Shocking “90 Day Fiance” Split! ‘The Other Way’ Stars Tiffany Franco & Ronald Smith Announce They’re Divorcing

“Let us know if you start casting for ’90 Day Fiance: Looking for Love Again!'”

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco seemed like one of the happier couples from the 90 Day Fiance Franchise…until Tuesday, that is.

The couple— who starred on “The Other Way” last year— shocked their fans by announcing that they are splitting up….and that adultery may be the reason for the divorce!

Only a week ago Ronald— who hails from South Africa— was gushing about Tiffany, her son from a previous relationship and Carley, his infant daughter with Tiffany, on his Instagram account. On Tuesday, though, he blasted a different message via Instagram Stories, informing his fans that he and Tiffany are divorcing. He stated that it was his choice to break up, and hinted that Tiffany may have cheated on him!

“Here with sorry to inform you all that I have decided to leave Tiffany due to certain reasons,” Ronald wrote. “Thank you for following our story but unfortunately it just didn’t work for me. I’ll be [filing] for the divorce in [South Africa] since she isn’t even registered in the USA as married. Talk about adultery.”

After Ronald posted his message, Tiffany also informed her followers of the split.

“Unfortunately I have to announce that Ronald and I will be separating,” Tiffany posted on Instagram Stories. “I wanted to be the first to let you know rather than hiding it and putting on a facade for social media. Thank you guys for following our story. We really love each other but some things are just irreparable. We both deserve much better than what we can offer at the moment. -Lots of love from us.”

In a follow-up message posted less than an hour after the first one, Tiffany’s tone seemed to have changed and she denied ever cheating on Ronald. 

“When a toxic person can no longer manipulate you they will try to manipulate the way others see you. Truer words have never been spoken. I wish nothing but good things for Ronald but I won’t waste one more second being taken for granted and being unhappy,” Tiffany wrote.

“I never cheated that is what I’m assuming is an attempt at trying to make me seem like the cause of the separation,” she continued. “But I want you all to know I really don’t like putting all of this on social media but obviously I know our relationship is very public and I owe this to all of you. But that is all I will share for now. He can continue to lash out and say all the negative things he wants about me. All I did was love him too much and try to[o] hard to make things work.” 

Ronald and Tiffany have been married since October 2018. In August of last year, they welcomed baby Carley.

UPDATE! After this story was posted, Ronald posted some more messages about the split to Instagram Stories (only to delete them soon after).

“I have done nothing but good to Tiffany the last year she wants answers I answer, she wants reports, I report, she wants location I show location,” he wrote. “I mean it’s crazy, still I was accused of lying. She agreed to me taking her personally somewhere where she wanted answers yet wasn’t good enough for her. She’s very controlling, bossy, didn’t really love me.

“I was a pet to her caged up because if I wanted to go somewhere I’m not allowed. I loved her dearly and always will. She’s the mother of my kids and respect her for that but this was just tooo much. We could have sorted this privately but she wanted it to go viral, why? Seeking attention or what but it’s whatever. I might deactivate my IG and FB because [I] won’t entertain all of this anymore. She got what she wanted. She has my kids that I was told I won’t…”

Stay tuned…

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26 Responses

  1. She’s an idiot. She’s the one who went into this with a child so the onus was on her to proceed with caution. She didn’t. I don’t feel the least bit dirty fir her. Now while there’s no way for us to know about the cheating, he seems correct when he says she was bossy and controlled his every move. We all saw that.

  2. Color me surprised.. LOL. WHo didn’t see this coming? Move to an unsafe country with a gambling addict, have a baby before you know him, and expect it to work.. LOL. She should have NEVER forced her son to call him Dad. That was a HUGE mistake. I feel sorry for her son. SHe put him through A LOT.

  3. My 1st question is, where is she living? My 2nd question is, what did she think was going to happen, getting pregnant by and marrying a guy like him, who’s past is so jacked up he can’t qualify for a K1 visa?? I believe her when she says he’s lying about her, but it’s an unfortunate situation. Their kid will literally have to travel around the world to see their parents.

    1. I don’t imagine he’ll be seeing the child. The child is an American citizen and he is not. I don’t see how a court can force her to send the child to South Africa for visits. Maybe she’ll want to send the child for visits every so often, but I don’t see how either will be able to afford that on the regular.

        1. You can fix downvotes by clicking on the upvote. Don’t be surprised if you need to do it over 20 times, but in the end you will get there!

  4. I can 100% imagine her cheating. She is one of those “if it feels good, do it” types. She’s impulsive and not as mature or intelligent as she likes to act she is. Ronald can kiss his kid goodbye.

