Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia Releases First Single & Music Video: An Honest Review

“Most kids’ moms make them make music videos…don’t they?”

The Ashley has to deliver some bad news, Teen Mom fans: yet another person from Farrah Abraham’s family has entered the music world. 

Eleven-year-old Sophia has joined her mother Farrah (the Queen of Eardrum Splitting) and her grandmother, Debra Danielsen in the music industry, and released her first musical offering and accompanying music video. The song– called “Bestie Best Friend”– is actually nowhere near as bad as Farrah’s first songs. (The soundtrack to “My Teenage Dream Ended” still sends shivers down The Ashley’s spine, even all these years later.) 

While Sophia’s “Bestie Best Friend” single is better than Farrah’s music…that’s not really saying much.

Much like a nasty case of head lice, the song will continue to annoy you, and keep you scratching your head, wondering why you didn’t do a better job of avoiding it in the first place. 

In the music video, Sophia and her hired “bestie best friend” (who is actually a teen actress she met in one of the acting classes Farrah made her go to) play video games, dancing robotically in front of the Hollywood sign and call each other on giant pink “Zack Morris” brick phones.

(Something tells The Ashley that Farrah was the one who uploaded the video to Sophia’s YouTube channel, as she actually wrote the wrong title for the song. The song is called “Bestie Best Friend,” but ‘someone’ entitled it “Bestie Bestie Friend.”) 

Speaking of The Big F, she manages to sneak her mug into the video (naturally). She does her best to contort her face into some sort of smile as she sucks on a lollipop. 

Farrah is “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” personified.

The comments and “likes/dislikes” have been turned off for the YouTube video; however, that didn’t stop the barrage of negative comments, with many pointing out that Farrah has isolated Sophia from kids her own age and limited her ability to make “best friends”…or friends in general.

“It’s so sad this kid made a song about best friends and has none,” one person wrote. 

“Poor Sophia. Let her have some real friends,” another person wrote on Farrah’s post about the song. “Be a mom. Not a best friend. This is honestly so sad. She’s 11. She should have real friends in her first video. Not her trampy ‘mom.'”

While Sophia’s song is little more than a catchy hook (with some awkward spoken words in between), it’s still the best musical offering to come from anyone in Farrah’s family. (The Ashley does have a soft spot for Debra’s “Debz OG” song, though.) 

Anyway, you can watch Sophia’s music video below. (Just be forewarned that you’ll probably catch yourself singing “Bestie Best Friend!” while doing dishes tonight…and in the car on the way to work tomorrow…and in your nightmares…)

And, if you really want to scare yourself, click here to be reminded of the horrorfest that was Farrah’s 2014 single “Blowin’!”

(Photos: YouTube, Instagram)

50 Responses

  1. IMO… kids are off-limits when it comes to mean replies. Love the article but if you have a child then you know not to shame other children for any reason.

  2. Great article! First if Sophia was in trouble (legally) she would be taken from Farrah by the authorities and with whomever Child Protective Custody decides takes custody of her. This is all conjecture on our part with our opinions. We don’t live with Farrah and really know what goes on because Farrah puts out there what she wants us to see. Kids need to be off-limits like others in reality tv, etc… choose to (wisely) do. Farrah put her in the public eye and so now her daughter is the (sad) topic of social media and media discussion. Great comments by all whether we agree with each other or not.

  3. Ok first of all, I know it’s a kids sing but even sings fir kids should have more than two lines.
    Secondly, it has zero production value. Zero. What is she trying to do here?
    Thirdly, it’s sad to think that Sophia does none of the fun activities portrayed in this video. Does she even know the other girl in the video? This whole video makes me so sad

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    ? Omg! That’s probably the worst song I’ve ever heard and that’s sad to say because I’ve heard farrah and her mom Debras song.
    Poor Sophia will most likely not be able to live this one down and thats sad since she’s so young still.

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    I guess anyone can make up a song these days….especially when it only has 5-6 words and bad dancing

  6. It’s not even a teeny bit funny anymore. She was completely robbed of any kind of childhood at all, and now it’s too late. There are no second chances to experience being a kid.
    Kids with a Mom like Jenelle can at least go to therapy or commiserate with others who had similar mothers. But Sophia —
    Her own mother is completely ruining her life. It’s just sickening. Farrah is lucky I’m not in charge of CPS in whatever state she’s in.
    The worst part is that Farrah is too prideful to admit she needs guidance, and too stubborn to listen to anyone’s advice. So she’ll never change. She’s determined to prove “the haters” wrong, come hell or high water, and poor Sophia is paying the ultimate price for it.

  7. It’s really sad that Sophia had to make a song about things she will never get to experience. That child needs friends her own age and some stability. Instead, she’s stuck with a completely insane mother who drags her all over the place to participate in very adult activities. Sophia is doomed.

