‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Hospitalized for Mental Evaluation on New Year’s Day After Fight with Mom

“First my mom shaved my back wrong, now she hits my car?! WTF?”

Nathan Griffith apparently had a rocky start to his 2020.

TMZ reports that the Teen Mom 2 dad was hospitalized on January 1 after getting into an argument with his mother, Doris Davidson. As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan’s ex, Jenelle Evans, was off having a “la-dee-dah time” with her man-of-the-hour Herbie Wilkinson, so Nathan had Kaiser, the son he and Jenelle share.

Anyway, according to TMZ, Nathan got angry after Doris accidentally hit his car with hers. Because the accident happened on Doris’ property, it was determined to be a private matter between Nate and his mom. However, things didn’t go smoothly, according to the site’s law enforcement sources.

They claim that after Doris and Nathan yelled at each other a bit, Nathan locked Doris out of the house until she apologized.

Us when we heard Nathan locked his mom out of her own house…

TMZ claims that things got scary after that, though.

“When he finally let her in, Nathan bolted and threatened he might take his life,” the site reports. “Our sources say after Nathan left in a huff, his mom started blowing up his phone…calling more than 50 times. When she couldn’t reach him, she called police.”

When officers located Nathan, they stated that, while he was very upset, he said he wasn’t planning to hurt himself. Cops stated that he was cooperative and agreed to go to the hospital for a mental evaluation. After five hours, though, it was determined that he was not a danger to himself and Nathan was released.

In the days following the incident, Nathan and his girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt took a cruise to Mexico, where they visited ancient ruins and posed for plenty of PDA pics, and all seemed to be OK with Nathan. 

While no charges were filed against Nathan or Doris for this incident, Nathan is due back in court next month to face charges he incurred in October when he was arrested for driving while impaired. He is due to go before the judge on February 6. 

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(Photos: MTV)

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  1. So sorry to hear he’s having problems.. body chemistry is off… it happens to people .. the stigma of mental illness is horrible.. and PTSD is not a mental illness it’s what happened to u… and you used your mind to block the trauma.. it’s a safe place to be.
    Hope Nathan addresses his explosive childish behaviors. I think he means well.. but he’s gotta calm down and use his brain. Not his brawn

  2. Man, I thought him being with Ashley will do him good…but I bet the mental issues persist from earlier on so he should go to therapy to get that sorted out. For Kaiser’s sake.

  3. One thing no one has mentioned is that his outbursts might be caused by Roid-Rage. Nathan’s been looking awfully swoll these past few years and I don’t think it’s natural. He’s gym obsessed and using steroids will make you have fits of uncontrolled rage. Combine that with any type of PTSD or emotional issues and its a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode… poor Kaiser needs a stable male role model in his life or he’s going to start imitating this behavior Sooner than later.

  4. Poor Doris… You can tell she loves her son.

    How fucking pathetic of him to lock his mom out of her own home where she allows him to live rent-free. He should be ashamed. Nathan makes me feel a weird mix of secondhand embarrassment & fear. It’s crazy that he still throws these very childish tantrums as a fully grown man.

    Honestly, out of everyone in the TM cast, I worry most about him someday killing someone.

  5. How the hell does Nathan have a car in his moms driveway?! Didn’t he recently have DUI #5? How’s he driving a car?

    1. I’m assuming his car was parked there and he was nowhere near the driver’s seat…at least, I hope that’s what happened!

  6. He is mentally unwell. Whether it’s drugs, mental illness – this is abnormal and concerning behavior. He ain’t right. Poor Kaiser.

  7. I’ve often thought,that MTV will push it until one of (or more) the people on there will end up killing the other…..or even killing themselves. This whole thing is absolute insanity!! It’s so far from what the show was intended for.

  8. Anybody related in anyway to Jenelle is crazy, unfit and trashy.
    How about that little scam her and David tried to pull? I hope MTV doesn’t give Jenelle her “job” back

  9. What a f^cking dumbass!
    What is wrong with these people??
    Blowing gaskets over an ACCIDENT in which your MOTHER was likely already upset and felt bad is so sad!
    This dude does not respect his mother at all. He’s jjust as bad as his baby mama… Kaiser has no chance, that poor kid.
    Hopefully though by some miracle, he sees his parents and wants to be better and do better!

  10. Poor Kaiser. Both his parents are unfit nutjobs. I feel so sorry for him. He doesn’t have a chance… This is sad.

  11. So this happened while poor little Kaiser was at the house? I hate Nathan, Jenelle, and David so much. These poor kids have known nothing but anger and violence. None of them are fit to raise kids.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I’ve often thought,that MTV will push it until one of (or more) the people on there will end up killing the other…..or even killing themselves. This whole thing is absolute insanity!! It’s so far from what the show was intended for.

  12. Good Lord. Poor Kaiser. He has no one in his corner. His mom goes back to the guy that abused him, his dad is either raging on his own mother or passed out drunk in his car at the grocery store. He would be better off getting emancipated and raising himself at this point.

