Cutting Duggar Ties! Former ‘Counting On’ Star Jill Dillard Dramatically Chops Off Her Hair: See Her New Look

Jill, how does it feel to finally be relieved of your “Fundie Head Curtain?”

Jill Dillard just took another dramatic step toward cutting ties with her old life as a Duggar!

The former Counting On star announced on Friday that she had chopped a whopping 14 inches off her hair, marking her first major haircut ever. She recorded the haircut on her family’s blog and included photos and videos of the sheared strands.

“Fun fact: I didn’t have my hair trimmed for the first time until I was about 14 years old and haven’t had more than 4-6 inches taken off until this week,” Jill— whose hair was past her waist before the haircut—wrote on the blog.

As ‘Counting On’ fans know, the Duggar Family women all keep their hair long, even after marriage. In their 2014 book, Growing Up Duggar, Jill and her sisters Jinger, Jessa and Jana, state that they “choose longer hair based on our understanding of 1 Corinthians 11:14-15. It says that even nature itself teaches us that, while it is a shame for a man to have long hair, a woman’s hair is her glory.”

“We will start a prayer chain immediately to pray for Jill’s short-haired soul!”

On a recent episode of ‘Counting On,’ Jinger was seen dyeing her hair blond and cutting some off, but her cut was nowhere near as dramatic as Jill’s.

In her blog post, Jill said that her long Duggar hair was actually causing her pain.

“I wanted to get it done soon because it was getting to be hard to manage, the boys were getting tangled in it, I was sitting on it and the weight was contributing to headaches!” Jill wrote. 

She later added that she planned to donate her sheared locks to an organization that makes wigs for those who have lost their hair due to cancer or another medical condition.

“Or, I can always sell this to Josh so he can use it to make a toupee.”

Jill’s haircut is just her latest move away from the Duggar Family’s norms and traditions. Several years ago, she became the second Duggar girl (after Jinger) to shuck the idea of women only wearing skirts and dresses when she began wearing pants. And, just last month, Jill and her husband Derick Dillard and their two kids spent Thanksgiving at home with friends instead of making their tradition jaunt to Ma and Pa Duggar’s compound for the holiday.

(It appears that Derick is currently feuding with Jill’s father Jim Bob, which may have been the reason they did not go to the Duggar Compound for the holiday festivities.) 

While none of the other Duggar women have dared to chop their long locks, several of Jill’s female relatives seemed supportive of her decision to do it. 

“Your hair looks cute, Jilly!” Jessa wrote in the comment section of Jill’s Instagram post.

“So cute, love your haircut,” Jana wrote. 

Even Derick provided positive commentary on Jill’s new ‘do (although he seemed only mildly interested when she “revealed” the new look to him in the video she posted to the blog).

“Lookin’ good baby!” Derick wrote. 

Of course, some Fundie-esque fans criticized Jill for chopping off her “God-given hair” that should be “her glory.” Others were mad at her for not consulting Derick before making the cut. She clarified that she did tell her husband before she did it.

“Oh my hubby and discussed it for awhile!” Jill replied to one person. “In the video I just wanted to capture him seeing it for the first time…he knew and even suggested I get enough taken off to donate!” 

Watch the video of Jill’s haircut and see the big reveal below:

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube; Instagram)

30 Responses

  1. It’s a sad day when a woman cutting her hair is news because it’s considered so “unholy” by her family. These Duggars are all cracked. I hope Jill is slowly breaking away from them all.

  2. Good for you. I have short hair and the Lord loves us whether it’s long or short the same goes for pants as well. Congratulations on your new look.

  3. Mama Dugger-
    Your all beautiful, your hair is beautiful, mine has always been long and is all falling out, balding quickly, don’t know why
    It upsets me so, I don’t even want to leave my house,
    It truly is a womans’s crowing glory, also having health & depression issues, please keep me in prayer, God Bless you all, so sorry for the loss of Grama Dugger
    Thank you— Mary W.

  4. It looks great and it’s still long. I just did the same thing for the same reasons. I would always put mine in a ponytail and my head was so sore from pulling the tieband so tight. I cut it up to right passed my shoulders. I consider mine still long. Keep finding your own voice Jill and all your sisters. You’re all beautiful young women.

  5. What do you call a blind reindeer?

    I have know Ideera.

    Am here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress

    stay lit

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Weird family to be married & still following their father’s rules…don’t any of the husbands have a set of balls to tell him..HANDS OFF! Any wonder the eldest boy molested his sisters & cousins…WEIRD! WEIRD! WEIRD and that Anna stays married to him & she keeps producing while he is doibg pirn & prostitutes….Anba, I would keep an eye o your Daughters with him around..since you don’t seem to be enough for his wet appetite ??

  7. Some people are really so deep in this cult that they need to shame a grown up woman about choosing to cut her hair (without consulting her husband). REALLY?! We are rapidly approaching 2020, no wonder people keep on bugging Jana who will be 30 soon and is still single, why she doesn’t have a man. LET THEM LIVE! Even small steps like this (and wearing pants, Jinger even cried at some point in the show because she CHOSE to wear them because you know, she will “burn in hell” or whatever stupid reason her parents told her if she does that). And we all know why they really kept their hair long (and in the past permed). They said because “daddy loves it”. Which is creepy on SO MANY levels!

  8. Nose ring, pants, haircuts… if she keeps it up, she’ll be forced to only see the younger siblings under the watchful eye of Jim Bob at the Duggar compound -just like how Amy Duggar couldn’t visit with her cousins outside of the compound.

  9. I LOVE her new hairstyle. She looks pretty and youthful, and she looks a lot more modern. I don’t know why people are taking issue with the length. It’s not like she did a pixie cut or a short bob. Her hair is still long, but now it looks healthier. Between this, her nose ring, and her pants, it looks like she’s slowly escaping the Gothard cult she was born into. I hope her next step toward escape is to enroll in some community college classes.

    1. Unfortunately all of her changes are just skin deep and purely cosmetic. Every indication is that she’s still 100% steeped in the Kool Aid, and still shares all the same hateful and backwards beliefs as the cult she grew up in.

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