EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham’s Parents Speak Out On Rumors About CPS Investigating Farrah for Leaving Daughter Sophia Alone

“I’m innocent!”

Debra Danielsen and Michael Abraham are denying their daughter Farrah Abraham is under investigation by Child Protective Services for leaving her 10-year-old daughter alone and leaving the country.

On Saturday, Champion Daily posted a story citing several ‘Teen Mom’-themed Instagram accounts’ posts regarding Farrah leaving Sophia alone in their LA apartment while she jetted off to Mexico with a guy. Followers of Sophia’s TikTok account noticed a video posted that appeared to show Sophia alone in the apartment she shares with Farrah. The accounts claimed the police were called and CPS was investigating Farrah for leaving Sophia alone.

Debra tells The Ashley that this story is not true, and that Sophia’s TikTok account was hacked by a Farrah hater. 

“It isn’t true… Sophia is with family and never posted anything,” Debz OG said. “It was a hacker who is obsessed with Farrah. We turned it over to [Instagram] and Twitter and the police.

“Sophia wasn’t even on her phone…she wasn’t alone, never made a post and was swimming.”

“It was hackers! Hackers I tells ya!”

The Ashley asked Deb to confirm, once again, that Farrah did not leave Sophia alone while she was in Mexico.

“That is correct,” Debra said. “Farrah has not done anything wrong here.”

It does, indeed, appear that Sophia is currently with Farrah’s father Michael Abraham. Based on his Facebook posts, Michael was in Los Angeles at least as of Saturday afternoon. He posted photos of Sophia swimming on Saturday and of them visiting a Farmer’s Market on Sunday.

However, the concerned fans were worried that Sophia had spent Friday alone (and Saturday morning) in the apartment without supervision. 

The Ashley reached out to Michael Abraham, who sent over the following statement: 

“Sophia always has a guardian and is always taken care of,” Michael said. “I am personally working with my attorneys right now, we know who these people are [who started this rumor]. We’ve already filed police reports. I am really considering a lawsuit against them for public defamation, lies and harassment of our family. By doing this, they’re actually endangering Sophia themselves.

“Also Farrah is not and never has been ‘in trouble’ with any CPS (child protection services) organization,” Michael added. “Any CPS rumors are just lies from people harassing my family. This can be verified by public record.”

The Ashley will update this when more info is available. Stay tuned….

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(Photos: Sean Zanni/Getty Images; MTV; Facebook)


  1. Has Farah Abraham ever been treated for Narcissistic Personality Disorder ?
    Her behavior points to this; and If fit hard to believe that she had not been ordered by the Courts to undergo a detailed
    Psychiatric evaluation.

  2. That poor child is so homeley and they reportedly are already planning on plastic surgery for her. I am afried for her, I think she will end up the so many other children whose parents try to force Hollywood on them and introduce them to adult Hollywood at a young age especially when she is not even average looking.

  3. That’s TOTAL BS! They don’t make all CPS investigations public record TF is he talking about?! Not to mention I wonder what his job would have to say about whether or not he worked the days in question.. honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t have a problem with leaving her home for a few hours at a time assuming Sophia was old enough to take care of herself.. she acts like she’s older than she is MOST of the time! that being said? If he DOES actually try and SUE this person? All the judge will say Is “Thats the price of being famous!” I mean.. not ONLY does her mother try her BEST to keep them BOTH in the spotlight but U make yourself a public target when u let ur UNDERAGE kid sign up for a number of social media applications all ment for teens and up! I mean when you create these accounts? You’re not only supposed to be above a certain age but you’re agreeing to number of different legal loopholes as well! He won’t make it very far.. especially since her mother has been promoting her tiktok, snapchat AND IG accounts for as long as she has; making her daughters underage accounts very public. He’s going to need more than a pointed finger to legitimately sue someone for HALF that! And NO judge in the WORLD would ruin someone’s LIFE over a hacked social media account.. it happens to everyone! He publicly threatens this person by staying “we know who you are, where you LIVE and where you WORK!” I mean saying he’s going to sue someone is ONE thing but the rest of THAT sounds like more than just a threat to sue someone if u ask me. Even trying to say they were sloppy and that he can prove it is all heresay in the judges eyes… Also? Look at those hashtags!! Hes trying to get the attention of ANY POLICE DEPT that would give AF.. the goes from Texas to Florida. He even tages the Texas rangers 🙄 The common sense question is.. if she WAS hacked, how was the video made in the first place?! She was clearly ALONE at SOME POINT.. am i right? Regardless of when the video was posted it was still created by Sophia herself! Not to mention Farrah being an absent mother is a largely PUBLIC opinion! LOTS of her “fans” want to take Farrah down for neglect when it comes to Sophia.. which is why he starts his rant out with “haters beware”.. Nobody’s going to take this seriously. He looks super paranoid to me. It’s going to be SO hard to prove ANYTHING he has to say.. i hope he’s prepared to have HIMSELF investigatioed if hes TRUELY willing to take it that far… Then Farrah says something about liars, STALKERS and harassers? The fact that she even included the word “stalker” in her response tells me that there’s more truth to her daughter being left at home alone then she’s trying to make it seem.. plus. Even in those pool pics? It’s CLEARLY like 4-5pm according to that shadow.. I call BS on SO MANY LEVELS!!!

