Coroner Claims ‘Love After Lockup’ Star Tracie Wagaman Died From Accidental Meth Overdose; Plus Details From Her Funeral Service

The cause of Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman’s July 1 death has been determined.

A a coroner’s report confirmed the 41-year-old died from an accidental meth overdose, with the Las Vegas Coroner’s Office ruling Tracie’s official cause of death to be methamphetamine toxicity. 

Tracie’s death occurred just a week after she gave birth to her second child, a baby girl whom she was reportedly planning to place for adoption. (This has not been confirmed, however.) Tracie announced her pregnancy in May, choosing at the time to delay the announcement until the baby’s father, Luke Loera, was released from jail. According to Starcasm, Luke had been arrested for getting into a fight with a casino security guard and reportedly pulling out a machete. 

Earlier this month, Luke posted an Instagram Live claiming to know very few details about Tracie’s death. He also revealed he had no idea where his infant daughter was at the moment, but that she was not with him. 

“I’m telling you right now that no, I don’t have my girl,” he said. “I’m OK, I’m good. It’s crazy. I just got out of jail … it just sucks. The baby’s in California or with [Tracie’s] brother.” 

Luke also said he suspected foul play in Tracie’s death.

“ … I think she got some type of drug, which was fentanyl, I did a little investigation on myself, and I don’t know all the details,” he said. “I thank you guys for your support and I will always be here. I don’t know what happened, her mom and her brother will not talk to me. Whoever did this, I swear to God, I will find you and I will, I will make you guys pay.” 

Following the news of his sister’s death, Mark Wagaman created a GoFundMe to cover the cost of Tracie’s funeral, with plans for any additional money to go to Tracie’s children as well as a donation to a domestic violence organization. The fundraiser hit its goal of $5,000 and has since been disabled.

On July 8, Mark updated the GoFundMe page to include info about Tracie’s memorial service, which he wrote was attended only by “a few family members and a few friends who have battled for her.”

“The pain was real. The tears were real. The love was real. What do you do when you’ve  been told  you have 15 minutes left to say goodbye?” Mark wrote. “You drain your body of all the love you have in it. You cleanse it with so many tears  Watching my son lose it while saying his goodbyes absolutely killed me. I can’t imagine what my mom, who is the strongest most loving person I know, is going through saying her last goodbyes. 

“She was so beautiful and peaceful. This is by far the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with in my life…We know she is at peace now,” Mark wrote on the page. “She will be with us forever. She was loved by so many. She will be missed, loved, and never forgotten.”

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(Photos: Instagram)


  1. “Accidental overdose”. What bullshit. Similar to accidental pregnancy. I know people don’t like to hear blunt truths anymore, but I don’t care. You have sex, EVERY time is a chance you can get pregnant. You use narcotics and guess what, EVERY TIME is a chance you can OD. It’s not an “accident”. It’s a statistic. My dad died of heroin overdose. It was HIS choice to use the drug, it was HIS choice to die from it. No sympathy. The best thing that ever happened to the baby was that she won’t ever have to deal with a drug addict mother.

    1. You’re as much of a POS as JW.

      If a person gets clean (past the withdrawal stage) they typical dont achieve the level of high as quickly as they are used to, therefore they continue putting it into their system until they achieve that high thus going into an overdose which is accidental.

      And the fact that you have no sympathy when this happens especially when it’s a child that suffers is appalling and TOTALLY sickening.

      I grew up with an alcoholic father and anyday he was there (drunk or sober) was better than any day of not having him. He is 100% sober today and I am so grateful that I didn’t lose him or stop loving and give up on him.

      1. Stop calling people pieces of s*** when you have absolutely no idea what people have gone through AND when they only have compassion for the children that have been dragged into this awful situation. You can have compassion for the victims of a situation and not be a piece of s*** True Dat. Just because Sassy Pants and I might have a different story to yours doesn’t make us Pieces of S***. Being able to relate to children who are going through trauma does not make you a POS. I won’t let you call me names and make me seem heartless. I just know the road ahead for these kids.

        1. I do know what it’s like, but I have compassion for the victims AND the addict despite it.

          Addiction is a disease and just because a person is an addict DOESN’T make them bad people. And I’ll be damned if ill ever say that a victim is “better off without them” or sit by and listen to someone else says it.

