Farrah Abraham Accused of Animal Abuse After Video Shows Her Dog’s Mouth Tied Shut; Farrah Denies Any Wrongdoing After PETA Issues Her a Warning

“And you guys thought I couldn’t get any worse!”

Farrah Abraham is once again being called out for animal abuse after a video posted to her dogs’ Instagram page and her TikTok account showed one of her dogs with its mouth tied shut with a ribbon. 

Cupcake– who is currently dyed pink— was shown in multiple clips posted to the “Boo and Cupcake” Instagram page, (which is run by the former Teen Mom OG star herself) walking around with a red ribbon on its muzzle. Naturally, this outraged people, who accused Farrah of mistreating the dog, and leaving it without the ability to eat, drink or make noise. 

Upon seeing Cupcake– who is a Zuchon— being subjected to such cruel treatment, followers began voicing their concerns in the comment section, resulting in Farrah eventually turning the comment feature off for the post.

When followers could no longer comment on the “muzzle” post, they took to other posts on the Boo and Cupcake page to share their concerns.

One follower suggested that Farrah “get a stuffed animal or something” instead of having a live dog, while another added that Farrah “shouldn’t be responsible for the welfare [of] anyone or anything.” 

Some suspected that Cupcake got her mouth tied shut because she was either barking too much or licking herself too much.

“Is cupcake’s mouth tied shut in the other video, because she barks too much or because she’s licking herself (from dyeing her),” another comment read, suggesting the fur dye may have irritated the dog’s skin.

“If it’s because she’s allergic & licking herself put a cone [on] her until it’s washed out…. don’t tie her mouth shut FOR ANY REASON.”

The concerned commenter then brought up the fact that in 2018, Blue— another dog in Farrah’s care— died. Blue died under mysterious circumstances, but Farrah’s daughter Sophia admitted on social media that she had thrown the small dog.

“I was getting Blue to go outside and my only choice was to toss him outside,” Sophia, then nine, said in 2018. “And then I did, but then he went into shock and 30 seconds later he passed with no heartbeat.”

Farrah later denied any wrongdoing on Sophia’s part and instead, said Blue passed away as a result of stress from the construction going on in their building. Farrah and Sophia filmed themselves crying over the dead dog, and then had Blue stuffed. 


Others tagged People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) within the comment section of the muzzle/hair-dye posts.

In response to the concern for Cupcake and Boo, Stephanie Bell, PETA Senior Director of Cruelty Casework confirmed to The Sun that Farrah was definitely in the wrong for her actions, and that tying a dog’s mouth shut with a ribbon could kill the dog.

“Subjecting dogs to the stress of being dyed—which is also potentially toxic—and restricting their opportunities to eat, drink and even breathe by tying a ribbon around their mouth are cruel acts that can have fatal consequences and they show a profound lack of empathy.

“PETA urges Farrah Abraham to start treating dogs like more than fashion accessories or surrender them to someone who will love them unconditionally,” she continued. 

A screenshot of video showing Cupcake’s “muzzle” and she and Boo’s dyed fur, posted by the @hernandez.mike.joe Instagram page.

In response, Farrah said she was using the ribbon as “a muzzle” because it was recommended by her trainer and that the contraption is “sold at all pet stores.”

(Apparently, in the Brain of Farrah, a ratty hair ribbon is the same as a store-bought muzzle?)

To back her claims, Farrah has since edited the caption of the video in question. 

“ … & p.s. for those who do not know what dog training muzzles are go to your nearest pet store and learn more and why they can be helpful in training,” she wrote.

While dog muzzles are used on some dogs, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), they should only be used in the event of an emergency (if your dog needs to be moved or transported); if there is a risk of biting due to your dog’s history; if there is a risk of biting due to a threatening situation (veterinary exam); grooming session; or if a muzzle is required due to breed-specific legislation.

The AKC goes on to say that muzzles are NOT to be used to “fix” behavior problems, such as barking or chewing, nor should they be used to punish your dog or to force your dog into a stressful situation. 

This looks pretty damn stressful to us.

As for Farrah’s decision to go with a homemade muzzle, the AKC says this should only be done “when there are no other options available” and should be a temporary thing. The “soft-muzzle” style in which Cupcake’s “muzzle” was worn in the video is actually “potentially more dangerous” than standard basket muzzles, according to the AKC, as they “prevent your dog from panting, which is the only way he has of dispersing heat.” 

“Panting is the canine version of sweating so these muzzles should only be used for very short periods of time and never in hot weather,” the site reads. “These muzzles also prevent your dog from barking, drinking or eating.” 

