Photos Prove Jenelle Evans Is Back on “The Land” In Home She Shares with Estranged Husband David Eason

“Any chance you would believe I redid my Nashville bathroom so it would look exactly like The Land bathroom? No? Damn…”

Well Juh-nelle, we see ya back on The Land!

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans recently stated in a YouTube video that she is not  back with her estranged husband David Eason and is happily living away from him in Tennessee. While this may be true, photos posted to Instagram on Sunday by her pal Tori Rhyne prove that Jenelle has since made her way back to The Land (aka the North Carolina home she shared with David!)

David and his daughter Maryssa have been living in the house since Jenelle left in October 2019.

In the photos posted by Tori, the girls are shown in the bathroom of the house on The Land. (It is clearly The Land bathroom, given that the towel rack in the background is the exact same one that has been seen in bathroom photos posted by Jenelle before she left David. The shower tile trim pattern and walls also match.)

Jenelle in her bathroom in September 2019, before leaving The Land…


Jenelle and Tori in the bathroom on Saturday…

Judging by Tori’s caption, Jenelle appears to be “just visiting” North Carolina. (Her son Kaiser is shown in one of the photos taken on The Land as well. Ensley, Jenelle’s daughter with David, and David himself were not shown in any of the photos.)

“Wellllll even though last night didn’t go as planned I still had an awesome time with you!” Tori captioned the photos. “We didn’t make any Tik Tok videos like we wanted to, buuuut we will next time for sure. I’ve missed you soooo much! I’m glad I got to see you and hangout with you. Can’t wait to do it again.”

Since David wasn’t shown in any of the photos, there’s no proof he was actually at the house at the time Jenelle and Tori were there. But Jenelle was definitely on The Land on Saturday night.

“Yeah, maybe David was at work! Ahhahahah! That’s a good one!”

In fact, in a Facebook post on Saturday, David implied that he was alone.

“I’m getting pretty used to being alone, starting to prefer it actually,” he wrote. 

Jenelle and David have yet to address the photographic proof of Jenelle being back on The Land. 

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(Photos: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)


  1. Jenelle is a piece of shit mother period!!!!! Nothing else to say! Bye Jenelle Evans/Eason! Have the life you deserve!

  2. Lol her dealer must have cut her off. Back to Uncle Bad Touch and his methoxy wild ride…
    If the law around there was smart they would go ahead and build a good case that will stick while these two still have money to pay all of the fines and restitution.

  3. Jenelle is such a liar. If anyone thinks that she isnt with David your delussional. The money train (MTV) took off and shes trying to get back on. It’s all for the sake of a paycheck.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      It’s actually funny that you criticize anyone. You can’t even use proper grammar and spelling. YOU’RE delusional if you think that you know everything just based on a TV show and some social media posts.

  4. You what I think no one really cares,she just can’t live with out being with someone an that is friggin sad her kids have no future she she shows them no Independence,real sad

  5. Her and David are going to “reconcile” within the next 2 months, I honestly give it until Valentines Day. Jenelle is never going to change, she is truly incapable of doing so. It’s all about her and what she wants, always has been, always will be. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone except for herself.

    1. Regardless of when they reconcile (they probably already did) she wont announce it until her contracts are signed & she is back on Teen Mom or some other trashbag show

      1. Yup, that’s why I said “reconcile”….I don’t believe they were ever broken up. I didn’t believe the divorce was real once it was announced, and I don’t believe it now. Until those papers are signed, sealed and delivered, those 2 are still married and still together.

  6. Duhnelle faked a miscarriage on SM years ago. I wouldn’t put anything past her. The whole divorce is a facade to get her on some sort of show.

    I wish she would realize if you cry wolf too many times, nobody is going to believe you when there is an actual wolf.

    1. And you know she faked that, how exactly? You weren’t there. You believed bs blogs and nonsense people online looking for something to be wrong. You’re an evil person for that because you don’t know 100% she faked it. You’re assuming that based on the bs online. Imagine if you had a miscarriage and then everyone looked for reasons to think you’re lying. Based solely on them thinking you’re a liar for no reason. Way to go. You’re a jerk.

  7. Ugh that face of hers. Also this Tori gurl is total trash. She has never been a friend to Janelle. Why does she keep hanging out with her?

    1. Duffy already did that. And filmed that. And those are shoes so foul that even you, Dear Nibs, don’t want to fill. Ewwww

  8. Jenelle Evans Eason, you piece of shoit! You give a bad name to those who have actually been in a domestic violence relationship by your actions. I feel sorry for those poor children being drug through this crap with that abusive human whom doesn’t blink to bust bones of a 9 pound dog then take it to the woods to finish. I have no words right now.

