Teen Mom News Pile: David Eason Gets Zinged; Rachel Beaver Gets In An Online Fight with Her Mom & More

“I reckon if y’all bump our MTV paychecks a bit we’ll do a mother/daughter mud wrestlin’ special for ya!”

From to lashing out at their mom via social media to letting MTV make a special out of a family secret, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so… 

Rachel Beaver gets heated on social media over a stimulus check.

“This ain’t cool, mom.”

‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ star Rachel earned a spot on her mom Stephanie’s bad side last month after choosing to spend Christmas in Texas with her boyfriend instead of at home with her family. In an act of possible retaliation, Rachel is says her mom is now withholding her stimulus check. 

Rachel hit up the ‘gram Monday, calling out Stephanie for not forking over the funds – which she claims belong to her infant daughter, Hazelee.

“Whenever your mom won’t give you your daughter’s stimulus money because she’s mad you chose to get your daughter away from a toxic & gross living situation saying ‘you don’t deserve it.’ Really? Because your mad at me your going to take money from your own granddaughter,” Rachel wrote. “But oh y’all wonder why I talk to my mom the way I do on TV. Y’all wonder why I act the way I do, I keep it real on TV she plays an act to try & make me look like I’m the only problem.” 

Rachel promised to “air this s**t out” and “go into detail” about her trauma on ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ this year. 

“Imma show ya some dang trauma!”

“ … I’m no longer going to be silent,” she said in another post on her Instagram Story. “The truth needs to come out.” 

Rachel claimed she only lived “in a place like that” – aka with her mom – because she didn’t have another choice until now. 

“I’m glad I got my daughter out of the situation when I did because she doesn’t deserve to grow up living that way,” she wrote. 

Rachel also claimed that Stephanie is accusing her of being on drugs. 

“A person that left me for men & drugs my whole life is now going to tell me I’m on drugs,” she wrote on Instagram. “Pls make this make sense WHAT?” 

Rachel then provided some screenshots of Stephanie allegedly accusing her of being on drugs. 

On Tuesday, Rachel unleashed another stream of posts to her Instagram Story, this time, addressing taxes. According to Rachel, she agreed to let her mom claim her and Hazelee when filing taxes under the agreement that Stephanie would give her the money she owed her after she received her tax return. However, Rachel said Stephanie only gave her $100.

She also denied living with her mom for most of that time, claimed that she moved in with her ex-boyfriend (and baby daddy) Drew at when she was 15 and continued living with him until she was 16 and pregnant. 

In another post, Rachel claimed her MTV checks were taking care of Stephanie and that her rant wasn’t about her not getting her $600 stimulus check, but rather the fact that Stephanie “stole from my daughter and has always been a sh***y mom.” 

Surprisingly, Stephanie came to Rachel’s defense over the weekend after some people insulted the ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ star’s eyebrows on her most recent social media post.

However, instead of making nice with her mom in the comment section, Rachel took an opportunity to deny allegations her mom made online of Rachel blowing through $6,000 in less than a month and requesting additional funds. 

“Wtf, proof? I haven’t asked her for s**t,” Rachel responded to the comment. “I haven’t even barely talked to her. I’ve been moved out.” 

Briana DeJesus gets a surprise sibling and an MTV special. 

“There’s only room for one couch-surfing sibling in this family.”

In a clip from an upcoming special on MTV, ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Briana DeJesus appears to receive a message from someone that reads, “I don’t know if you knew, but you have a brother.” 


The clip then shows Briana’s mom Roxanne defending her decision to keep this information to herself, claiming she was not trying to hide anything, but rather protect Briana.

“I swear on my red high heels that my intentions were good!”

We then see Briana’s sister Brittany storm out of the front door. (This was clearly filmed at the Apartment of Broken Dreams, before the DeJesus crew moved into their new home.) 

Briana has since shared the clip to her Instagram, defending her family and hinting that despite what is shown in the clip, things are good among the family today. 

“I wanted to come on here and just say that no matter what happens or what happened… I love all parties that were involve,” Briana wrote on Instagram. “This was and still is a sensitive matter to everyone but I’m glad things came to light. I love you mom, I love you Brittany, I love you dad and I love my brother and his family!” 

Back in February 2020, Briana announced online that she had received a private message on Instagram that informed her that she had a 14-year-old half-brother in New York who had the same father as her. She visited him several times in New York before inviting him to visit her and her family in Florida.

“Ok so quick story—I posted a photo of my parents last year and I received a very interesting dm that had me shoookth on IG and long story short— I met my 14 year old brother in nyc and he’s the cutest,” she tweeted. “He is coming next week to Florida to visit.” 

Despite the seemingly happy reunion (and the fact that they were able to squeeze a ‘Teen Mom’ Special out of it), fans online were quick to point out that this is not the first time Roxanne has withheld a big secret from her children.

“..of keeping major family secrets from us!”

