‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star Whitney Way Thore Insists Her French Boyfriend’s Isn’t Embarrassed to Be Seen with Her As Fans Say: “Can’t Y’all Let Someone Be Happy?”

At least his disguises have gotten an upgrade…

Whitney Way Thore is still keeping the identity of her French boyfriend under wraps (at his request), but she assures fans it’s not because her man is embarrassed of her. 

In July, Whitney posted a series of photos on social media featuring herself and her “French man,” whose face was hidden by strategically placed circles that had been edited into the snapshots.  

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star took to Instagram on Tuesday to again post a photo of her and her boyfriend (with her man’s face blurred), and addressed fans’ concerns that he wants to remain anonymous because he’s embarrassed of Whitney.

“I wish I could put this relationship into words, but honestly, it’s all been a blur,” she wrote on Instagram. “Nah, but for real, the amount of comments and DMs and tweets I’ve gotten from viewers assuring me that this man is embarrassed of me and does not care about me is confusing.” 

Whitney went on to tell her followers that she and her mystery man recently spent six weeks in “the planet’s most-visited country,” during which they were very much out in the public together and visiting popular tourist attractions. She stated that, while he’s fine being out in public with her, the new boo isn’t so keen on appearing on her reality show or social media.

“ … because he doesn’t want his face shown on TV to millions of people around the world, he must be embarrassed of me?” Whitney continued. “There’s a big difference between being in public with someone versus choosing to put your identity on display on the Internet and TV for people to rip apart.

“Can’t y’all let someone be happy?” 


Whitney said the comments she’s received about her man only validate his decision to remain anonymous, though she assured her followers that in her eight “serious relationships”– only three of which have been public, she noted– she has “been loved deeply and fiercely.” 

“Trust me, underneath this circle is the face of a man who cares!” 

“ … and above all, I know that I deserve to be loved,” she added. “If you feel that you can’t be loved because of your size or for any other reason, please don’t project that onto me – because I’m out here trying to enjoy myself and this person and what we have together.” 

Whitney has not revealed whether or not her mystery man will make an appearance– blurred or not– on the current season of ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life.’ 

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(Photos: Instagram) 

5 Responses

  1. Why even post those pictures? If you want to keep your relationship private- keep it off IG. She’s making herself look real dumb, per usual.

  2. Lawd! Girl… love and happiness have nothing to do with size, but when you’re shipping yourself over seas with a guy who isn’t *that into you* he’s keeping it anonymous…

    Maybe, just maybe, he’s entertaining your company because you have MONEY.

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