          1. I’m not arguing with you, just do you. But you don’t get anywhere by calling people pieces of s*** for having an opinion and emotions about a particular subject.

            I’m not going to retract what I said; but I know I’m not an ignorant person and I’m definitely not someone who lacks empathy so im not going to let you call me names that are not warranted.

          2. Actually…it’s warranted to call you as I see you. Especially since I have an opposite opinion and people could find your comment both hurtful and offensive…as I did.

      2. Actually, you have it the wrong way. When a person is clean long enough, there tolerance drops but most will shoot up the same amount they did before they got clean which turns into a fatal dose because you don’t need as much as you did before It’s why most people who relapse end up overdosing. Some will die and some will be saved.

  2. You can have compassion but there is still accountability.
    Tracy did choose drugs and partying over her kids. She had multiple chances of getting help. She chose every time to go back to the whole partying lifestyle.
    Yes addiction is an awful disease but it’s not just about the physical. She was an irresponsible person when sober.
    That’s why people get fed up with the. Oh it’s a disease. They can’t help it”.
    Well .. Everytime you get clean and then you start using again you just made the conscious choice to do it.

    1. I agree, but true accountability CANNOT be accomplished during active addiction. It’s only when they say enough is enough and conquer whatever addiction has befallen them. However, that still shouldn’t effect the level of love/compassion that the other person has for them.

      I still love my sister and best friends just as much today as I did when they chose their addiction over me.

  3. Pray for her children. I hope they have loving parents and happy lives. I’m sad that Tracie wasn’t able to find her redemption in this life; I hope she will in the next. Praying for everyone who is battling addiction, and for all the people who love them.

  4. We don’t know she gave it up during her pregnancy. The baby could have been born positive.
    Which is even sadder.

  5. I ain’t slept in seven days, haven’t ate in three
    Methamphetamine has got a damn good hold of me
    My tweaker friends have got me to the point of no return
    I just took the lighter to the bulb and watched it burn

    stay lit

  6. This is not a tragedy. She’s a waste that selfishly brought a life into this world with no intention of caring for her and also left a young son behind. I have no sympathy for anyone that will choose drugs over children, those kids are better off without her.

    1. A little bit of compassion goes a long way. You don’t know the personal reason people have turned to drugs. Yes, some is recreational but, others? They self medicate for trauma they’ve experienced. Getting clean isn’t an easy or short road. The individual isn’t simply “choosing” drugs over their children-at that point free will is usually far gone. Unfortunately children, and other family and friends are the collateral damage in drug vices.

    2. Sounds like you’re the selfish waste JW. Everyone deserves love, compassion and a second chance.

      I hope nobody feels the need to give up on you, but to be honest that may actually be what you need. Someone to give up on you and give you a taste of your own bitter medicine.

      1. You don’t know anything about me. Did you ever think that maybe I know more about this situation, maybe I can relate to this situation and maybe that’s why I dont have compassion for her. Have you ever had someone choose drugs over you? If not, then you have no reason to judge me.

        1. You may have some healing to do, JW. My mother was addicted to meth for many, many years. That was followed by her getting clean only to be diagnosed with bipolar shortly after. I understand how it feels to grow up thinking that you’re less than a substance. The truth is that I wasn’t less than and neither were you. I hope, if you haven’t already, that you can make peace with the past. ❤️

        2. Actually I have…A SISTER AND 2 BEST FRIENDS…but I will never give up on them no matter how long it takes for them to come around.

          I wasn’t judging…but your comment was both heartless and sickening. NO ONE deserves to lose a loved one to drugs or any addiction for that matter…most especially a child.

          1. You sound like a big enabler, which won’t help anyone! You can love people, but enabling and making excuses helps nothing.

          2. I let them do them while I do me, they’re them and I am me.

            So how the hell am I enabling anyone?

  7. This is honestly such a heartbreaking story. That little girl, I hope she has a good life and is taken care of by people who truly love her and will protect her. ❤

  8. Looks like she waited to give birth to go back to drugs and she went too far. So awfully sad, a young woman and her children…

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