When she, Brittany and Briana appeared on VH1’s Family Therapy in 2015, Roxanne broke the news to her daughters that they do not share the same father, as they had been raised to believe. 

“Her mom did the same thing to Brittany,” one person wrote. “Not telling Brittany that her and Bri had different dads. Her whole life she grew up thinking they had the same dad when that wasn’t true.” 

“Damn you mom has kept a lot of secrets from you and Brittany regarding family,” another commented. “How do y’all trust her lol.” 

“Teen Mom 2: Briana’s Family Secret” airs Tuesday, January 19 on MTV.

Chris Lopez reveals one of (the many) reasons he & Kail Lowry have issues co-parenting . 

Honorable mentions: petty social media posts & podcast rants.

The toxic on-off relationship between Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez has definitely been more “off” than “on” over the years and this week, Chris revealed something the pair is struggling with when it comes to co-parenting their children, 3 year-old Lux and 6 month-old Creed. 

On Tuesday’s episode of Chris’ podcast, P.T.S.D – Pressure Talks with Single Dads, the father of two explained that different religious and spiritual beliefs have resulted in “conflict” between himself and Kail. (In the past, Kail has stated that she is an atheist.) 

“So, in a sense, you know, I’m a spiritual person,” he said. “You know, I’m not religious, I’m spiritual. I believe in a higher power. The mother of my kids doesn’t really. So to me, I could sit here and [say] it causes some conflict in a sense.” 

“For what it’s worth, I’m totally open to any religion that involves Chris worshiping me.”

Chris went on to share with listeners how the difference in beliefs has affected his and Kail’s kids. 

“I literally pray before I eat,” he said. “I bow my head and I say a little grace real quick and I’m trying to get my son on it. All I do is this: I tell him to stand in front of his food, put his hands together and say, ‘Amen.’ This little boy has the biggest problem with just saying, ‘Amen.’ No lie. He has a fit, damn near about to cry cause I’m like, ‘Yo, just put your head down and say Amen.’ He doesn’t want to do it. 

Lux is nothing if not consistent.

“I’m like, ‘You know what? Just go ahead and do what you want, you little satanic child,’” he said jokingly. 

Chris said he doesn’t “really trip about it” because he knows Lux doesn’t understand, however, he’s not going to shy away from what he believes in just because his children’s other parent doesn’t share the same beliefs. 

“We’re going to have to come to some type of agreement, you know, a respect level,” he said. “You might not believe in something that I do, so respect that. You feel me? And I feel like that’s what a lot of parents do. Some parents believe in whatever and other parents don’t, so it causes conflict. Nah, we ain’t doing that over here.” 

David Eason tried to be “manly” and got ripped for it

“Don’t want to cover my beautiful mug!”

David took to Facebook earlier this week to express his views on mask mandates, telling his followers, “Real men don’t wear masks.” While Mr. Jenelle Evans may have been trying to stir the pot for attention, he instead got plenty of backlash— and a ton of comments about his own manliness…or lack thereof. 

While many people pointed out that “real men protect their families” and “being a man doesn’t have anything to do with wearing a mask,” others took the opportunity to send David some zingers about being employment-challenged, not paying child support for his son Kaden, his past dog-shooting actions, and more.

“Real men dont beat their wives, get high and drunk around their children,” one person wrote in the comment section of the post. “Real men work and help to support their family. Real men pay child support. Real men provide a stable home environment for their family. The list really does go on and on…..”

“Real men don’t hit women…Real men don’t murder animals….Real men keep jobs…Anyone want to keep it going?” someone else wrote. 

“Don’t you have some family pets to go shoot?” another person wrote. 

“You guys ain’t nice.”

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32 Responses

  1. Anyone else notice that Lux is always naked from his waist and up. The kid is like that in practically every scene.


  2. Briana and Co. sucked every last thing they could get from the baby daddy story line so now they move onto this.

  3. Rachel doesn’t need to agree to anything when it comes to her mother claiming her and the baby as dependents. Legally, she has every right since she supports her underage daughter and the baby.
    Get a job and support your own child instead of making your mother pay for everything and the people who pay taxes so you can collect welfare and sit on the couch all day, posting selfies of yourself on social media.

    Grow up Rachel. Blaming your mother for you getting pregnant? GTFO
    Stephanie may have been a shitty mom before but she doesn’t deny any of it. Instead, she realizes all the mistakes she’s made and started to live a good life and become a good mother. She’s trying to break the cycle but your not helping.

    How about asking your baby daddy for child support? If he was paying child support then he would be the one claiming the baby as a dependent BUT that means he would have to have a job and work. He too prefers to sit on the couch all day with you.

  4. Every single one of them belong on the Maury Povich show with all the different baby daddies going on over here.

    Too bad Jerry Springer isn’t around anymore.

  5. People need to realize what each one is about before entering into a relationship or having a baby.
    Religion, cultures, races and even politics are major issues if all parties don’t agree with each other.

    A child should have equal exposure on the different religions, different races and different politics that his or her parents believe in.

