Mackenzie McKee’s Father Gives Update on How He’s Handling Wife Angie Douthit’s Death

As many begin to focus on New Year’s resolutions, Brad Douthit, father of Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee, continues to grieve the loss of his wife Angie and reflect on their time together. 

After a two-year battle with Stage 4 cancer, Angie’s family announced on December 9 that she had “finished her race,” surrounded by family and friends. The family shared the news on Angie’s Instagram—a place where Angie posted inspirational messages and updates everyday with her followers. Since her death, various family members have kept the daily messages going and on Thursday Brad took over to provide an update on how he’s been doing in the weeks since Angie’s death. .

“ … Everyone keeps telling me that it gets easier as time goes on, but I ain’t experienced that yet. It seems to get harder every day,” Brad wrote. “I keep thinking of things that I should have done for Angie and with her. So all I can do is thank God for allowing me to be her husband and thank Him for all the things He taught me through watching her live her life. 

“It was so amazing just to hear her heart for God and His people,” he continued. “Her love and kindness caught me by surprise a lot of times, but after a while I came to expect it.” 

Brad— who has appeared on ‘Teen Mom OG’ as well as Teen Mom 3 and 16 and Pregnant— went on to say at times he wanted Angie to “get mad and holler or blame” their situation on something, but Angie always told him that “God had been preparing her for this her whole life” and that he just had to enjoy what moments he had with her.

“She forever changed my life,” Brad said. “I love and miss her, but what she has done in this world and for this world makes me smile when I’m not crying. Angie always ran to the Lord for strength and refuge. Please pray that I can do the same.” 

Brad signed off from his post with “Brad Douthit, husband and best friend of Angie Douthit.” 

Earlier this week, Mackenzie wrote about how hard it is to watch her dad live without her mom, who was his high school sweetheart.

2020 is a year I have to learn to live without my mom,’ she wrote on Instagram. “The one who helped me through everything. The one who always believed in me. The year us kids have to watch our dad live without his sweet heart. I do not want to ring in the new year AT ALL.”

Angie’s cancer battle will be a topic covered during the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Your strength as a family is what I will remember most when I think of you. God, allow them to stay strong in her absence. For they will all be together again someday. Amen

  2. My biggest fear one day when I will be with the love of my life is seeing him die before me. Hell, maybe that’s why I keep on sabotaging my relationships with men…I am too afraid to lose someone I love. Brad, I wish you all the strength in the world during these terrible times. Angie is with you even if just in spirit.

  3. Who the heck is downvoting these positive comments and well wishers?? 🤔 anyways, I hope tragic situations like these show us all to be nice to one another, as we don’t know what others are going through, and we won’t know when our last day is. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

  4. this kills me i lost my dad to cancer and my mom 2 days after christmas 2 years ago. her segments killed me especially when they explained it to their kids. I could not imagine watching that back for years to come. Prayers for the family.

  5. That is just heartbreaking… I bawled reading this. Such a heart wrenching thing to live through on both sides. Love and prayers.

  6. I don’t even want to see TMOG exploit these people. It’s a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Yes the pain lessons but you will always miss and want your loved one to be here with you. God is good. Life is stressful and never easy.

    1. I respect your opinion but I disagree. I think it’s great to raise awareness and I could really identify with what they’re going through after losing my mom to cancer in 2010. It was a tough thing to watch but good to see at the same time so I knew it wasn’t just me feeling that way (if that makes any sense lol). God bless Angie and her family.

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