‘The Challenge’ Star Kailah Casillas Announces Her Engagement to ‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’ Star Sam Bird: See the Engagement Ring!

“We’re gettin’ hitched!”

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for The Challenge star Kailah Casillas and her Ex on the Beach star boyfriend, Sam Bird.

Kailah— who has also appeared on The Real World and Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club— announced on Thursday that she accepted Sam’s proposal while they are vacationing in Greece. She shared a photo of her engagement ring on Instagram.

“I’m marrying my favorite person in the world,” Kailah captioned a photo of her holding out her ring. She tagged Sam in the photo.


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I’m marrying my favorite person in the world @samrobertbird

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“Can’t wait for the rest of our life together,” Sam replied to the post in the comment section.

Kailah first started dating in late December, just about a month after she broke up her longtime, live-in boyfriend Mikey P to go to the UK and have a short fling with her “Challenge” co-star Stephen BearShe then moved out of the Las Vegas home she had shared with Mikey.

Less than a month later, she became aware that Sam was interested in her, according to a YouTube video posted to Sam’s channel back in April.

“I was at my parents’ house for Christmas and I got a DM from a fan —if you’re watching you know who you are,” Kailah said in the video. “They were like, ‘Just so you know, Sam Bird has followed you and liked a bunch of your pictures and then unfollowed you within the last couple of months. So, he happened to be at a soccer game that day and I just replied the first [Instagram] Story that I saw.”

Kailah explained that she messaged Sam on Instagram and that night, Sam told her he was booking a trip to come see her.

Sam, who also appeared on Love Island UK, told fling Tyranny Todd during an episode of ‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’ that he was not interested in dating someone who lived on outside of Europe, and that he wasn’t ready for marriage. Apparently, though, he’s had a change of heart since meeting Kailah, who lives in the United States.

So far, Bear, Mikey P and Tyranny have yet to comment on Sam and Kailah’s engagement news. However, Kailah got plenty of congratulatory messages from some of her ‘Challenge’ co-stars.

“Congrats,” Jenna Compano (who is also engaged currently) wrote. “You guys are so cute!”

“WELCOME TO THE FAMILY @samrobertbird I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!!!! #FutureBird,” Nany Gonzalez commented.

“Congrats love birds,” Marie Roda wrote. 

On Thursday, Kailah posted some up close shots of her engagement ring to Instagram Stories, as well as a video in which she called Sam, “my future husband!” 

Kailah and Sam have yet to reveal when they plan to tie the knot. 

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  1. “Teen mon star Farrah Abraham’s most ridiculous…” – video is so annoying I can’t visit Ashley’s site anymore. It starts to play automatically every f*king time and it makes me crazy.

    1. If you have an iPhone, download the Norton ad blocker. Stops all ads on all sites, and doesn’t play farrahs annoying video. The video before this one was ‘the many looks of jenelle Evans’ 🤮You just see the still image, the video never plays.

  2. I think she hot, although she did piss the bed on national TV, which I’m just not into.

    stay lit, and dry

  3. There’s actually people out there who DM Z-list reality stars and tell them that other Z-list reality stars hve followed/unfollowed them/liked their pics? I don’t consider that a fan, I consider that an obsessed stalker. Love how it says she began the video ‘a fan DM’ed me (you know who you are)’ because she KNOWS this creeper is gonna be watching! She’s probably expecting an invite to the wedding for ‘hooking them up’ 😂

    1. Call me old fashioned but I would never do that. Yes, liked a pic of a guy I liked but that’s it. If we aren’t meant to meet again, it’s over. I just think people give way too much credit to how someone behaves online vs in real life. And yes, the fan is also creepy. I don’t even have time to check who someone followed/unfollowed from those who I do (even though Instagram does tell me when they like their posts, that’s how it was weird for me how a couple (famous in another country) who is going through a divorce is still liking each other’s pictures and following…they are apparently in friendly terms for the sake of their daughter)

      I also don’t understand why people immediately delete all proof and stop following each other when they break up, not to mention stupid social media wars. I still follow my ex on Twitter and although he doesn’t tweet (even if he would, it woludn’t bother me) we still get along, we don’t hate each other, we lived few years together, there’s nothing that will change that, not me hating and talking badly about him to everyone or deleting all proof we were together. I consider that immature.

  4. Ok i have literally no clue who these people are, but if i understand correctly, they live on different continents, and have been long distance dating for 9 months, somehow got engaged, AND she says he is her favorite person????

    Girl, do you have a mom? Do you have best friends? THOSE should be your favorite people, not some random dude skidding into your DMs 🤦🏻‍♀️. I would bet anyone $10,000 they will break up before the wedding

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