    Once the child grows up, he can make his own decision and perhaps change his views.

    Children shouldn’t have to pick sides because the parents don’t get along or have different beliefs. Show a child everything you can. Don’t mock what the other parent is doing.

  6. Religion was created for people like he Beavers who will worship their addiction if there nothing else take its place. Kail should have kids with an atheist like herself if she doesnt want her kids to be raised in a faith. That would require she actually gets to know the man before she gets knocked up. We all know thats not Kailyn style. Don’t have kids with a professional butcher if you know you want your kids to be raised as vegans.

  7. Jesus take the wheel, these girls can’t even spell!! TRAUMA and BARELY! I’d be mad as hell if I was their moms too. Can’t even spell small words, embarrassing.

  8. REAL men have a job…even 2 jobs..
    REAL men isn’t something you know anything about. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Nope.

  9. Also love how Rachel blocked her mom on fb before her mom could REALLY go into detail and provide receipts on who this Caitlin and Co. were and what was going on. Totally believe Rachel is on drugs. They live in rural Tennessee, meth and heroin galore. It appears Malorie drinks (for now,) but they’ve got the addict gene from their mom, and who knows what kind of loser their father is/was… I fully believe both will be strung on something by age 25, with or without MTV money.

  10. Didn’t read past the Beaver drama, but Stephanie deserves that check. She pays all the bills, puts a roof over Rachel & Hazelee’s heads, and pays for all their food most likely. So, Rachel, when you’re moved out, have a full time and are claiming Hazelee on your taxes, paying all your bills and shit, THEN you deserve your stimulus check!

  11. I kind of agree with Rachel’s mom… I don’t watch the show so I don’t know the story. But if you’re living rent free at your mom’s house then the money should go to your mom. I’d feel like that’s the least I could do if I was in that position.

    I didn’t think Kail would have an issue with religion and co-parenting as much as being an anti-vaxxer and co-parenting. I view her baby daddies as guys who would want their kids vaccinated.

  12. [* Shield Security plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Forcing your kid to pray is religious abuse. Not to mention calling him satanic. Don’t sugarcoat your religious abuse calling it spiritual. You are 100% religious Chris.
    I’m not fan of Kail, but this man sure is a fking joke. Why on earth she wanted kids with him in the first place, I’ll probably never going understand it.

    1. Thank you! I always felt incredibly uncomfortable as a child asked to say amen (rarely in my household but when it happened to come up at certain dinners or events) and I had no idea you could even choose to not believe in a god. When I learned such a thing as atheism existed (in grade 5? I think) it was like a giant lightbulb and confetti popper went off and I was like “OH I don’t HAVE to believe any of this! This is amazing!”
      I would find a lot of tension trying to coparent with someone religious. That would be hard to navigate. Also… being an atheist does not equal satanism Chris….

    2. Freedom of religion is not important for people who voted thumbs down. They also forgot that Chris is cherry picking, he has had $ex before marriage, which resulted illegitimate kids, but is forcing his son to pray before eating. That’s also why he claims to be spiritual, not religious. Yet he calls his son satanic. Chris did you remember to tell him he’s going to hell?
      His truly is a joke. Still Kail chose to have kids with him. That makes her even a bigger joke.

      If anyone is struggling and needs atheistic peer support, please check out the Atheist Experience channel on YT. Or if you are experiencing religious abuse go to spiritualabuseresources.com

      Ashley’s mods! This can be very important information for someone, don’t censor.

    3. THANK YOU! I deal with this with my kids dad. He will withhold their food until they pray. I’ve tried reporting this, but because my kids won’t say anything and I’m not there with proof AND their obviously being fed, the state won’t do anything.

  13. Kail can bully Chris because he seems to be scared to take her to court. Joe and Javier probably raised their kids up in their religons and made sure it was in the custody agreement but since Chris seem scared of court he will keep getting bullied by Kail.

    1. Child also dont believe that they shouldnt dig up their nose and eat whatever they can dig out. Parents are supposed to guide their kids and religous guidance isnt automatically abusive. Most young kids have a phase where they refuse to say “thank you” and “im sorry” is that abuse too?

    2. If he goes to court, chances are he’s going to also get a past due child support money and will be responsible to pay it every month.

      1. Kail will end up paying Chris Child support if they split custody. Thats why stopped dragging Joe and Javier to court because Joe was awarded child support.Like most vum parents (male and female) Chris would keep his kids if he could get a check for it.

  14. Lurch is so pathetic that the only way he can make himself feel good is by posting bulls**t and waiting for people to respond. I’ve said it before, I’m pretty sure he stalks around the Land all day stewing at what a failure he is. It must kill him to be Mr. Jenelle who is unemployable, living in a sinking house paid for by his wife and living off of the fumes from her bank account, knowing anyone that knows anything about him thinks he’s a joke.

  15. What would David know about being a real man?
    If he is a “real man” i dont want one & i am sure most people will feel the same way (mentally challenged not included).

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