‘Counting On’ Stars Jessa & Ben Seewald Say They Want a “House Full” of Kids; Are Considering Adopting Their Fourth Child

“My baby-maker has been empty for a year. You know what that means, Benny Boy!”

When it comes to babies, Jessa Duggar Seewald has the same mentality as her very fertile mother, Michelle Duggar: keep ’em coming!

The Counting On star confirmed to Us Weekly last week that she and her husband Ben Seewald‘s baby-making days are far from over. In fact, the parents-of-three are already looking ahead to their fourth child, whom may or may not spring from Jessa’s loins.

Jessa— who home-birthed sons Spurgeon and Henry, as well as 13-month-old daughter Ivey on the show— says she may be giving her baby-shooter a rest for Baby No. 4.

“We’re not sure if our next baby will be adopted or not, but that’s something that has weighed heavily on our hearts since before we were married,” she told the magazine. 

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“We could wait until all of our kids are grown and gone and then adopt but I also think it’s kind of cool to have an adopted child growing up with the other kids,” Ben added.

Jessa and Ben have briefly discussed adoption on ‘Counting On’ over the years, but it seems that the couple is now starting to take the option more seriously. 

“We’re just in a stage of, like, meeting with people who have adopted and getting advice, hearing their stories and seeing what that might look like for us,” Ben said, adding, “but we haven’t, like, signed up or anything like that.”

Jessa’s actual face when Ben starts talking about “signing up” to get a kid…

Despite having three kids under five years old, Jessa says she still has the urge to have more kids.

“There have been a few moments where I’ve had baby fever,” Jessa said, confirming to the magazine that she and Ben plan to keep churning out more youngins.

“We would love to have a house full [of kids],” Jessa said.

However, Jessa is skeptical that she’ll be able to surpass 19, the number of offspring her parents have.

“When you die, your reproduction system should be put in the Smithsonian, Ma!”

“It won’t be 19! I guess we’re kind of taking it one at a time and we’re thankful for each one,” she said.

Jessa and Ben, like most in the Duggar Family, have vowed to have “as many children as God will give them” and generally don’t believe in using forms of birth control. With three kids, Jessa is the Duggar offspring with the most children, aside from her oldest brother Josh Duggar, who currently has six. The rest of her married siblings have one or two kids currently. 

Jessa, Ben and the whole Duggar clan will be back on our TV screens when the new season of ‘Counting On’ premieres this Tuesday on TLC. 

Watch Jessa and Ben’s full interview below! 

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9 Responses

  1. I always pegged Jessa for the one to break away from her parents lifestyle and become the black sheep…not Jill.

  2. As far as I know, fundamentalists don’t like the idea of adoption because the child “inherits the sin from their parents” meaning probably he could be born to a worldy mother and they wouldn’t like this idea. So I’m actually surprised they are talking about it at all. But until I see them adopting one, I’m just gonna assume it’s just a phase for them that will go away when she inevitably gets knocked up again. And again. And again. They will only have bio kids in my opinion. Jill, on the other hand, her youngest will soon be three and because she is becoming more progressive as her family, I’m sure an adoption would come to mind to her and Derick. (Especially if they decide they are done with having kids)

  3. Jim bob just told them to say that because adoption gets more views. They obviously don’t know anything about it and haven’t bothered to do any research. Like, ya know, reading. You can’t just go “sign up” at the local animal shelter to get a new puppy. Speaking as an adoptee, I hope to sweet baby jesus that they drop this idea and don’t go after anyone’s kid. This family is twisted and these two have no employable skills. Not to mention uncle pedophile.

    1. You would be surprised I’m afraid. Despite the sexual abuse and abuse going on in their house, the Duggars are or were fostering a boy and hoping to adopt him.
      Some deeply religious families will push their girls to give up their child after they have sinned and I’m afraid some families will even like the idea of a child going to a Duggar.
      Imagine what it would be like for the birth mothers to see their child on TV and in their social media etc.

    2. Sadly not true. I’m an adoptive mother and when my home study was done the first time, they told my husband and I that the general rule is no more than FOUR kids in one bedroom.

  4. They won’t be able to adopt domestically with that many young kids unless it’s someone one they know. Internationally yes

    1. Depends on the agency they go through or the state foster system. You can adopt a child with three kids under five very easily. They don’t so much look at number of kids unless they have an extreme amount. They are looking at income, stability, and the general mental and physical health of the children already in the home. Speaking from experience here.

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