Amber Portwood Discusses Her Sexuality on ‘Teen Mom OG’; Says Her Coming Out as Bisexual Will Be “Another Embarrassment” For Daughter Leah & Ex Gary Shirley

“I’ll come out, but I won’t get up…off this couch!”

On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom OGAmber Portwood revealed one of her deep, dark secrets: that she’s “been bisexual.” During the episode, Amber revealed that she was worried that her estranged daughter Leah, as well as Leah’s father Gary Shirley, would be embarrassed by her coming out.

While discussing the new book she’s been writing, Amber told her producer that “people are probably gonna be a bit shocked” when they read the book, due to what she plans to disclose in it. 

“I am bisexual,” Amber said, before revealing that her bisexuality goes beyond just a brief hookup or fling.

 “I have had a relationship with a woman for eight months before,” she stated, adding that the relationship occurred when she was about 20 years old. 

In case you were wondering about the approximate timeline here…

(If Amber had the relationship with the woman when she was 20, that would have been around 2010, when she first began doing ‘Teen Mom,’ by the way. Two years later, at the age of 22, she began serving her prison sentence.)

This marked the first time the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star has discussed her bisexuality publicly.

“I’m really scared right now,” Amber said about coming out. 

Amber said that Gary is aware that Amber swings both ways. However, she admitted that she didn’t think he would be cheering her on for coming out.

“I don’t think he’s going to be very open,” Amber said. “I think he’s gonna think it’s bad for [our daughter] Leah…he doesn’t even like the thought of going to therapy to help our relationship out or things like that. So this is just another embarrassment to them.”

“…I seriously wouldn’t care who she got busy with!”

As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, Amber and Leah’s relationship is currently very strained. Leah had not been speaking to her mother, and was angry after Amber went on an angry rant on Instagram earlier this year, blasting Gary’s wife Kristina as a “wh0re,” a “homewrecker” and other unsavory things. 

Amber told her producer that, although she feel like her coming out might be an “embarrassment” for Leah right now, she decided to still do it.

“Leah and [my son] James are actually a really, really big factor [in my coming out],” she said. “I don’t ever want them to think it’s bad, and I don’t want them to look at other people who are like this, like, bad. Who am I to hide forever, which is actually what I was planning on doing anyways.

“I was going to go to the grave with this,” Amber said. 

Later in the episode, Amber decides she needs to tell her mother Tonya that she’s bisexual, so that Tonya doesn’t find out by reading Amber’s upcoming memoir. She calls her mom and just randomly lays the news on her.

“I have been bisexual,” Amber says. “I’m very attracted to men, but I’m similarly, also very attracted to women as well. Like, both…”

Amber tells her mom that her “being bisexual” has happened “over the years…” and says that she didn’t come out back then because things were so chaotic, what with her being in prison, doing drugs and whatnot.

Basically all of that…

“There was just, like, so much going on back then that I didn’t want to put any more stuff on the family,” she said. “I think I was just ashamed at the time because [people weren’t] as open [about sexuality] then.”

Amber goes on to clarify that, in her book, she doesn’t “point-blank say” that she’s bisexual, but she does say “I’ve been with women.” Amber’s mom encouraged her to speak out, and to not be ashamed about her sexuality anymore. Tonya says she thinks Leah will take the news well.

“I think she can handle it. I think she’ll be OK with it,” Tonya said. “I’d rather her hear it from you than somebody else.”

If you are like The Ashley and have been following this show for an embarrassingly long time, you may remember that, back in 2012, Gary actually announced on Twitter. that Amber was into women; however, he quickly backtracked and deleted the tweet.

“For all you lucky ladies I just found out Amber is a lesbian,” Gary wrote in the original tweet from 2012. ” I think I turned her gay. Damn it this always happens to me lol.”

After deleting the tweet, Gary insisted that he only wrote that because he wanted to show that ‘Teen Mom’ fans are gullible.

“Guys Amber is not a lesbian,” he wrote. “Just proving a point that people believe everything they hear…Proving a point to Amber. Tweet was approved by her…”

“I was kidding! Honest…”

That same year, a story came out while Amber was in prison that accused her of getting “very close” to a female inmate nicknamed “Sugarfoot.” (As you do…)
They had become so “close,” according to the story posted by Radar Online, that ol’ Suggie had tattooed Amber’s initials on her neck! (Amber has never confirmed the “Sugarfoot” story to be true, however. However, The Ashley would like to think that there is a paroled inmate somewhere in Indiana with “AP” tatted on her neck.)