  8. Ashley- can you check out (and write an article) on the scam of a contest Farrah ran in conjunction with this? I just saw this on her Instagram, and she’s actually breaking several laws. Over the past few days she’s been posting on her account and Sophia’s account that they were running a contest with a $100 cash prizes. They asked people to make a TikTok using Sophia’s song and hashtag it with promotion for it, and 5 winners would be chosen to win $100 each. They announced the winners and included the winning videos- every “winner” was one of Farrah’s “friends” on this trip that they’re on (including a magician?!?) and the winning videos were all made in collaboration with Farrah and Sophia. There are a slew of comments from people who are upset after entering and how they were scammed. The FTC has rules for how these social media contests have to be conducted, and Farrah is in total violation- on both a state and federal level. There have been a few stories in the news over the past year of influencers and companies getting sued over similar tactics. It looks like there were about 500 people/kids who entered this thinking it was legit, giving them free promo, and then Farrah goes and says the winners are her friends on the trip. Bizarre as usual.

  9. Oh, long are the days when all Farrah was selling was spaghetti sauce and a poorly named book.

    Watching earlier seasons, it’s funny to see how modest and conservative Farrah and her family were. It seems a mixture of sexual repression and that first taste of fame lead to the Farrah we have now.

  10. You ‘the Ashley ‘ are trash,talking down about a little girl and her mom who did nothing to you to deserve that. Mind your own beeswax about who her mom lets her hang out with, she doesn’t have to be around other kids if she don’t want just like my kid decides when he wants to play with kids. Tired of people like you terrorizing. It’ll be your turn and some others to get bullied or something soon enough just watch.

    1. I don’t think “The Ashley” gives a crap “who” Sophia hangs out with. The point everyone’s making is that the poor kid isn’t really able to hang out or even really make longlasting friendships due to Farrah’s lifestyle and choices.
      From a study:
      “As argued, socially isolated children are at increased risk of health problems in adulthood. Furthermore, studies on social isolation have demonstrated that a lack of social relationships negatively impacts the development of the brain’s structure.” (Makinodan, Rosen, Ito & Corfas, 2012).

    2. Children being able to have friends, and experience CHILD appropriate things, is, 100% normal, not mainstream like you tried to say in your other post down there. A parent who refuses to allow this is abnormal, in every possible way. Farrah has said, repeatedly, that Sophia isn’t *allowed* to have friends or play wth other kids, or go to any amount of regular school, because she (Farrah) is too busy to deal with it and they are both better than other kids (her words, not mine, it’s Farrah speak, so…).

      A child being paraded around the world without a learning tool or lesson in sight, dressed up like a little prostitot from a young age, constantly dragged around the adult industry(again, Farrah has said she does this, she evn lets Sophia read her books and watch her videos, I’m not just bashing her with falsehoods here, she has admitted all of this), and not allowed to behave like a child should..is going to have problems.

      Sophia is already starting to exhibit a lot of that, which is why she’s not allowed around other children. Farrah was told when she DID attend school that there were numerous issues that needed addressed, including Sophia’s ability to socialize with other kids around her (she didn’t know how, got in frequent trouble for treating others badly, and acted very inappropriately in her dress and mannerisms). THAT is why Farrah yanked her out of school-she didn’t want to(or didn’t know how, my guess is the latter) address it. It’s also more expensive to have someone stay home and watch your progeny whole you’re out selling your crusty cooter to every hairy dick and tom with five dollars, and more likely that someone can get CPS involved when you’re not around to make your child shut up about the shit she’s seen.

      Stop sticking up for this POS, just because there are worse ones out there in the world. Is she the worst mom ever? Of course she’s not, but she’s an awful one nonetheless and she’s not doing that poor child any amount of good. We should be encouraging her NOT to isolate that poor child who is going to grow up with all of the wrong ideas about the world around her. I’m not knocking the adult industry either, btw (just the way Farrah goes about it..). In fact, one of my best friends in the world is a, well, we’ll just say cam girl. She’s raising her family, she’s paying her bills and she’s enjoying life. The difference between her and Farrah, among other things, is that her CHILDREN are not brought into her lifestyle, they are given ample room for growing as their own beings, plenty of love and affection, a good solid foundation, are allowed to be around other children and do things children do, and all the right life lessons. She may have chosen a career path I wouldn’t, but, hey, her kids are actually happy, healthy and intelligent. Poor Sophia has literally everything working against her and it’s sad as hell to see. Her mother is dumber than a box of rocks and it’s starting to show in Sophia who has all the potential in the world to be and do better than her incubator, if Farrah would give her a damn chance.

      What kind of parent tells a child she/he can’t have any friends that are children? Seriously, how do you justify that shit? You’re a few fries short of a happy meal yourself aren’t ya?

  11. I’m like…I have no words. Farrah is desperately trying to exploit her child in every possible way (thank God she doesn’t have more children) and one day it will bite her in the face which means, Sophia will rebel. I still think even when she will be older, she will want the attention of the public but that’s because she basically grew in the limelight. I think the damage is already done and I can only hope Sophia won’t try to have thousands of surgeries but who am I kidding, she probably will.

  12. From what we’ve all heard and seen being a child star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Farrah is trying her hardest to turn Sophia into a child pop star, I mean meal ticket…I don’t think Sophia is going to make it beyond reality TV or YouTube just because of who her mother is. Farrah is a shameless fame whore, and no credible brand, company, or person is going to want to work with anyone associated with her.