  4. Debz OG and Michael have NEVER lied to protect their easy money train lolol eyerolls outta my head. Amazing that the hacker had such good timing smdh That child needs a new home (not with the grandparents) and have a trust set up while Farrah is still alive and not washed up bloated in the Mediterranean but not really sure if any of this family is useful to planet Earth. Kinda like really low rent Lohans lol

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Thomas your lame and think you know facts but you don’t just yiur lame opinion

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I feel sorry for this poor child. She is caught in the middle of it all. She hears her mother trash her grandma all the time. She is going to end up having panic and anxiety attacks. That is what I fear for this poor child. She should not hear what these so called adults discuss on a regular basis. Farrah thinks her life was messed up because of her mother? What does she think is going to happen to her daughter? The apple does not fall far from the tree!!!

  6. Yeah ok Farrahs a super great mom 😂😂😂😂. Look how her parents (who Farrah has a zero respectful relationship toward) stick up for her… in time of need only…otherwise they are at each others throat. Who took those pics of Sophia swimming in the pool? A stranger noticing a kid without supervision? If that’s Farrah she has some freaky legs n time for plastic surgery.

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Should have been investigated. Michael won’t speak against her cause shed rip him a new 1

  8. Michael and Debra have covered for their psycho daughter way too many times but then again she is a product of THEM! As for him during anyone goid luck buddy all they would say is we are extremely concerned with the minors well being but if someone did turn her in he has no legal leg to stand on
    Also really your gping to believe someone hacked her acct and posted a video of HER alone ? Jesus that’s got to be the dumbest statement yet
    Deb is as messed up as Farrah. These people are simply gross.And Sophia will grow up 1 screwed up person

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Farrah you are such a stupid bitch. You are not as pretty and beautiful as you think you are, you are plastic and such a moron. The only thing you are teaching your daughter is how to use her body to get ahead and use it for men. You trwat your parents like crap, you are so disrespectful to everyone. I di not like you Amber should of slapped the f**k out of you when she had the chance! Grow up and SHUT UP PLEASE!!!

  10. Farrah definitely leaves Sophia alone. I’m sure cps called Michael and that’s why he’s in la. Weird he didn’t post pics from Friday with her if Friday is the day in question. And Farrah only has an apartment? Thought she had a mansion in la and Texas. At least that’s what her lying father said. I’m just surprised she finally got one and it’s not a hotel room or Michael’s cracker box in Texas. And Farrah in Mexico with a guy. Just freaking admit it. She’s prostituting.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Farrah is no more a prostitute like your mother fool…. stop the hate

  11. That child ahould be taken away. She’s never been a mother and doesn’t deserve the supposed fame from teen mom.

  12. I absolutely believe she would’ve thought that Sophia was fine “overnight” until Michael could get there. Sophia is highly intelligent (insert Farrah delusion and sarcasm) so it was less than 24hrs and everything was locked and why is everyone so worried about Farrah. She is one of the nations top celebrities/entrepreneurs/mothers. Sophia knows how to microwave a pizza and she had her phone in case of emergencies. What more do you want??

