Production Company Behind ‘My 600 Lb Life’ Responds to Lawsuit from L.B. Bonner’s Family

Reality TV production company Megalomedia is speaking out, just days after the news broke that the family of former My 600 lb. Life star James “L.B.” Bonner is suing the show’s producers for what they say was their part in L.B.’s 2018 suicide. 

According to Starcasm, Megalomedia is denying accusations made in the lawsuit, including claims that the production company ignored L.B.’s worsening mental and physical health and distressing text messages to a production assistant prior to his August 2018 death.

“We understand that the family of L.B. Bonner has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Megalomedia, Inc. and other entities in connection with Mr. Bonner’s participation in the television program ‘My 600 Lb Life,” the statement released to Starcasm reads. “We were deeply saddened by his suicide in 2018 and continue to extend our sympathy and condolences to his family. However, the allegations of this lawsuit are without merit, are false and will be vigorously contested in court.”

The production company spokesperson went on to say that, should any other “My 600 lb. Life” participants want to sue them, they’re ready to battle them in court, too.

“Moreover, the claims are counter to the program’s mission of shedding light on people who, because of their weight, have been ignored for far too long by the medical industry with the hope that they will be able to get the help they need,” the statement continues. “We look forward to presenting our defense in court. We are also aware of a media report that others are considering legal action against the show and if the Company determines the lawsuits are without merit it will aggressively deal with them and seek attorneys fees, costs and sanctions against the Plaintiffs.” 

As previously stated, the lawsuit filed by L.B.’s family — in which the family is seeking monetary relief “well in excess of $1 million” — is also being sought in an effort to “change the reality show industry.” The lawsuit details concerns of shows such as “My 600 Lb Life” that the family believes are sold at a large profit “to the detriment of those that are featured therein.” 

Megalomedia is no stranger to lawsuits, though. The Ashley has discovered several lawsuits filed against the production company by former employees and participants, including a 2014 lawsuit filed against Megalomedia by former participants of the show Texas Car Wars. Four people who starred on the show claimed in 2014 that they were not fully paid for their participation, and accused the company of staging key parts of the show.

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  1. He was depressed before the show if I recall. I am not sure if the show made it worse because his personal struggles were for the world to see, but i don’t see how this was productions fault. Its sad all way round

  2. Is anyone with an once of moral fiber surprised by this? The show is all about preying upon desparate people for the sake of ratings. It’s basically a freak show run by ghoulish TV executives looking to turn a buck at the expense of the super morbidly obese. Most of the participants basically have no clue what they are in for and due to their complete and utter desparate personal situation, they don’t really care. The ghouls who run this circus of a show, are known to cruise the size acceptance community websites like sharks looking for and or soliciting anyone dumb enough, or desparate enough of in some cases, narcissistic enough to jump at the chance for a miracle rectification for their personal situation. It’s disgusting and I sincerely hope the production company has to pay out a BIG FAT (no pun intended) settlement. Maybe then they will learn that using desparate people for their own monetary gain is amoral and just plain wrong, but I doubt. As long as there are enough of a subhuman audience for crap, this kind of low brow programming will continue.

  3. L.B. was a grown man and it was up to him to seek whatever help he needed, NOT the production company. Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own actions. What does his family think the production company should have done? And where was his family? The man chose to kill himself; mourn him, be grateful for the time you had with him and MOVE ON.

  4. How long is the show suppose to b responsible for an adult? Where was the family?? Did they expect free counseling forever?? They may not have even had him as long as they did without the surgery. I always wonder about families that sue like this. How often they even saw their loved one before or after surgery? But somethiing goes wrong they see $$$$. Sad but true. Let the poor man RIP. At least he had his dream 4 a while of losing weight. Mayb u missed the signs so lets not blame others. Could come back to a place u don’t want to see. Sorry for ur loss.

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