  13. I want to remind everyone that Nathan is a vet with a TBI and PTSD. No, he is NOT perfect and that should not be an excuse for his erratic behavior however, it IS likely the underlying source of his behavior. Many will say its as easy as medication and seeking help, not always. A person with this condition will have ups and downs, as we have watched him have.

    1. I agree with this. Unfortunately, he’s not serving his son like this. He’s rejecting help to even begin the process of getting it. His mom tried to explain his mood and hostility in a special once and he shot it down. I think it would have been a gold opportunity for him to be understood, but he needs serious help, and his son needs it even more.

      1. This reminded me of Bristol husband and how horrible he was. I remember Nathan treating his mom like a butt and her trying to explain it. I admitt I don’t know what TBI is but PTSD must be horrible for family members dealing with their loved ones feeling helpless not being able to help them. Poor Dorris must be under so much stress with a sick husband and trying to save Kaiser. I pray she takes care of herself because she’s his only hope.
        I wonder what kind of chance Nat & Ashley would have of getting custody if they got married?

        1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
          TBI is Traumatic Brain Injury

    2. This is correct but there are alternative therapies, such as eye movement desensitization, that are available.

      1. I don’t know why you’re getting downvotes. EMDR therapy is a highly successful method for treating PTSD. Several studies have shown how effectively it works.

      2. Ok, I have PTSD and have done EMDR treatments, hypnosis, all the therapies you can imagine. It’s not a cure all and I don’t think the VA advocates for EMDR, to be honest. It’s not as simple as getting therapies and it’s good to go. I’m 18 years on and it’s still hard as hell. But you mix a TBI in with that and forget about it. His brain literally cannot function like it used to. It doesn’t mean he is a monster or a psycho. It means his emotions are different from a person without a TBI or PTSD. Stress is a HUGE trigger for symptoms to occur and sure enough this custody thing or the build up over it surely triggered an event. Drinking and drugs is self medicating and a coping mechanism.

        1. I am a veteran with severe PTSD and went thru EMDR therapy thru my VA . It was not offered a few years ago when I first started therapy, I went cognitive behavioral therapy and other therapy, but my local va got a new therapist in that is trained for EMDR . It’s been a life saver for me, personally. I hope they start to offer it at every VA , it helps tremendously!
          Self medicating was my life. I had no other way to deal with things, and my life became such hell . I hope he gets real help and comes out of it better off. For his own mental well being and for Kaiser.

      3. AMEN!
        I suffer from complex PTSD and have received EDMR therapy. It has truly helped me a lot, and although I have to live with my diagnosis for the rest of my life, I am in a much better place now, then before EDMR.
        It won’t fix everything, but it is a step in the right direction.

    3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Idk I kinda remember some guys he served with came out saying he was never in any combat and was lying. But like I said idk it’s a he said he said situation.

    4. I completely agree. I also suffer from PTSD; not an easy thing to deal with. Stability and a stress free life are key to keeping it under control and that’s something he’ll never have as long as Jenelle is in his life. His mother should know better.

    5. This would be a great opportunity for MTV to address trauma victims and veterans issues. But nooooo they still wanna show women who are close to 30 yrs old that still haven’t quiet yet got the hang of how birth control or healthy relationships works. Btw all these women are millionaires. Even is they blow thru the money on food, drugs, pets, more babies and mansions they still have made several million dollars over this last decade.

    6. I’m so glad you said this Molly. While I agree it’s not an excuse for his behaviour, we need to remember it DOES contribute to it.
      I remember Doris getting upset in the Being Nathan special and saying how he used to be so kind and patient. We see glimpses of that Nate occasionally. I hope for the sake of his kids he is able to get some sort of therapy and help so he can try his best to be the best person he can be for them and himself.

    7. Thank you for pointing that out . I do not condone his behavior at all , but TBI and PTSD can mess you up and it can take years of medications and/or therapy to maintain a “normal” life . And having a strong support system is necessary too, which I dont think he has. Hopefully he can get help and gain control of his life, I personally think Kaiser would be better with him and his mom. Lesser of the two evils? Jenelle is not a good mom at all. Poor kaiser. He deserves better than what he has

  14. What kinds of lives do the lunatics from the TM franchise live?!?! Every other day it’s a baby by a random, an arrest, a court date, a shady hospitalization, a fight, a 911 call, Farrah being Farrah, a mugshot, closely followed by a lavish vacation. What the hell kind of reality is this?!? On another note, The Ashley is a champion when it comes to memes, but the one in this article is the best one yet!

    1. These teen mom women and their baby daddies are far far from reality at this point and it’s sad that these poor kids might think this is what reality is. Jenelle and co. think they are above the law, Leah’s sister having a random hookup with a man she just met in a foreign country, Farrah just well she’s a special case study in my opinion. These kids didn’t ask for this they were only born into it cause their mothers didn’t feel like taking their birth control or wanting the MTV check cause apparently babies and having random sex along with mugshots sells.

  15. Kaiser seriously has a set of parents from hell…where was he while all of this went down? He’s going to need some intense therapy, and soon. I couldn’t imagine having Nathan or Jenelle as my father or mother…let alone have them as BOTH of my parents…then he has David Eason for his step father (who blatantly resents him) as the cherry on top of a hellish sundae. Poor kid!

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