  13. As much messed up stuff she may do I don’t believe she would leave Sophia alone for the night. At the very least she would pay someone

    1. She has done it multiple times before. She has left Sophia alone in hotel rooms.
      Sophia has also left the hotel room, staff would run into her and the hotel woyld call Farrah to come back because she couldn’t leave her child unattended.
      Simon S has said he at least would pay Sophia’s sitter when he took Farrah on a date.

  14. I have never seen a person as rude as she is. The way she speaks to her mom and dad is insane. How I see Farrah is nothing more than a cheap prostitute and I’m so happy that Teen Mom OG fired her.
    Her daughter is starting to act like her mom and that is pathetic! The only reason her mom and dad are saying what they’re saying now is because she pays the bills… And the way she talks to her mom and dad she should be ashamed of herself. I think she’s trying to become but Kim Kardashian but that she never will be. she is no more then a cheep paid prostitute or a $5 hor 😮 with her mouth open wide.

  15. When Farrah was dragged off for drunk and disorderly at a hotel bar Sophia was in the room alone as usual. She was @ 7 at the time, so not surprised. Farrah probably drugs her to knock her out.

  16. Even if she DID leave her young child to take off to another country with a guy, NOTHING would happen, even if there was proof that she had left her. People like Farrah get away with everything. CPS NEVER gets involved to protect children against famous people,like they would any of us, no matter how bad the situation is. It’s disgusting. For example Ronnie Magro and Jenn Harley…CPS should have gotten involved with them a LONGTIME ago but they look the other way when it’s a “celeb” David Eason and Jenelle Evan’s only had CPS contact them because they were getting flooded thousands of reports, so they were forced to.

  17. Actually, it couldn’t be verified by public record. It is involving a minor. I know this from my own, previous, CPS case.

  18. I just read the post from Michael. He is literally basking in the sun at the apartment Farrah pays for by prostituting and he knows it. No matter how much he and DebzOG publicly deny it, they know what’s going on. I realize they can’t control her and want to keep Sophia in their lives, but to publicly post pics, acting like they’re living the good life and are this normal God-fearing family and Farrah is making money simply by being one of the top celebrities in our nation is just ridiculous.

  19. I bet Sophia has a very poorly paid nanny or there’s a “housekeeper” that farrah pawns her off on or something.

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She hasnt had cops in her life but she should. That poor child. Home someone hasnt stepped up and help that her is beyond me. Hopefully something happens and Sophia can live a normal child hopd before it’s to late.

    1. That family enables Farrah like crazy. Sophia probably was alone and as soon as Michael got wind of it he flew to CA to pretend he was there the whole time. He is always the first to defend Farrah’s crap and always throws it around that he’s talking to his attorneys everytime someone accuses her of something. He’s a joke just like his daughter.

  21. Farrah is crazy, but she doesn’t leave Sophia alone.

    She dumps her off at Debz OG or Michaels house.

    This is total bullshit. Scary as hell though. As Farrah lets Sophia out in the world of social media.

  22. That whole family is toxic, delusional and mentally ill. Sophia stands zero chance of having a happy life. They thrive off of the chaos.

    1. Sophia is already a vain little monster…have you seen her YouTube videos? I don’t want to bash kids but she is awful. She is learning that the only thing that matters is being pretty, attractive to men and how to pump your butt and lips full of crap. Her schooling is a joke.

      1. I was referring to that episode when she sent Sophia back to her parents saying she needed a break from her. Like she was some pushy, needy friend, not her daughter…

  23. Honestly Sophia is better off alone than she is with Farrah. Also, Farrah jetted off to Mexico with some guy? Hmm, I wonder what she was doing…… discussing the bible, working on her “entertainment law” degree? Hmmm, I wonder.

      1. This time, it looks like Sophia was okay. I believe Farrah doesn’t leave Sophia alone. It is when Sophia is WITH Farrah that so many inappropriate things occur. Last month’s video filmed on a boat raised more than a few eyebrows. Years ago, Sophia was dragged to the porn office re. Farrah’s film & was removed from the office & left in the receptionist’s care!Just sayin’!

        1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
          Honestly, Sophia is probably better off alone than with Farrah’s crazy inflatable ass. I feel like Sophia is the more responsible of the two.

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