‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Farrah Abraham Defends Underage Twerking, Says Amber Portwood is “Dating Wrong” & More

When you realize Farrah managed to sneak her way into the news more than once this week…

From trying to defend your 10-year-old’s twerking on TikTok to blaming your frequent visits from CPS on MTV, the stars (past and present) of the Teen Mom franchise have had quite the busy week. 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last few days…

Farrah continues to defend her questionable parenting.

“I hope you know how fortunate you are, Sophia.”

Well, less than two weeks into 2020 and former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham has already given us a solid example of her stellar parenting. 

After a TikTok video of Farrah’s 10-year-old daughter Sophia twerking was posted to Farrah’s own account earlier this month and met with criticism, Farrah attempted to defend the incident… we think?  

Farrah told The Sun at ThinkBIG 2020 Conference that when she told Sophia she didn’t think the content of the video was age appropriate due to Sophia “twerking [her] booty,” Sophia informed her mom that “all the kids are doing it.” 

“I’m like, ‘Okay I’ll try this for you, but I’m really not about it,’” Farrah said. 

Definitely not the first time Farrah has said those words…

Farrah went on to say that she finds it sad that “thousands and millions of other kids can act like kids and Sophia doesn’t get that attribute of acting like a child.” 

“I feel like I’m allowing my kid to be a child and that’s the first and foremost no. 1,” she continued. 

Farrah’s mom Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen is backing her daughter’s questionable parenting choices as well, noting that “they’re just having fun.” 

“I don’t think it’s scandalous at all,” she said. “We’ve always done funny little things like that around the house.” 

Exhibit A.

Whatever you say, Debz! 

Farrah slams Amber Portwood’s new relationship. 

Can’t these two just get along and co-write a relationship book already?

While Farrah is perfectly fine with people (including her own child) twerking online for millions to see, she’s very much against pursuing a relationship with someone who doesn’t have a green card…apparently.

According to The Sun, Farrah doesn’t speak to her former co-star Amber Portwood, but she’s still gotten word that Amber is “dating wrong” — referring to Amber’s new relationship with Dimitri Garcia of Belgium. 

“People are not making wise choices and that’s kind of scary for them,” she said. “I do date out of the country, I do these amazing things but I’m not having someone come from another country with no green card living with me, there’s a scary element to that.”

“… And if anyone knows scary, it’s me.”

A source close to Amber told the site that she and Dimitri do not live together, despite Farrah’s concerns via Farrah Speak

Rachel Beaver says CPS frequents her home because she’s on reality TV. 

“I don’t remember signing up for this. Oh wait… “

After her car was allegedly stolen, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver was accused online of associating with the wrong crowd and of needing to “get sober.” Rachel defended the company she keeps and also challenged the individual to “come prove I’m on drugs, I bet ya can’t.” She then revealed that Child Protective Services makes visits to her house often due to her being on the MTV show. 

” … I literally have cps in my life because of dumb***es like you & guess what?! Guess who has their kids still?! ME bc I’m not on gd drugs,” she wrote on Facebook in a now deleted comment. “You know know many calls to cps I get a day over the show? You know how many calls to cps I get a day over the show? You know who’s done s**t? No one. Bc I’m stable as f**k & no one can prove me unstable.” 

When the commenter went on to doubt Rachel’s sobriety, Rachel defended herself, saying “cps says I’m not [on drugs] sooo that’s all the proof you need.” 

Angie Douthit’s friends, family and followers raise enough money to pay off her house.

Mackenzie McKee and her mother Angie…

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee has revealed that the PayPal fundraiser she created to raise funds to benefit her parents Brad and Angie Douthit as her mother battled cancer met and ultimately exceeded its goal to pay off the couple’s home. 

On Monday, Mackenzie posted a video filmed shortly before her mother’s death in which they shared with Angie the news that enough money had been donated by friends, family and followers to pay off she and Brad’s home. 

The video was shared to Angie’s Instagram page, which has been regularly updated by Angie’s friends and family since her passing. Along with the touching video, Mackenzie included a Bible verse to Angie’s followers and a message sharing with them the good news. 

“ … I am sharing a video of the last days of her life where God blesses her abundantly just like he promises he would,” Mackenzie wrote. “Her house has hosted more church gatherings than I can count. It was the house where you didn’t knock, you walked in and her shoulder was there to cry on. No matter who you were, you were welcomed in her home. Her and my dad grew a family and made millions of special memories in that house. 

“All she was worried about when getting sick was leaving my dad with a house payment,” she continued. “Other than her medical bills, that was their only debt.” 

