sex tape being brought up.

        1. Hey over it, I am not sure if Dr. Phil wasted any more of his time with her but the episode I caught did get into her dui toward the end, and that was when she started crying and getting really upset because she continually denied driving drunk, that she only “drove around the corner” and was parked when the officer approached her, so it shouldn’t count. Dr. Phil was actually trying to hold her accountable but she kept making excuses and throwing a fit.

          From what I understood, the sex tape wasn’t out yet, she was in talks to sell the tape at the time. She was trying so hard to make everyone believe it was a personal, private tape when it was obviously heavily produced in a studio and had a porn star casted as her co-star. She was in major denial and Dr. Phil kept telling her how much of a fool she would look like once the tape was out. Honestly, Dr. Phil would probably need several months with that family, even back then, to make any sort of difference.

  16. I don’t understand what the problem is with that – it’s obviously classy. You can’t be trashy when you are shaking your ass to live violin music, right???

    I’m surprised she didn’t point that out because while you and I know that you can be trashy no matter what your musical accompaniment is, the above statement would seem totally reasonable to Farrah! 😀

    1. And that’s what’s truly disturbing! Farrah can be as big of an imbecile as she wants, but the fact that she has dragged that kid around with her for all these years is truly disturbing. The only times I’ve ever seen her with other kids is when she was like a year old and sitting on a table with Daddy Derick’s sister’s baby and when they shipped in kids for that birthday party. I can only imagine what she’s seen and God-forbid been a victim of. I’ve always said Sophia’s tell-all is going to be absolutely mind-blowing.

  17. It’s not even shocking anymore, just horribly sad. Sophia has had no childhood, no friends, no normal activities, no playdates, no sports/dance/music classes, no playing outside, no hanging out on the weekends, no school, no teachers, no birthday parties, no normalcy of any kind.

    She is 10 years old and has been living her life as the sidekick of a high-priced hooker for years now. Off on yachts in Dubai with strange old men with everyone around her doing god knows what. How is that a childhood?

    Farrah is absolutely ruining not only Sophia’s childhood, but her life. She’s learning nothing. Experiencing nothing. Gaining zero life skills. Being taught that if anyone suggests you are anything less than 100% perfect, they’re just a Jealous Hater. Being taught that life is about plastic surgeries, Instagram likes, and getting your picture taken at some stupid event.

    Farrah is lucky that I’m not in charge of CPS in this country.

  18. Things involving Farrah rarely shock me or make my jaw drop anymore. The actual video did not shock me, it’s super typical Farrah. But her interview answers left me a bit shook and shaking my head.

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