    1. Have you ever been in a domestic violence situation? Have you been through that yourself?
      Because if you haven’t then you should just stfu because you dont know what you’re talking about.
      And if you have then you should know better. Your comment is actually really freaking disgusting. Way to go and be abusive toward someone in an abusive relationship just because you dont understand what the heck is going on! Disgusting.

      1. Hey Janelle! How are you? I just thought you might realize that your husband will be the one to end your life one day, in front of your babies, when in fact they already have been emotionally traumatized in part and at least Kaiser has been physically abused and neglected. Yes, I am the survivor of a violent relationship and I am lucky to have had the ability to walk away. I also educate women on the cycle of violence and how to get some real help, even taking your animals with you so you don’t have to leave them with a man like David! You need some new education and some major therapy as well as your kids to deal with this, but I fear that you watched your mother being abused for so long that the pattern has never changed for you and it makes life easier when you know what to expect, and in your case it’s upheaval and tears and pain for you kids. It’s horrible but it’s familiar, right? Will it take losing all the kids to the state for you to actually do something? Maybe if he clocks the kids as well as you the next time you hide from David as you did during the 911 call you will get tired of it?

  9. The fact that David posted about being alone is pretty much proof that he definitively was NOT ALONE. Him and Jenelle were probably laughing when he posted that.

  10. Herbie didn’t want her, she’s single now (THE HORROR!) so of course she will try to get back together with Lurch. This girl just doesn’t know how to be single which is tragic. Ever since she was 16, she basically only spent time from boyfriend to boyfriend (or husband) and birthed children in between.

  11. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I think that they should let Jenelle do what she pleases….After all that is her husband and house ….MTV to me is trying to break up families and if u don’t live the life they want…. U get fired…. I mean really I haven’t seen anything that David her husband has done wrong…. Everyone is untitled to their own opinion… He shot a dog that hurt his daughter…. I would have done the same…. Oh NC he didn’t take it to b given a shot to die…. I mean really…!!!

    1. First of all, Hi Lurch. Second, Mtv is absolutely guilty, but what it’s guilty of is enabling people who make terrible, uninformed, irresponsible decisions as juveniles and rewarding them for those decisions for a decade. Mtv is guilty of perpetuating the myth that these individuals are special and are praise-worthy, making them think that the gravy train will never stop. Mtv is guilty of setting up people stuck in arrested development (like your wife Jenelle, Amber, Caitlin, Kail, Leah, Farrah, etc.) for failure for the rest of their lives. I won’t even get started on the effect all this has on the innocent children involved.

    2. Jennifer, STFU!!
      He first choked and beat that poor 8pd dog slammed it down on the table all while the dog was screaming in pain. All of this was done in front of the kids, if you think this is ok then you are obviously a bigger idiot then these 2 are. I also hope you can’t breed any more idiots into this civilized society.

      1. @Jennifer If you truly believe what you said, you are mentally challenged in the worst possible way. Seek help immediately!

    3. Finally, a smart person who can see things with an open mind. And of course, all the haters downvoted your comment. Because they’re seeing things through hate filled lenses. It is really sad. They desperately want to see jenelle fail. I don’t get how so many people can harbor so much hate and dislike for someone that they dont even know.

  12. Janelle needs to grow up! Stop having all these kids by all these different losers! Your a mother you have to be a role model. Your whole life has been Drugs, Jail, Thugs, Pregnancy and poor Jace has seen it all he is growing up Barbara is getting older it’s not fair to her she has to raise your child. You really wake up you just attract losers.

  13. 😕 I wonder where maryssa went, if her David really left the house. How confusing to all of these kids. This situation is just a mess.

  14. Are we sure that this picture is from Saturday though? Jenelle’s chin has been looking much more robust lately.

    1. That’s a really good point. This pic looks like Jenelle from a few years ago, Not the Jenelle we’ve seen more recently.

      1. NUNYA, right, to me she looks thinner and her hair is different from the video manifesto she posted a week or so ago. They are all marinated in lies, so I’m wondering if Trashbag Tori posted this throwback photo.

    2. It’s from sometime after Jenelle and Tori were friends again (which was after Jenelle and David’s “split”).

      If I remember correctly, Jenelle and Tori haven’t been friends since around the time Jenelle and David got married.

      Didnt they buy the Land and build the house after they were married?

      1. No, they got married ON the land. They’d been living there for a few years before the wedding. Tori was a frequent guest on the land and their boat, until they had a falling out over
        Tori being “almost late“ to the wedding and then leaving with her boyfriend when David threw him out.

  15. Why does David think we care??

    Maybe Jenelle bought Ensley back for visitation? And stayed at the Laaaand with Kaiser. And since she has no friends anymore, that’s why Whorie Tori is back, even though she was thrown off the Laaaand during the Eason wedding.

    Who knows why Jenelle does the shit Jenelle does….anyone’s guess really!

