EXCLUSIVE! Here’s the Reason Briana DeJesus Blasted MTV on Twitter & Threatened to Quit Filming ‘Teen Mom 2’

“You can’t make me do anything! You’re not my boss! Oh…wait…”

Briana DeJesus seemingly quit Teen Mom 2 this week, slamming MTV and the show’s producers in a series of now-deleted tweets. The oh-so-eloquent tweets saw Bri telling those behind the show to “suck my d**k” and “find another mom to boss around,” among other things.

“I don’t get paid enough to be treated like s**t compared to these other self-centered bitches!” Bri wrote. “I’m OK with not filming.” 

The Ashley has discovered what caused Briana to become so mad as to threaten to quit her lucrative MTV gig…

Briana eventually deleted her tweets, but before doing so, she stated that she was tired of being given “ultimatums” regarding filming.

“I am the easiest person to work with,” she wrote. “I give MTV my all and I’m very transparent with a lot of things. I hate when they dangle s**t in my face or give me ultimatums. Y’all can suck my d**k and find another mom to boss around. I got my house and that’s all I needed. Bye now!”


According to The Ashley’s sources, Briana’s freakout was related to the new man in her life. (The Ashley broke the news earlier this week that Bri is dating Orlando tattoo artist Javi Gonzalez.) 

“MTV asked her to have her boyfriend get a COVID [19] test,” one source tells The Ashley. “Even if they don’t film him, he’s around her a lot, so they need him to test negative. It’s part of the COVID regulations.

“They can’t film with her until he’s tested because he’s around her so much and is a tattoo artist so there’s a risk of exposure,” the source continued. “When Briana was informed of this, she flipped out and said it wasn’t fair and that [the producers] can’t force her to do anything.”

“An on-camera STD test? Sure. But a COVID test for my man? Oh hell no!”

The source tells The Ashley that Briana’s hissy fit has basically shut down production on Briana’s shoots.

“They are not filming [with her] at all until they can come to an agreement,” the source stated. “If she doesn’t agree to have him tested, the crew can’t film around her.”

Another source tells The Ashley that those behind the show are very frustrated, as a crew has been quarantining in a “bubble”-like atmosphere for weeks in order to film Briana’s story for the new season. (The Ashley provided all the details of this bubble back in July. Click here to read about it.)

“People are very upset because they are down [in Florida], away from their families and homes for weeks in order to stay safe and get the season filmed, and now there’s this delay over a stupid test,” the second source tells The Ashley. 

“If I lose my MTV paycheck over this, I’ma be pissed!”

The second source stated that, currently, all cast  and crew members— including kids and those around cast members— are tested for COVID-19 three times a week.

“Basically, [the producers] feel that having someone who is untested around Briana will put everyone at risk, and essentially make the bubble useless,” the second source stated. 

The Ashley is told no agreement has been made as of press time.

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Very ignorant…….of her???

  2. You would think these girls would be grateful for the type of life this MTV money provides just because they got knocked up when they were teens.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This is so stupid! She could pick it up anywhere- does that mean that every person strangers included have to test? And he could be negative one day and positive the next, stupid thing ever, get a freaking clue MTV- y’all can suck a d$@k!

  4. BYE BRIANNA! You won’t be missed. You think the tests are about controlling you? NOPE it’s about keeping the people who have to follow your dirty, cringey, child panty as a tissue, whining ass safe! We all know you’re against protection of any kind, so the crew has every right to be concerned for their health.

  5. Bri is exactly the kind of moron who is probably going to Disney right now, while her Trump loving mother is claiming that Covid is a hoax invented by the Democrats.

  6. Bri is exactly the kind of moron who is probably going to Disney right now, while her Trump loving mother is claiming that Covid is a hoax that the democrats invented.

  7. Please, Please, Please let this disgusting, ignorant person with no visibly noticeable redeeming qualities quit and take her whole vile trashy family and baby Daddies with her.

