‘The Challenge’ Star Stephen Bear Releases Statements: Reveals He’s Lawyered Up & Says Georgia Harrison is “Reveling in” Attention from Her Claims Against Him

After a few weeks (and a few confusing YouTube videos), not to mention an arrest, Stephen Bear has finally released two official statements regarding his ex Georgia Harrison‘s claims that he made a NSFW tape of her without her permission.

The statement— which was posted to The Challenge star’s Twitter account on Saturday— professes Bear’s innocence while also calling out Georgia (whom he does not actually name) for “reveling in the new attention” she’s garnered from the accusations she made against Bear in December.

As The Ashley previously reported, Georgia alleged Bear used the closed-circuit television (CCTV) – primarily used for surveillance purposes – in his home to record some NSFW footage of her without her consent. Georgia claims Bear showed the video to multiple people and also used it to earn a profit on his OnlyFans page.

In one of his statements posted on Saturday, Bear professed that he is actually the victim, and that he has lawyered up.

(The Ashley has left Bear’s statement intact– missing words and all!) 

“All accusations about that have been made in the last few weeks involving the serious crime ‘revenge p0rn’ and all that is linked with this horrendous action are now in the hands of a legal team.

“A victim himself— Stephen continues to face vicious trolling on social media, a crime itself that is being dealt with.”

“Leave me aloooooone!” 

Next, the statement reminds fans that Bear— who was taken into custody last week at London’s Heathrow Airport— has no official charges against him at present time. (This is, of course, directly opposite of what Bear claimed in a series of recent videos posted to his YouTube channel. In the videos, he claimed he had been hit with four charges, even though police denied it at the time.)

“To reiterate, Stephen has NOT BEEN CHARGED and is facing false guilt without any opportunities to put this right,” the statement continued, before insinuating that the victim (Georgia) was enjoying the publicity this incident has given her.

“The so-called victim has named and shamed him on a daily basis— and been reveling in the new attention.

The statement says that the cops will determine the next steps.

“As already reported, this is now a police matter and up to them to decide the facts of these immature and ridiculous rumours. Whilst this matter is ongoing he would like to thank both the authorities and fans that have supported him.”

The statement then promised that Bear would help prevent other people from being falsely accused of similar crimes.

“I will fight for you…and stuff….”

“He feels passionately about other people that have been falsely accused of crimes and faced a wave of abuse,” the statement reads. “He will be actively campaigning for these people who have no platform in the future.”

In another statement also posted to Bear’s Twitter account on Saturday, Bear claims that Georgia was the one who identified herself in the footage in question— not him.

“It is a fact that there is unclear footage including Stephen,” the second statement reads. “The person making these accusations has decided to identify herself in the video— Stephen did not.

“This outdoor footage is taken in a garden, overlooked by several neighbours in broad daylight. He hasn’t set out to intentionally hurt or upset anyone. It must be clear that he has also never once identified anyone in any video footage or used their name in doing so. He vehemently denies ANY involvement in circulating video footage. To him, this is no joke.”

It also claims that Bear doesn’t have an CCTV cameras inside his home, so Georgia’s claim would be impossible.

“Also Stephen Bear has NO CCTV in his house, and this rumour needs to be stopped now.”

Georgia has yet to comment publicly on the remarks made in Bear’s latest statements. However, on Monday she released her own statement via Twitter, thanking her fans for their support.

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10 Responses

  1. This is odd to me. It seems like she just wants cash. I mean this is an man that put an nude 16 year old pictures on his bed online. Now suppise her put up an video of the two of them. You can’t blame an snake for biting you. If you play with the snake.

    1. Erm it’s not unreasonable to expect to have sex with your partner not get secretly filmed and to have it put on onlyfans for your ex to profit from. I don’t care if she wants money-if anything she needs 50% of the onlyfans money, I can’t imagine he had many subscribers before he put it up.

  2. I don’t understand why the police arrested him but have not charged him. There is video evidence of his crime. The police need to file charges immediately.

    Bear is the kind of guy who left unchecked will reoffend. He is a predator.

    The Challenge has a way of handling these things poorly. They handled Tanya’s sexual assault poorly, and they allowed Camilla to go unchecked for her racism. It wasn’t until she physically assaulted a crew member that she was banned. Bear best not ever be allowed on television again.

  3. Bear is obviously too poor for a real live lawyer and getting his 17 yo girlfriend to write his statements. He did this insane nonsense when Charlotte Crosby dumped him and he claimed she owed him many thousands and made accusations against her family. In the summer a court case on the matter, that he did not attend found in her favour, he owes her about £1000. Plus all the debts that she paid on behalf of the failed company. He is probably right about not being charged though-and won’t be as he seems to come out of every situation unharmed.

  4. I just wish Bear would get a fine for all of the quarantine rules he is breaking in the UK. Dude thinks he is above the law in every sense.

  5. So can we all it Stephen speak already? Gosh, imagine if Bear and Farrah got together, that would have been one of the stupidest conversations ever!

  6. Hey Ashley why does your site only show the last story on your site (mobile view) as opposed to all your latest stories. Annoying

  7. Bear is an idiot. He thinks he is God’s gift to the world and any woman would be lucky to get with him.??He says that “he didn’t identify Georgia by name” in the video as if that excuses anything! Obviously, enough people saw the video that recognized her and he sure as hell knew who she was when he recorded it! He is a pig.

  8. Stephen has some serious issues. His stories make absolutely no sense to facts in the case and he contradicts himself. There are apparently witnesses who saw the revenge porn, not to mention only fans would have some sort of record if he had profited off the video and it was on their platform.

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