  13. This is my jam. I will have this on my gym playlist and this will be playing when I am pounding my current slam piece.

    stay lit

  14. The saddest part about this is that Sophia has no idea what it even means to have a friend, let alone a best friend. And why did Farrah have to insert herself into what was otherwise a pretty normal (albeit cringeworthy) tween pop video, sucking on a lollipop?! Anything for her 2 seconds of fame.

    I wonder if Sophia will ever have a chance at a normal life.

    1. I’m actually surprised Farrah wasn’t in more of the music video…I swear she’s trying to be a Dina Lohan…Farrah’s search for super stardom has failed miserably, so she’s trying to turn her kid into a star so she can reap the benefits.

    2. That’s messed up to be talking bad about a kids mom who’s done nothing to you to deserve that. F and her daughter can decide on which kids to let her play with. There are a lot of mean kids today and their parents are pushing them to play tricks on people. I don’t blame her at all and just because your parents let y’all run around wild with other kids , DOESNT MAKE IT NORMAL. JUST BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE PACK TOGETHER LIKE ROACHES FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS ALL THE TIME DOES NOT MAKE IT NORMAL. IT ONLY MAKES IT MAINSTREAM.

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Whoever wrote this should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for tearing down an 11 year old like this.

  16. This poor child. On the off chance she grows up to be somewhat normal, all the crap Farrah does to exploit her will be so embarrassing to look back on. And if she grows up to be like the rest of them, she’ll think she’s a superstar because of weird stuff like this.

  17. I think its hilarious that Farrah has a higher billing as star of the video than the actual co-star she paid to appear in this mess.

    I really hate to criticize a child but I just have to say—Sophia has zero rhythm. That or she just didn’t give a damn about the dance moves in this video. Actually, she was probably convince by her “mother” to go forward with this in an attempt to stretch out the last seconds of their 15 minutes of fame.

    Please let this child have a normal life. She needs to go to school and make real friends and have a childhood free of filming her mothers’ vaginal rejuvenation’s or what the hell other procedures. No child deserves this. I am certain its not easy for Farrah to be a serious single parent, what with Sophia’s dad passing before she was born. I do think Farrah loves Sophia—she just so emotionally stunted herself that there is no way she can be a healthy parental figure. Stop chasing notoriety and fame. Move back to Iowa (or wherever it is you grew up), enroll Sophia is school. Sign up for the PTA. Let Sophia play softball or join a robotics team or sing a solo in the school talent show. Just let her be a real child, not a substitute best friend. If you are so desperate to continue to chase fame, Farrah, consider allowing Derek’s family to raise Sophia. We certainly do not want this poor child to have to spend even more time with Debra and Michael. That’s a shit show.

    Why is it so hard for these girls to put their child first?!?!? Jenelle, Amber, Farrah—I’m talking to all three of you.

    1. I think she’s grooming Sophia to be famous, so that she can live vicariously through her…Farrah wants to be famous SO BAD, to the point she was willing to sell her body and film a porno in hopes of going the Kim Kardashian route. Farrah is the type to sell her soul to become famous, so I wouldn’t put it past her to sell out her own child.

  18. “Better win top 5 on tiktok or we aren’t best friends anymore”

    I am so done with her trashy attempt at parenting. She needs to be stopped. Janelle is mom of the century compared to farrah

  19. I think I still prefer the Debz OG rap and Blowin’ for the sake of comedy relief. However, I agree with the Ashley that Sophia’s song wasn’t entirely awful even thought I couldn’t sit through all three minutes of it. Based on what I saw, aside from Farrah’s awkward cameo it actually wasn’t really cringe inducing. That’s more than can be said for any song / video by Farrah or Debz OG.

  20. As a musician and vocal coach I’m just going to say yikes!!! On another note.. while the world doesn’t need to experience this crap it was probably an amazing experience for Sophia. It would be cool to record and make a music video at 11

  21. Of course Farrah has to insert herself in the video she suffers from megalomania and cannot help herself. Nice to put pressure on Sophia to be too 5 too. Once again she tries to do something nice and screws it all up as only Farrah can , what a clown. I wonder, did she do this song to try to make it seem like Sophia has friends? On a positive note , Sophia is just being a kid and we shouldn’t judge her on the artistry of the video as I bet she had a blast doing it

    1. This girl looks too old to be Sophias bestie.
      The house looks dark & haunted too…Very odd video..What is up w/this family thinking they can sing anyway?

  22. It’s scary how much Sophia looks like Debz. The other girl in this video looks to old to be “friends” with Sophia ?‍♀️?‍♀️. Stay lit

    1. Well, parenting skills aside, and Farrah making a cameo, it’s not a bad song. The video was generically blah, but the tune is catchy. It’s age appropriate at least. It’s something an under age 10 would listen to and sing. But it’s forgettable.

  23. It’s not great by any sense but she’s a pre-teen. It was shockingly age appropriate (if you ignore Farrah who had no business being in this video).

    1. So is Sophia’s bestie like 25? Lol
      She looks too old to be chilling with Sophia. She’s probably a paid actress…

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