‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Says Her Ex Corey Simms Owes Her An Apology for How He Treated Her During Her Drug Addiction: “[It] Should Be Mutual”

“I’m waitin’ Corey Tyler!”

Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 showed Leah Messer chatting with her ex-husband Corey Simms about the period of time in which she was struggling with a drug addiction. During the episode, Leah said she wishes Corey and his wife Miranda would have been more supportive to her during that time, and that they all could have communicated better. 

When a fan stated on Instagram that Leah owed Corey an apology for trying to get the show’s fans to hate Corey during the period she was using drugs, Leah disagreed.

In a now-deleted Instagram comment, Leah suggested that Corey owes her an apology for how he acted toward her during that time.

(As you may remember, Corey attempted to snatch custody of their twins from Leah due to him suspecting she was using drugs.)

“Stevie Freakin’ Wonder could’ve seen that Leah were doin’ drugs during that time!”

“Apologies are great in healing and I feel the apology should be mutual,” Leah wrote in response to the fan that said Leah demonized Corey when he was trying to protect his daughters.

(Screenshot from Reddit)

Leah wrote that Corey needed to apologize to her for making her feel like she’d lose “everything” if she admitted her addiction.

“Try being the person going through it and losing everything if you owned your struggle with addiction,” Leah wrote. “Had the safe place been created for me to openly discussed with Corey and get the help I needed I don’t think our communication would have been so ineffective and constantly in courts.”

Leah eventually deleted her comment. 

On Tuesday’s episode, Leah and Corey talked about that time period.

“I look back at that moment and I wish each of us, all of us including your wife, could have communicated it a little different,” Leah told Corey. 

“We was very supportive but that turned to anger,” Corey told her during the episode.

“Well, we was!”

Miranda and Leah have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, even getting into a huge argument during a ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping in 2015. However, Leah has stated that in the years since that time, she and Miranda have improved their relationship

“We could’ve communicated better,” Corey said during the episode. “Our communication now is where it should be. I dreaded the drop-offs for years, but now it’s pretty simple.”

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(Photos: MTV; Reddit)

29 Responses

  1. She needs to thank him profusely and perpetually! MTV was happy to use her addiction for their own pockets. Jeremy was ineffective. Mama Dawn has got to be one of the worst enablers there is. So who else besides Corey and Miranda were truly looking out for the welfare of the children?? Who held her accountable and therefore helped her to sobriety? Clearly, Leah hasn’t grown as much as she’d have us believe. She still has an addict’s mentality.

  2. It was not Corey’s job to set up a safe space for Leah. It was not his job to tiptoe around her addiction. It was his job to protect their daughters, which he did. She should be thanking him profusely for the rest of her fucking life.

  3. NOBODY owes ANYBODY and apology for not being nice to them while their CHOICE to do drugs destroyed other people’s lives. LEAH is the ONLY one that needs to be sorry about that time period and the effects HER choices had on people. Corey had every right to take the girls from her for their own good and Miranda has every right to dislike Leah. Where the hell does she get off thinking they need to be sorry?

  4. Isn’t one of the 12 steps making amends and asking for forgiveness? I can’t seem to find one that has people apologize to the former addict.

  5. Typical addict behavior. Leah needs to own and take total responsibility for her addiction. If ANY one needs to apologize, it’s Leah! Stop being the “victim”. I say this as a recovering alcoholic, with many, many years of sobriety. Leah has a long way to go, and a lot to learn. I also fear her involvement in her “Cult” will not help either her recovery or her mental health, in general!

  6. Leah has always treated Cory like garbage. From the time she was pregnant to today. She’s always quick to throw him under the bus when he has been a stand up parent to the girls and avoids the drama. No one is perfect but when he took her to court it probably was the push she needed to get help and move on.

  7. If I was Corey I would have fought for sole custody and not apologized one bit. Absolutely ridiculous that she thinks he should apologize- she was the one choosing to abuse drugs while the children were in her care.

  8. Leah, Corey doesn’t owe you shit. Still trying to put the blame on others instead of yourself. He was trying to protect his kids. Something you clearly didn’t care about. You owe apologies to Corey, Miranda and your daughters. They did nothing wrong. You can’t holler Monkey whenever you feel like deflecting responsibility. You’re obviously still high if you think he owes you anything. Be grateful for the fact that he was looking out for the girls and keeping them safe from their irresponsible mother. He did you a favor. You need to be kissing his ass!

  9. I’ve been rooting for Leah ever since she’s shown that she takes her sobriety seriously, and is trying to be better and do better, but NOPE…he doesn’t owe her an apology. Drug addicts put people and families through HELL, and she wanted them to “communicate better”? Some of the most drugged out scenes on TM2 have come from Leah. We all saw the “dye in the baby’s head” scene, and we all saw the most drugged out scene in TM2 history where Leah was slurring her words and nodding off while holding a baby…That scene was worse to me than when Jenelle and Keiffah were cracked out on the couch, at least Jenelle and Keiffah didn’t have any kids around.

