Teen Mom News Pile: Leah Messer Defends Daughter Addie’s Bad Behavior, Jade Cline Defends Briana DeJesus After She’s Called A Skank & More

“Get off my back, y’all! It ain’t my job to keep these youngins in line! Oh…wait.”

From defending their kids to defending their title as most annoying singer ever, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2 and 16 and Pregnant news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Leah Messer defends daughter Addie’s hellacious behavior.

“Y’all got a dang problem with it?”

Leah Messer’s youngest daughter Addie displayed some less-than-favorable behavior on this week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ from serving up some sassy backtalk to straight up destroying property owned by the film crew.

While it looked as though Addie basically runs things in both of her parents’ homes, Leah came to her daughter’s defense after fans criticized the seven-year-old’s wild ways— and Leah’s lack of discipline. 

Leah attempted to explain a particular incident that occurred on Tuesday’s episode, in which Addie defaced a producer’s microphone with a piece of used gum.

“That’s just pitiful she behaves like this,” a viewer tweeted of the microphone scene, to which Leah claimed Addie “did not intentionally put gum on the mic.”

“She had a wrapper and sat the mic down on it,” she continued. “For crying out loud, she was 6.”

Still, plenty of viewers commented about Addie’s behavior on recent episodes.

“Addie is old enough to know better! She was smiling and laughing about the gum the whole time. Intentional or not, Addie could have taken the gum off herself. She laughed about it, and repeatedly speaks inappropriately to Leah, IMHO,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“The bottom line is they always think her behavior is cute and often she is very fresh and really disrespectful,” another person tweeted.

Leah didn’t try to make any excuses for Addie’s other shenanigans; however, she previously mentioned the episodes that featured her girlseses’ e-learning, calling out Addie for “disobeying.”


“ … I may or may not have had a student disobeying her new principal/teacher in the episode,” she wrote. “Cough.. cough.. @adalyncalvert. Where are my moms at that can relate in 2020!?”

Jade Cline stands up for her “skank a**” co-star Briana DeJesus.

“Skanky or not, I’ve got you, girl!”

Briana may not have the support she wants from her baby daddies, but at least one of her co-stars has her back.

Jade came to Briana’s defense this week after a fan told called Bri a “skank a**,” right after telling Jade that she needs to get glammed up before filming.

“Sorry babes but you are always a hot mess these days,” a viewer wrote in a message to Jade online. “You should do yourself up a little bit when you’re filming. But Briana is way worse she is SKANK a**.”

“My STD test be negative now so….”

Jade took a screenshot of the message and shared it to her Instagram Story, tagging Briana in the post.

“Lmao the audacity but at least she got the hot part right,” Jade wrote. “Briana you a skank a** I swear my DMs stayyyyy killing me.”

Briana found some humor in Jade’s DM as well and went on to share the image on her own Instagram Story.

“Lmfao literally crying,” Jade wrote.

Original “16 and Pregnant” Star Megan McConnell Surprises Her 10-Year-Old Son With the News That He Was Born on MTV

“In a decade, you’re gonna be shocked!”

Megan appeared on the second season of “16 and Pregnant in 2010, alongside original ‘Teen Mom 2′ stars Kail, Chelsea, Leah and Jenelle. Since she wasn’t chosen to participate in a spin-off, Megan has maintained a low-profile in the decade since she appeared on “16 and Pregnant.” Megan— who is now 27 and the mom of three kids– posted a video to Twitter on Tuesday in which she informs her oldest son, Blake, that he was born on MTV.

Blake, who turns 11 next month, apparently had no idea that he and Megan were on the show, and his reaction is pretty priceless.

“Did you know that there was a show called ’16 and Pregnant?’ Did you know…that I was on that show?” Megan asks.

Blake is shocked, screeching, “YOU WERE ON THAT SHOW?” 

He is even more surprised to learn that his birth was filmed for the show.

“What?! We’re on a TV show?!” he asks.