Farrah told The Sun that her family has been receiving death threats over the Cupcake video and she called the harassment “unnecessary and awful.” 

“Sophia treats [the dogs] as sister and brother… like royalty,” she added. “We do have emotional support animals and they must be trained to the guidelines of the law.” 

While Farrah claims to focusing on the “guidelines of the law” animal cruelty itself is unlawful and in some cases, may lead to an arrest. In 2017, a South Carolina man was sentenced to five years in prison for taping his dog’s mouth shut to stop her barking, according to WGN9 Chicago; and in 2015, a woman was arrested in North Carolina after posting a photo of her dog online with its mouth taped shut, Alabama.com reports. 

In the meantime, Farrah plans to do a little policing of her own in the form of blocking her haters on social media. 

“This is going to take a while.”

“It’s been ridiculous to see other people fabricate lies and animal abuse allegations when we treat our pets better than others treat their own children,” she told Champion Daily on Monday. “Haters and liars will be blocked and reported we do not tolerate hate, violence or bullying of any kind.” 

This is not the first time Farrah has been accused of abusing her dogs. In July 2018, Farrah’s former friend Phoebe Price made several dog-related accusations against the Backdoor Teen Mom, alleging that Farrah punished her dogs for barking and neglected to give her dogs water when she brought them to the Coachella festival that spring, in addition to other scary claims.

“At Coachella, I had to water and walk these dogs because Farrah left them in a basket, not to run around,” Phoebe said on her Instagram account. “How would you like to be trapped in a basket for three days?! These dogs were starving for attention! When they barked, she squirted water in their face. Who does that?!”

Farrah denied that there was any truth to Phoebe’s claims. 

In a photo posted to the dogs’ Instagram account on Monday night, Cupcake is shown with the ribbon removed from her muzzle, but with her fur still dyed hot pink. Many angry followers used the post’s comment section to slam Farrah’s explanation about why she used the ribbon as a muzzle.

“If you knew ANYTHING about dog training, you’d know the absolute LAST thing you do to train a dog to stop barking is putting a muzzle on it,” one person wrote. “I have been training dogs for over 9 yrs now and can tell you 10000% that is NOT what a dog muzzle is for. Just bc they sell muzzles doesn’t mean you get to strap them on your dog and leave it on all day bc you’re tired of hearing it bark (probably to get exercise and get a good walk in for bathroom! Or underlying anxiety issues you need to work on, not tie the dogs mouth shut).”

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  1. Did not read the Ashley article because if I want to read about real animal abuse from dumbass Farrah I will go to petition.org and continue to do real life work to get any and all animals and future animals/children/stuffed anything out of her reach and lock her up in JAIL/PRISION/MENTAL anything. I agree with everyone here that is she is no longer important to report on as snark. She needs to be in prison. Thank you to the commenters here for keeping it REAL!

  2. Please stop reporting on this narcissist. She’s no longer on reality tv. We have witnessed her abusing her animals/dad for years. Remember poor stitch Sophia painted with nail polish and she blamed Deb? Sick. She’s disgusting.

  3. This just makes me sick! Farrah, You are a fucking bitch and you need to be arrested! These teen moms need to go! Animal Abuse is never okay! I hope someone beats your ass!

  4. She is a mentally ill menace. Her arrogance and condescension know no bounds. I hadn’t heard the story of Blue, jesus christ.

  5. I am so confused why we are subjected to this woman anymore. She shouldn’t have dogs!! I guess she makes money off the dogs like she does her daughter. This whole social media influencer crap is garbage, I could careless what someone I don’t know thinks about makeup, clothes, ect. I certainly don’t buy something based on a celeb purchased it. If people spent more time in the real world and not on social media people could get a freaking grip and think for themselves like they used to do instead of being a sheep.

  6. Just another animal abuser on Teen Mom.

    David shot a dog, Sophia threw a dog, Farrah died a dogs hair/muzzled it, farrsh neglected a horse, Catelyn neglect a horse, McKenzie McKee neglects her dog. There’s no proof of amber neglecting her animals, but it’s a safe assumption considering she neglects/abuses her kids. Oh, and that poor dog Ryan Edward’s owned was no doubt neglected.

  7. This is the first I’ve heard about Sofia killing their dog. Just the way she describes it is chilling to say the least. This kid is a psycho.