    1. Is it really that big of a deal that Janelle would be back at “her house”, the house that she bought? If anyone should leave it should be the dog killer!!

  16. She’s pushing 30 right? Do women that age still live on social media like that or does it have to do with the fact that she thinks she’s some kind of celebrity? Jenelle has zero redeeming qualities, but hanging out with Trashbag Tori is just icing on the s**t cake.

  17. I said she would be back with DAVID. I got down voted like crazy for saying it. I still believe Nathan wanted to hook up with Jenelle. Not a serious relationship just hook up. As I said before Ashley has put her SM accounts to private. Does the baby goat sleep between her and DAVID? Who pays Jenelles rent in TN? How does Kaiser miss so much school? Why in the HELL would Jenelle run to TN with Doris? I don’t get it. Waiting for the porn/sex pics/videos. Who will it be with DAVID or HERB? Random memory. Someone had posted the pic when she cut off Chris’s dreads. Totally forgot the psycho B did that. But Kails a good person??? LoL I wonder did she do that around her kids? Everybody knows he beats her in front of her kids.

    1. The majority of us on here thought it was for show so if you got downvotes, that was probably random idiots or people that personally know dumb a$$ Jenelle.

      1. Absolutely agree!
        And she obviously pays for comments / likes / followers across all platforms (and deletes negative). Enough that I don’t even bother going to read comments anymore. Her paid ‘supporters’ are chasing away genuine hits! Granted they are not the positive hits being chased away but she seems to like ANY kind of attention. I would be interested to see how many ACTUAL followers she has without her paid numbers.

        I have been dragged for 3 months voicing that the whole thing is a charade, but will continue to do so. There are way too many major holes for it to be anything but.

        My heart just breaks for Kaiser. He is the only truly innocent victim in all of this… besides Nugget…and we all know what happened to him [RIP😢]

    2. Yet again, you bring up Kail for no reason. I swear you only comment on here for the sole purpose to get jabs in at her. I’m really starting to wonder if you somehow know her. If you are a friend of Javi or someone around her. You have a sick obsession with her and cannot comment on anything without bringing her up.

  18. Maybe tori and Jenelle plans didnt go as planned cause Jenelle is back with UBT again and we all know how UBT feels bout Tori n Jenelle hanging out so thts way they didnt get to do anything cause ubt probably threw a fit….

      1. Uncle Bad Touch, aka David Eason.
        He received that name from Ryan I think. All the TM dads were camping together and they imagined wich porn star name they could use.

        1. Actually, it was Adumb who coined it, hahaha. It was on the Dads Special and when David said he’d go by Uncle Dave, Adumb said “more like Uncle Bad Touch…” because it was also right after David had said something about beating his daughter if she broke a cell phone or something.

          1. I assume this was the “bucket list” one. When David said his is “a bucket of coors light “ or some other stupid thing. Idiot had no idea what they actually meant.

  19. I said she would be back with DAVID. I got down voted like crazy for saying it. I still believe Nathan wanted to hook up with Jenelle. Not a serious relationship just hook up. As I said before Ashley has put her SM accounts to private. Does the baby goat sleep between her and DAVID? Who pays Jenelles rent in TN? How does Kaiser miss so much school? Why in the HELL would Jenelle run to TN with Doris? I don’t get it. Waiting for the porn/sex pics/videos. Who will it be with DAVID or HERB? Random memory. Someone had posted the pic when she cut off Chris’s dreads. Totally forgot the psycho B did that. But Kails a good person??? LoL I wonder did she do that around her kids? Everybody knows he beats her in front of her kids.

  20. I think it just a game even if she gets a divorce she lies for let him abuse her and her son for year’s did nothing to protect him she had a choice he did not she made it for him stay so he can abuse you. I think letting him abuse animals and kill them is wrong also tried of her saying I did nothing wrong you did take responsibility for your actions stop calling out people saying you don’t when confronted stop lying everyone knows when your lying please stay out of relationship until you get the help you need you pick the worse men on the planet stop talking about your stomach hurting all the time because you have something wrong. I wish for one day you could feel the pain I go through still get up do what I need to do time to grow up stop all the crap you covered up for David lied for him let him abuse your kid’s and you also animals those kid’s all need counseling and no Nathan dose not want you back I believe him not you I think you want him back and he needs to stop drinking get custody of his son so will not be abused anymore by who ever you are with because you would let them instead of remove him to safety.

  21. It was all a hoax to get Jenelle back on Teen Mom from the beginning. The only way these two idiots are going to part ways is if David kills someone and goes to jail. Jenelle is so stupid that she lets that idiot manipulate her into thinking that she will get back on Teen Mom if they fool everyone into believing they are split up. For once, I’m glad MTV didn’t fall for it and take Jenelle back. She’s a liar and a pos parent. She needs to stop dreaming about that fast money and get a job to support her lazy mofo husband.

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