“I wasn’t going to tell you but it’s almost come up multiple times,” Megan explains. “Even at the store… one of the cashiers almost said something. So I wanted to tell you.”

Megan said that she chose to tell Blake this week because it’s the 10-year anniversary of her episode airing.

“Yesterday marks 10 years since it aired,” she said. “It will still sometimes randomly play.”

“That’s crazy!” Blake squeals.

Watch the cute moment below! 

Farrah & Sophia Abraham rocked our eardrums with yet another Ho-Ho-Ho-rrible Tune

“My assaults on music know no bounds!”

Just when you think the 2020 holiday season couldn’t be any more of a driveway Porta-Potty than it already is, here comes Farrah with another one of her equivalent-to-torture musical offerings!

Farrah and her daughter Sophia posted the new “music video” (which is basically just a slideshow of photos of them) for their new song, “Jingle Bell Rock.” The Abraham girls screech, squawk and squeal through the holiday classic, making the listener wish that Starburst the Mini Horse would do them a favor and chew their ears off.

In the photos, Farrah has, for some reason, acquired an accordion, which she poses with. She has also turned the volume on her Casio “Sing-With-Me” microphone set to the highest possible volume, to create that perfect Winter Wonderland “Ear Bleed” sound. 

Sophia pipes in at one point, and sounds much better than Mommy Dearest’s ear-blasting attempts at singing.

Farrah posted a sample of “Jingle Bell Rock” to her Instagram account and, needless to say, it was not met with holiday cheer.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by F A R R A H A B R A H A M (@farrahabraham)

“There’s something wrong with you. You need professional mental help,” one person wrote in the comment section.

“The fact that autotune can’t even BEGIN to correct your ungodly singing voice completely encapsulates 2020 Xmas for me, and my family,” another person wrote.

“Thanks for the nightmare fuel,” another person wrote in the comment section.

If you’re truly feeling masochistic, you can head over to Farrah’s YouTube channel, where she’s posted yet another auto-tuned-and-awful music video, this time for the song “Holly Jolly Christmas.”

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: Instagram; Twitter; MTV)


  1. That Blake is adorable. I am sure things would have turned out differently for him if his mom had been chosen for TM. Probably the best thing that ever happened to either of them that she wasn’t.

  2. It’s been said in the comments section so many times before, but poor Sophia. She seems to be experiencing the most bizarre and warped childhood. Given her mother’s and Debz OG’s antics, there isn’t much hope and I feel kind of bad calling Sophia bratty since that poor kid never had a shot at being sweet.

    Maybe Sophia spends some time with Farrah’s sister Ashley who seems to be semi-normal and her family, but Farrah probably doesn’t let Sophia do any normal kids things or be around normal people. She wasn’t going to school pre-pandemic and my guess is Sophia isn’t involved in normal activities like sports or gymnastics.

    There isn’t as much of an excuse for Addie’s bratiness, but Addie does crave attention. Maybe if her dad were around more she wouldn’t act up as much. When she’s older, she’ll be seeking unhealthy attention from boys because of her daddy issues.

  3. If I disrespected an adult like Addie did, I wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a week. Six years old is too old to be behaving that way.

  4. So, Leah is:

    1. Bad mother
    2. Drug addict
    3. Displays whorish behavior
    4. Unintelligent
    5. Two time failed marriage partner

    What a resume

    stay lit

  5. Addie is most definitely a brat. She has always been a brat and Leah seems to think it is just the cutest thing. Wait until she is a teenager and see how cute Leah and Jeremy think her smart mouth is. Megan’s son is adorable, I don’t remember Megan though.

    1. Agree. Leah should discipline Addie now, it’s easier to discipline a 6yo then a 16yo.
      Addie herself sass-mouths both her parents. She’s the tail wagging this dog…

      1. Germy puts up with the sass-mouthing because he’s a half-assed, semi-absentee father and he knows it, especially when compared to Corey. He’s playing the role the nice and fun dad to make up for it.

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