    1. I don’t like putting judgment on a child I’ve never met but…I think something is very wrong with that little girl. I’ve been a foster mom for years and that vacant almost soulless look in Sophia’s eyes reminds me of more than one child we’ve taken in who has seen way too much. Except the kids that lived with us were taken to therapy and we had a caseworker helping out every step of the way. Where the HELL is Sophia’s caseworker? I’ve taken in kids who were removed from their parents for doing way less than Farrah. Why she still has that kid, I don’t understand.

      Oh, and Farrah, NO, not EVERY pet store sells muzzles or encourages them. I go to a ma and pa pet store for our pets. The couple who owns won’t sell you a muzzle unless you provide a note from your vet explaining why it is medically needed and they provide them when grooming pets. That’s it. So, shove it Farrah.

      1. Thank you for your service fostering children!
        Sophia has no caseworker because any child neglect allegations against Farrah have been unfounded, so nothing was done. We all know she’s neglecting that child and exposing her to God knows what, it makes me shudder to think what it will finally take for the authorities to take this serious. One of Farrah’s johns assaulting Sophia?

  8. Sophia treats them just like brother and sister! She teaches them how to twerk, shows them the ropes about how to make mom money and keep her “relevant”, and sings them songs about her imaginary friends!

  9. These teen mom animal abusers make me sick. Animals are living beings not toys that you carry around and dye, dress up, have tea parties or tie ribbons around their mouths, wtf?!

  10. I think people should have to take an IQ test before they are allowed to own an animal, that way people like David, Jenelle, and Farrah would never be allowed to be a “caregiver” of an animal.

    1. I’m all for it so long as they also have to take an IQ test to have children. The disturbing part is: if this is how they treat their animals imagine how they treat their kids. Oh, wait. We don’t have to imagine. MTV puts the abuse front and center every damn season.

  11. I think people need to take an IQ test before they can own an animal…how do we live in a world where people like David Eason, Jenelle Evans, and Farrah Abraham, can be a “caregiver”/owner of an animal as long as the price is right, or how can these people even be allowed to procreate and make spawn for that matter. I will never understand.

    1. What the heck, I posted this early this morning, so I made a new post above… and now the original is just now showing up ?

  12. I hhhaaaattee it when people dye their dogs. Yes I know there’s pet-safe dye but it just looks so uncomfortable. Unfortunately I’m not surprised at all by this. She clearly never thinks about the responsibility of owning any type of animal. Remember when she had a horse living in her suburban backyard? What ever happened to that horse? I’m afraid to know. Some people need to be banned from owning animals. Oh your daughter treats her dogs like their her brother and sister? Then why did she throw one out into the backyard only to have it die? Christ…

  13. I don’t think this slore is even capable to care for a stuffed animal! Poor dogs. And I love how anyone that disagrees with her or calls her out on her crap is “bullying” her or labeled a “hater”. What a pathetic evil POS she is. And @Chelsea/The Ashley – it’s just al.com not Alabama.com. Yes AL is short for Alabama but it’s just known as al.com ?

  14. When it comes to pets, she’s no better than Lurch and Jenelle. Some people should never have children or animals, and she is amongst those people. I seriously doubt that a professional dog trainer told her to tie her dog’s mouth shut with a ribbon. What makes this even more sickening is that if that poor dog dies from ignorant mistreatment, Farrah will just go out and buy another dog. Newsflash, Farrah: peta are living creatures, you plastic, bobble beaded idiot. They deserve to be treated with kindness and love. Please research before adding an animal to your family!

  15. Hey The Ashley, I’ve been having an issue with your site on my iPhone. When I try to scroll down, it is recognizing it as a tap instead of a scroll. So if I want to go down to the second article down on your site, I have a really difficult time and usually end up opening the top article ten times before I can get it to scroll down the page. It’s been a few weeks now and I’m still having the issue. I mean it may be my phone but I just wanted to let you know!

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Having the same issue. Though it was my phone. It’s been happening for about a month or so

    2. I’ve always had this issue but if you let it fully load for like 15-20 seconds before scrolling down it shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore. I hope this helps!

    3. I have always had this issue. If you very carefully touch outside of the box that contains the story, like the edges or the pink area, you should be able to scroll without being taken to the article. It has worked for me but sometimes it is still very touch sensitive.

    1. Then throw her out the window exactly the fate of their last dog.

      These disgusting POSs are all teaching (have taught) their kids to be entitled, that animals exist for their short-term entertainment AND that living creatures are disposable and easily replaceable.

      Tie a ribbon around both their faces AND hands (a dogs mouth is their ‘tool’ as well!) then send them to the Eason swamp for lifelong isolation from society AFTER removing EVERY animal! (Human forms not included!)

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