    Leah needs to understand there was going to be no constructive communication with her during that time period. She should be the one thanking Corey for being a present and great father, and taking custody of the girlses while she was stoned out of her mind, and not allowing them to go with her family or become wards of the state. She should be thanking him for letting her back in the girlses lives after all the crap she was pulling during that time. What does she expect him to say? Sorry I wasn’t more patient with you while you spiraled out of control, disrespected my wife, and putting my kids in danger? Like what? It’s called TOUGH LOVE. They don’t owe Leah any more than what they’re giving her.

  10. Leah needs to seriously start going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings and look at the steps and do them. If there is a problem co-parenting, it has been Leah to blame. Miranda and Corey get absolutely s**t on all the time for no good reason.

  11. I like Leah but, that is ridiculous. Corey does not owe her an apology and I think Leah should be thanking him for protecting their girls and waking her up to her addiction. She would have denied her addiction regardless if Corey was seeking custody or not. Corey and Miranda might have been more supportive of Leah admitted to it and active seeker help. It was honestly her wake up call that she couldn’t hide her addiction and she was about to lose everything because of it.

    So, no Leah, Corey doesn’t owe you an apology.

  12. Does mtv train these girls how to be the perpetual victims they are?!
    She was drug addicted to the point she was passing out (once on tape holding a baby) who knows what else could have been happening behind her double wide doors?! She owes Corey an apology and a big thank you for not taking more drastic action. Corey has been a great father he was always present and took care of his kids. Leah’s been jumping man to man doing drugs trashing cars and houses MONKEY! Stand in your power Leah and realize your kids are the victims here not you. Disgusting.

  13. Leah still refuses to take accountability. Corey did what he was supposed to do, which was to try to protect his children. Leah did everything she could to make the public and the girlses think Corey and Miranda were being spiteful. To claim that he owes her an apology for not handling her with kid gloves while she was endangering her children is gross.

  14. Webster’s Dictionary defines “accountability” as “the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.” … Accountability is a willingness to accept responsibility for our own actions.Sep 30, 2019

    Leah is everything that is wrong in the world.

    stay lit, and blame everyone else

  15. So…Leah believes that Corey owes her an apology for thinking that she was a drug addict when she was, in fact, a drug addict. Hmmm.

    OK, I’ll write it for you, Corey:

    Dear Leah, I’m so sorry that I was right. I know you have no idea what being right feels like, since you’ve never been right, but let me tell you it feels pretty good.

    Sorry that I told the world you were a drug addict before you had a chance to put it in your memoir that you could sell to try to keep yourself relevant. Sincerely, Corey

  16. Corey doesn’t owe Leah anything. She was addicted to drugs and his first concern was their children, as it should have been. We saw her passing out on TV and you can only be supportive for so long, especially since she had to be forced into rehab. They are in a better place now, why even bring it up?

  17. If you confess you have a problem & want help, that shows you want it.
    But if you are confronted & refuse to admit or accept it, then he needs to protect his kids until he sees that you want to get better & is on the right path

  18. He probably was nice to her in the beginning, I can imagine when her drug abuse began, he noticed something, but she probably denied it and denied and gaslighted and avoided him like the plague. She probably got real angry when he brought it up. Finally he gets frustrated and angry and has to take action, which ain’t no fun at all, but must be done. He probably then felt really guilty about taking the girlses, and felt bad that he couldn’t do anything to stop her addiction, embarrassment that everyone knew, and worried about her health, her job, potential legal problems. Leah, girl, stand in your power and own this. What’s the 5th step? Does it say anything about getting your family to make amends? No? Why is that? Signed, been there, done that. I’ve been the addict and thankfully that’s over (30 years). Many times since, I’ve been on Corey’s end.

  19. Leah cannot POSSIBLY think Corey owes her an apology. She’s delusional. She basically tried to get the fans to hate Miranda and act like a victim. When the whole time she was high on drugs putting her kids in danger. She needs to thank her lucky stars Corey didn’t terminate her ability to see her kids.
    Both her and Jeremy need to stop acting like Corey isn’t a good dad. It’s old and tired and we see through it.

    1. Oh, I completely forgot the hate Miranda got from her fans. To be frank, it should have been MIRANDA hating on Leah because he slept with her while they were already married! (Of course it was Corey’s fault too but it takes two to tango, both are to blame…look if one is willing to cheat but the other says no, it would have never happened (and let’s forget for a second how this makes the one in relationship (here marriage) untrustworthy)

  20. I don’t think Corey owes Leah an apology at all. The things he said and did were out of concern for his children. Corey is a good guy and a great dad.

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