‘Very Cavallari’ Stars Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari Come to Custody Agreement; Video Surfaces of Kristin Telling Fan Asking for Marriage Advice “Don’t Do It!”

“So much for stretching that storyline over the next couple of seasons… “

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler may be in the midst of a somewhat messy divorce, but the couple has made some agreements as to how they plan to co-parent their three children in the near future.

Documents obtained by Us Weekly state that the Very Cavallari stars will split time 50-50 — 182.5 days for each parent — with Camden, 7, Jaxon, 5, and Saylor, 4. The documents got very Cavallari specific as to when and where Kristin and Jay each get to spend time with their kids.

“Father shall have parenting time with the minor children every other Friday upon their release from school, or 3 p.m. if there is no school, until the following Friday upon release from school, or 3 p.m. if there is no school, at which time Mother shall have parenting time,” the documents state. “The parties shall continue this parenting schedule rotation and alternate parenting time with their children on a week-on, week-off basis.”

“Say what now?”

The agreement goes on to state that when Kristin has the kids, Jay is allowed two phone calls and two video calls per week at “mutually convenient days and times” and the same rules apply for when the kids are with Jay. Child pick-up, per the agreed-upon rotating schedule, will be determined by who the kids are currently in the care of.

As for holidays, Kristin will have the kids for Easter Sunday on even years, Thanksgiving on odd years and every year for Mother’s Day; Jay will have the kids on the opposite odd/even years as Kristin and he will also have the kids with him every Father’s Day. Christmas break will be split between the parents and whomever has the kids during the first half of the break, which includes Christmas, will have the kids during the second half of the break, which includes New Year’s Eve, the following year.

Neither Kristin nor Jay are seeking child support at this time; however, Jay will provide health, dental and optical insurance for the kids. If at some point Jay or Kristin decide to pursue child support, an amount will be determined at a hearing.

The exes have also agreed to work out their issues through a mediator if any are to occur in the future.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be nice… for now.”

The details of Jay and Kristin’s custody agreement come just days after it was revealed that Jay was no longer blocking Kristin’s attempts to purchase a new home for herself.

Us Weekly reports that the home Kristin is looking to purchase is a $5.5 million home in Franklin, Tennessee.

“The judge was able to order the release of the frozen assets so Kristin is going to be able to buy the house she wants to,” an insider told the magazine.

The source went on to claim that despite the custody agreement, things between the exes “have not improved.”

TMZ recently posted a clip of Kristin and Jay from back in February in which Kristin hinted that things in her marriage to Jay were less-than-stellar. (They would not announce their split until several months after this clip was filmed, though.)

During a meet-and-greet with fans at the Chicago Uncommon James store, Jay and Kristin were asked by a newly engaged fan what marriage advice they could offer.

“Don’t do it!” Kristin immediately told the woman. 

Jay, who was sitting next to Kristin when she said that, laughed at the “joke” but seemed a bit uncomfortable. (Click here to watch the video.) 

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  1. Jay, is happily retired from Football. He paid his dues, made his money, and now wants to enjoy the rest of his life. Kristen, said she put her life “on hold” while Jay was playing football so, she is now bust creating her brand. I think they both had unrealistic expectations for each other and I think they are both polar opposites, regarding family life.
    Sometimes marriages work and sometimes they don’t.. I can’t imagine that life with either Jay or Kristen, would be very much fun..

  2. Really??? You should have just linked the tmz story… because that’s exactly what this was…

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