Mackenzie went on to say that everyone coming together has not only helped the Douthits pay their house off, but also take care of some of the medical bills. 

“Thank you everyone who chose to be a cheerful giver,” she added. “She left earth with those giving back and her reward was good.” 

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  1. Oh Rachel, you are actually the worst mother we’ve seen on MTV yet. I bet MTV are filming her in HAZMAT suits. The “house” is filthy and looks like it smells, everyone looks dirty, the sperm donor looks like he’s never washed his hair and don’t even get me started on her sister who can talk about giving up custody of her kid, like it’s giving back nothing and NO ONE in the house bats an eyelid. None of them should have those children. The brother seems to have it together the most and he’s only like 13.

  2. Coming in toward the bottom of the barrel of the TM franchise I quite the achievement, but this Beaver girl is really coming in hot for f***s sake. Her daughter and her hot-mess sister’s daughter have a really rough road ahead. Also can we all agree Farrah has clearly suffered from some brain damage.

  3. Rachel is a hot fucking mess but I honestly think she’s gorgeous in the most under the radar way. Her face is so pretty.

  4. Seriously Debs OG? We all know that you DO NOT agree with Farrah’s
    parenting style. Tou said it on camera dozens of times. The only reason you’re saying you don’t have a problem with it now is because Farrah will cut you outta Sophia’s life, just like she’s done numerous times in
    the past. The same goes for Michael.

  5. I have to say how much my heart hurts for McKenzie. I lost my mom last year, and her birthday was the same day that Angie passed. Grief is such a difficult thing to deal with- it’s weird because literally everyone will go through it at some point, but it’s not talked about nearly enough.

  6. Hey Farrah. Getting paid to have sex with Middle Eastern billionaires is not, “dating out of the country.” Although I’m sure you’re doing, “amazing things.” Idiot.

  7. Ok, Farrah. We all know that by “dating out of the country,” you mean escorting on yachts while dragging your young daughter with you instead of allowing her to have a normal childhood, but ok.

  8. Why report stories about Farrah? She’s not on teen mom anymore. Spa story about Kail. About what’s a shity friend/person she is. How she puts out click bait about her friends. How she can never keep friends. How she’s a b. How broke she is. How she bought a house she can’t afford. How she claims to be a good mom but letschris around her kids. Let’s Chris choke her and her dogs. Let’s Chris abuse Lux. Piece of shot mom/person.

    1. I agree with you that Kail does some really crazy things to try and remain relevant. I am pretty sure Farrah’s soulless bloated plastic body will wash up on a beach in the Mediterranean by the end of the year. She is desperate for money and is taking some very shady yachting clients in the process. She has had three vag rejuvenation surgeries and yet has had no other children so that thing is putting on some miles. I cannot imagine the ol B hole is doing any better lol. The worst thought I always have is when she is kissing that kid and how many millions of swimmers are still in and on that horse face 🙁 She should have just moved to the middle of nowhere, let her moustache grow in and become a line cook at a Golden Corral or something. That kid is wrecked the second she actually leaves her mom’s crafted, delusional, bubble world. smdh We have seen more than a dozen violations on IG that would get any normal person a visit from Family and Children Services. Just baffling how these agencies sit on their hands.

    1. She can’t even feed her baby, she waited until her baby was crying and hungry to go to the store for more formula…. real stable….

  9. Who brags about CPS practically having them on speed dial?! LOL & the commenter called her Roachel, because of the video she posted on Christmas of her daughter opening a gift and a roach crawled out of the package 😂😭 That poor baby, living in that filthy trailer that’s infested with roaches.

    1. I really had to think about what kind of roach the kid unwrapped, given the Oberall deafening druggie overtone of this family and all the legions of possible dads.

  10. Beaver is kind of pumping my nads. I like a crazy beaver, I like a beaver with attitude. Red headed beaver is not my first choice, you know the whole souless thing, but I can look past this. I’m also not against a drunk or high beaver regardless of what cps says, your boy has pasted a few drug tests also. Beaver looks like it has a nice trim job on it, which is good, also looks like a fit beaver, which is a must.

    stay lit beaver lovers

  11. I hate when Farrah kinda makes sense. But, it’s not just that Amber is dating wrong. Is that Amber dating, period, is wrong. She’s a trainwreck and needs to be alone for a while.

  12. Farrah: please look up what the word “attribute” means before you ever use it in a sentence again.
    Homegirl just throws big words in sentences to make herself sound smart and she ends up looking like a bigger fool.

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