  8. Prob the cringiest phrase, suck my d—. So immature but can’t say I’m surprised. Let’s get the dude a covid test to ensure everyone’s safety- an easy, quick , free test (yes I’ve gotten one!), of course that’s too much to ask for Brianna.

  9. What an immature reaction from Briana. Can’t say I’m surprised, but she should smarten up because her options are very, very limited and her whole family smooches off of her.

  10. With how boring previous seasons have been (and that is only with me reading recaps here) I can’t imagine how boring it is going to be to have an entire of these entitled bitches in quarantine ??

  11. First thought. She’s scared he’s gonna leave her because he’s going to consistently need to be tested. Dummy.

  12. Bri: Please find “another” way to vent your frustrations and stop telling people to suck your d*ck.

    Girl, what are you…12?


    1. Can you imagine if it was a male cast member who used this phrase as much as she does? He’d prob be fired for sexual harassment! Seriously, it’s just so crass.

  13. Did Javier (a.k.a Javi II) read this fit?! Dude, this is the woman who might be the future mother of your children, run while you can!

    1. Good Bri! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out bc u won’t be missed at all!! The show should sue u not you should use the show!!! You just used them to pay for your house!! Just like Jenelle you are nothing but trouble!!! I doubt that you have a real job!!

  14. I’m so over this trick.. She’s had two girls with different father’s. Then sleeps with one of them again without any protection, gets the clap and still plays herself off as a victim!!!
    Now she’s sprung off some new dick and is having a hissy fit about keeping the crew safe. You’ve got to be joking.
    MTV and the production company needs to pack up and leave. She’s not doing anything with her life other than sleeping around unprotected getting STDS… If you’re going to act like a hoe you might as well charge and make some money to support those children you’re having.

    1. Not only that her mother has Lupus so is high risk and there are children in that household. She is so selfish that she wants to expose everyone, her family and the MTV crew. She adds nothing to the show. She will have another baby by this guy and it will be the same old story– deadbeat dad who never comes around to see his kid. Never mentions the abuse her family inflicts on the so-called dads. Granted nothing and no one should keep a father from his child but the way those three women treat men I kind of get it. Too bad the only ones who suffer in the end are Nova and Stella.

  15. If they (the crew) aren’t around him and she and all her family members get tested 3x a week it shouldn’t even matter if he does not get tested. He did not sign up for this. It’s a whole different story if they are going to be filming him though.

    1. That’s a fair point, if he isn’t filming.
      However, I’m assuming as healthcare isn’t free in America that covid tests cost money? (idk) if that’s the case, why would you not willingly have a 30 second test 3 times a week, for peace of mind to keep your customers safe if MTV are paying

      1. @leave me aloneeee – I’m guessing it’s free. You make a good point there. I just think it’s wild that they’re making him get a test taken when he’s not even filming for the show and probably won’t be around the crew.

        @ YO MAMA – Very good point! I just hate it for him that he’s having to do this when he didn’t sign up for it. I know it’s necessary to keep everyone safe though and I’m one that is all for doing what I can to keep others safe from Covid. I wonder how much he gets tested considering that he’s a tattoo artist & that he also has two young children as well.

    2. She could infect them if she’s exposed between tests. If she’s tests neg Monday morning, but sees a covid positive Javi Monday night, then she won’t know she’s positive for 3 more days and could infect several people during that time.

      That’s why this virus is so insidious. You’ve infected others before you know you have it.

  16. Isn’t it great the number of Karens this show has produced? I can’t wait for this show to get canceled.

  17. They’re making all cast and family members take these several times a week! My understanding was , if contracted it incubates about two weeks… maybe they found a way to detect early. They sure are putting out some bucks for all this testing , just to film this shit.
    I had this test 3 times already; not for symptoms, for out patient procedures.Theyre extremely uncomfortable! I can see why he wouldn’t want this every other day; at least be fair and take one to ease their minds, and then stay away so she’s not violating her contract.

    1. Symptoms can start from 2-6 days. Yes, though, it is generally contagious around 2 weeks but people can still be testing positive after for awhile.

      1. My dad’s doctor said he could test positive for 90 days or longer even though he’ll long be done with the quarantine isolation period. That’s just crazy!

