“90 Day Fiancé” Star Colt Johnson Sells Ex-Wife Larissa Lima’s Wedding Dress Online; Unused Wedding Invites Still Available for Purchase

Colt, happily making a profit off of his failed marriage…

Colt Johnson is proving he’s officially moved on since his divorce from Larissa Dos Santos Lima… and what better way to show it than by selling off wedding memorabilia, including your ex-wife’s dress. 

According to TMZ, the 90 Day Fiancé star did just that when he listed his ex-wife’s bridal gown on the website FanBound for the reasonable price of $500. In the item’s description, Colt posted a photo of Larissa wearing the actual gown on their wedding day (the shade!) along with a rather odd description.

“Own a piece of television memorabilia, the one and only famous wedding dress worn by my ex wife,” the post read. “Finally, you can own a piece that is on par with Dorothy’s ruby slippers and [Back to the Future] Delorean.” 

Colt’s listing (and the description, which we hope was written with sarcasm) ultimately proved to be successful, as the previously worn gown has been purchased by one lucky fan… who may or may not be named Mother Debbie

“Wait until the cats see me in this!”

Let’s just hope for the buyer’s sake that the bad juju from Coltee and Larissa’s tumultuous marriage doesn’t come with the item. As you may recall, Colt filed for divorce in January following a physical altercation between himself and Larissa. After a months-long court battle, the “90 Day” couple’s divorce was finalized in May.  

While Larissa’s gown is officially off the market, fans can still purchase a piece of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson history in the form of an unused wedding invite for $75. Better act fast, though… Colt says these hot items are in limited supply! 

Unfortunately, this item is not offered in a poster-sized canvas.

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(Photos: YouTube/FanBound, TLC, Instagram) 

13 Responses

  1. Colty,


    She bought the at GOODWILL, and U WANT 500.00 dollars.

    I don’t think U SHOULD SCREW YOUR FANS…..


  2. Didn’t he already get paid enough for being on that show? These people are such total 15 minute of Fame whores yet… they want more. Haha about mom perhaps buying the dress.

    1. Those people get paid almost nothing to appear on the show. TLC makes tons of money off them and they do not share that money with them. Not only do they get paid almost nothing but then they are attacked and bullied on social media so I don’t think trying to get compensation for that is so terrible.

    1. He is a disgusting an. He brings his fiancé to the US only to share a home with his mother?!?! I mean, seriously disturbing. I would have taken the next flight out of that he’ll hole. Makes one wonder what goes on with mother and son behind closed doors. ??

    1. Bad person god he should been proud to have trophy ? on his arm they treated her like shit he is shit excuse me

  3. I cant stand him. He’s such a mamas boy punk…he should’ve just given it back to Goodwill, instead of selling it.

    1. I came here to say that. He wouldn’t let her buy a new dress but he can profit off of the Goodwill one.
      He is disgusting. God I hope he doesn’t sell his suit because it was all nasty looking pulled up to his man boobs making him look like he sure had a micro peen little Coltie.

      1. Ps he looks like Humpty
        Dumpy. And don’t get me started on his mom, if they bring them BACK on Pillow Talk I will quit watching. It makes me sick watching him drink his juice boxes while his mom plays with his hair.

  4. What a nice profit from a Goodwill purchase. I bet the original owner is thrilled, too. It won’t be long before Lar6 claims she should get the money because it was HER dress.

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