  5. None of us know the circumstances behind the divorce. Seems pretty inevitable if he couldn’t get a K1 visa and she wasn’t going back to South Africa they would divorce. We aren’t talking Nicole and Azan here.. those 2 can (and probably have, at least Azan probably has) go their separate ways. Sad a divorce and 2 children are involved. I would hate to be the judge trying to figure out visitation for their daughter.

  6. I mean getting married to a guy fresh out of rehab, having no income just debt and then getting pregnant pretty quick seemed like a good idea from the start, right? Poor son of hers, he seemed like such a well-behaved, sweet child, desperate to have a father figure, and she put him through all this… Not to mention poor kid had to leave everything behind, get adjusted to South Africa and then back again to the US. He and the baby are the only ones I feel sorry for.

    1. The granny with the huge mole watches them I would assume. The boy is pretty self sufficient just give him money for Fortnite DLC, but the baby would be fine due to scheduled sleep and feeding to leave with ol grammy melanoma for a couple of hours to go make a new gypsy. They are both ruled by their impulses and this was a foreseeable outcome. South African boers are just creepy anyway imho.

    2. When does a dad/husband find time to cheat?
      They usually cheat with someone else who is married & do it during the day. That way they are home at night.
      Or younger people go out to clubs.
      Where there is a will there is a way.

  7. While this is sad news, I cannot feel bad for Tiffany. She forced her son into an unsafe, unstable environment, and a totally different continent for that matter, so she could marry someone who was unstable himself. My biggest gripe with her is that she had her son call Ronald “dad” from the beginning. The first time he met Ronald, he ran out of the car yelling “dad!” That is so incredibly confusing to a young child. I understand that the kid longed for a dad, and T probably wanted him to have that paternal figure, but you don’t let your kid call a stranger “dad”, no matter what picture you’ve painted in their head. Maybe 5, 6 years into the marriage if her son felt that natural “dad” feeling with Ronald, calling him Dad would be appropriate. But certainly not from the get go. Let’s not forget she conceived a baby immediately after marrying him, and he missed the birth because he was not allowed in the US. I really was rooting for this clan (for the children), but Tiffany dug herself into this hole. IMO, with no regard for her kids.

    1. I’ve been with my S/O for 3 years and my girls have slipped up here and there and called him “dad”, especially the little one who was 2 when we got together. And every single time, he has corrected it. He’s just now comfortable with them calling him “dad” if they want to.

      SMDH I don’t understand women like her.

      1. I have a problem with this!! HE corrects them? That’s bullshit!!
        I’m sorry he can act like it didn’t happen but to correct them is wrong. Is he going to 1 day suddenly ok for them to call him DAD? By then they might not want to. And the 2 yr old? If their father is not in the picture they would assume he is their father if he treats them like one.
        Maybe all of you could get together and agree on a name instead of DAD that would make every one happy.
        Like Poppy. That’s the only name I can think of right now.

        1. To correct them is even more confusing! A reminder that no, I am not your dad. If biological dad is not in the picture, what’s wrong with calling your SO dad? If bio dad is in the picture, why not call em both dad? Just make it easier on the kids. My cousin has a 6 year old who calls her new fiancé (not bio dad ) “dad” and her bio dad “my other dad” and vice versa, depending who she’s with at the moment. Nothing wrong with that. They’re both dads to her.

          1. To clarify a couple of things for both comments back:
            Their dad IS involved, which is part of why he wasn’t comfortable with them calling him “dad”. He didn’t feel he was filling that role since they had one, and felt it was disrespectful to their bio dad to allow them to call him dad.
            NOW he feels more secure in his role in their life, but at the time we had only been together for a year or so.
            He does still prefer they call him by his name, out of respect for their dad. Their dad absolutely HATES that they think of him in that capacity, but that’s a whole different issue cuz he’s just a straight asshole.

    2. I completely agree!! My son was three when I met my ex. He was pushing to be called “Dad”, which didn’t sit right with me so early on (I didn’t introduce them until 4 months of dating, and did it gradually) We did separate and several years later I did marry my now husband. He NEVER pushed for it, and whilst he doesn’t call him Dad, he isn’t bothered if other people refer to my husband as his Dad. It’s a personal thing, that I actually believe the child should have control over xxx

      1. But if your son called your husband Dad would your husband correct him not too?
        I’m going to guess no he wouldn’t. And that’s the problem I had with the Mimi boyfriend.

        1. Hey, my husband wouldn’t correct him. It’s actually never happened either. It’s only when others have assumed he’s his Dad and referred to him as that, and my son hasn’t corrected them, unless it’s one of his friends. My son still sees his Dad every 8 weeks, and maybe if he didnt, it might be different. As long as the child knows that their “bonus parent” cares for them, it’s really irrelevant what they call them.

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