  18. Irony, going to planned parenthood for std testing twice a week, complaining about new boyfriend taking Covid test. What’s he hiding? What’s she hiding? We will find out soon enough, since she’s such an open book. Wonder if this guy spit in her you-know-what

  19. Just recruit another former “star” with a kid or kids, or better yet..can her, and ALL of them, let’s just let the new 16&P role and dump these worthless “stars.”

  20. So…she doesn’t get PAID enough by MTV to be treated like shit, but she was letting Luis great her like shit for free? Luis was having sex with her and giving her all types of sexually transmitted stuff, and he doesn’t have to pay her anything? Not even child support?…Ok Brianna.

    1. Even though she is on the show for not so long, I think Briana is the most entitled here! Why didn’t they just quit while she was on Teen Mom 3?! Oh yeah, she got knocked up by a one-night stand, of course she was worth coming to TM2! (And the fact that Kail and her hate each other)

  21. My brother was just tested for covid due to a few people testing positive where he works. He had no symptoms but went to be safe. The doctor told him that his test could be a false negative because he’s not currently showing symptoms so it could still be dormant.. which leads me to believe that testing these poor people 3 times a week is pointless torture

    1. They are using the equivalent to the dollar store birth control test. Some of these test are possibly already predetermained results. NC admitted that 7000 people were told in error that they had COVID when they didnt have it. If they admitted to 7000 imagine how many errors there really are?

  22. Briana has absolutely no leg to stand on in this argument. So because she doesn’t want to upset her new “boyfriend”, she thinks she’s entitled to put other people’s lives in jeopardy? What a stupid bitch. Been on the show what? 3 seasons? and thinks she can act like a diva? These girls need to realize they are replaceable…just look at Farrah or her buddy Jenelle. Got her house and that’s all she needed? PFFT! Just because you got the house doesn’t mean you’ll have enough money to sustain it in the future.

    About to mess up the best opportunity of her life over some more community dick..we all know it’s only a matter of time before it comes out this one is cheating on her too like all the others.

  23. She probably has PTSD from all the STD tests she had to take in her life. Hears the word “test” and immediately thinks oh no not another STD. lol trashbag

  24. OMG this Little girl is stupid. For that kind of money whats a little covid test? She woukd actually give up her salary which she uses to care for her girls (Because you know she has no J-O-B) For some worthless guy that obvously isnt going to support her daughters should those MTV checks stop coming. ALL OVER A COVID TEST

    1. I totally agree with you.. but I think she actually does have a job. She asks her mom and sister to watch the kids so she can go to work all the time. Clearly paying nothing like her MTV gig tho.

      1. She said on an episode (old episode) that she does work. Something todo w/ a call center, and renting condo’s
        But no way is that a BIG FAT Mtv paycheck, for doing nothing.

  25. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    What a selfish dumbass

  26. “most easiest”
    It’s not like they’re asking something super unreasonable to stir up drama.. they’re asking him to take a 30 second test. Doesn’t sound like she’s the “most easiest” to me

  27. Brianna is the biggest asshole when it comes to men!! She obviously doesn’t use birth control or practice safe sex seeing as she has 2 daughters with 2 different men, 1 she get pregnant with the night she met the guy in the clubs bathroom!! Ahaaa that’s classy!! Then because she is horny she hits up baby daddy number 2 and he gives her no baby this time but an STI. Does this girl ever learn?! Then her mother has the balls to get pissed at Luis when it was her daughter who invited herself back to Luis’s house for sex and kept seeing him for sex!! Why not yell at your daughter and yourself for not teaching her better?!

  28. I am sorry but this girl is annoying! She gets paid tons of money…okay MTV just be done with her and find somebody else that could use the money. Fire this chick and let her go. Jesus some people are just plain out annoying and she is one of them!!!

    1. She is very selfless, get rid of her…if she and the new baby daddy ( because you know “he is the one” for her she will be pregnant in no time) do go on in addition to the covid test throw in an STD test also

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