Gary and Leah have not yet spoken publicly (or on the show) regarding Amber coming out.

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. I have no problem with her being bi-sexual but I really don’t believe she is. She’s like Demi Lovato. She’ll do anything for attention. I think she had a fling, yes, in jail. She probably needed to couple-up for safety reasons. Fear makes you do crazy things. If a little muff-diving, digit-dig prevents you from regular ass-beatings, you gotta do what you gotta do, girl! But as for being bi now, nah, she’s not! Just a dumb ho looking for attention and screwing up Kristina and Gary’s daughter even more!!

  2. What a narc. Deflection from what she really is doing to her daughter. Also making Gary and her own daughter seem low key homophobic. “Embarassed”. What a beesh.
    I so wish these kids had their own SW and atty independent of their parents and mtv. SOMEBODY needs to get them OFF TV! Poor Leah. I feel so bad for Leah and Bentley. Leah seems stronger atm but I think Bentley is going to have a breakdown later on.

  3. What does it even mean? “I’ve been bisexual” are you not anymore? Like what?

    Wonder if a prisongirlfriend is threatning to talk 😂

  4. I had a mother like Amber, so I feel the most pain for Leah.

    No matter how screwy my mother was, absent, abusive, and neglectful… it wasn’t broadcasted across the nation or part of perfect strangers memories. Muchless the other kids I may go to school with.

    At this point too many kids are suffering from TM. Pull the plug so maybe when these kids go off to college they aren’t tainted by MTV.

  5. Leah’s embarrassed by your Instagram rants and stupid, violent behavior, not your sexuality. Stop victimizing yourself and grow up

  6. Jesus. Gary didn’t say no to therapy, LEAH DID and Gary respected that wish. Nobody gives single FUCK that Amber “is bisexual”.

  7. All this shows is how truly clueless Amber is as to why Leah is upset with her and wants nothing to do with her. Leah’s not going to care that Amber is bisexual, she cares that she’s been a shitty mother who continues to to do shitty things to hurt her. Your actions are what make you embarrassing, Amber. Please get some self-awareness. I’m curious on whether Amber watches the show or not. She really should to see how she comes off.

  8. It’s hilarious to think that this is embarrassing considering all of the other crap she’s said and done. I’m sure her being bisexual is the least of her kids worries

  9. You couldn’t do that privately with Leah? She is just a child. Wonder what hate she gets at school over what Amber does. I don’t know why she is on when she attacked her other boyfriend. Also Gary years ago. MTV cancel this irrelevant show. I don’t watch it but am guilty of checking in with the Ashley.

    1. I haven’t watched in years but I regularly check up on the Ashley. And even then, without Ashley’s hilarious recaps, I have no idea how anyone could actually watch the show.

      Every episode seems staged and boring (generally we already know the “reveal” long before the TM episode). It’s just not fun anymore, the few TMs that aren’t trashy are super dull and the ones like Amber have just become painful to watch (mostly because you know the kids are suffering).

  10. So she’s coming out because she doesn’t want her kids to think bisexuality is bad but also says it was a deep dark secret and embarrassing…. sounds like she is still ashamed but not too ashamed to make a buck off it. Also seems like a manipulative tactic to gain sympathy from Leah and Gary by saying they won’t like it.

    1. Yup, that’s exactly what this is. She’s hoping that Gary and Leah feel obligated to assure her that Leah still loves her. Gary not forcing Leah into joint therapy with Amber is not even in the same universe as this and she knows it. Anything to play the victim though.

  11. This is such a private matter and she’s so “scared” she announces it on national television while promoting her stupid book. Good grief, can she be any more transparent?! NO ONE CARES, AMBER!!! Flipping attention w@#$e!

  12. amber = biological mother of 2, has addiction issues, anger issues, narcissitic traits, zero empathy, is hugely overpaid and passes her time on her couch. i am done.

  13. I can’t believe how angry this article has actually made me. She is just so petty and pathetic. It’s what all good liars do when they are cornered: they start throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. She has no man willing to knock her up again, and the older Leah gets, the more it is solidified that Amber is a piece of shit who nobody wants around. So in a bid for misplaced sympathy and calls of ‘bravery’, she figures she’ll pull something out of her ass which, if it happened at all, was a decade ago! If she was bi and so determined to live her best life and prove to her kids that there’s nothing wrong with being gay (and don’t even get me started on the bullshit manipulation behind THAT assertion), she would have done this before. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth, and honestly couldn’t care less if she disappeared off the face of the earth.

  14. Great, Amber, announce to your children that you will now be prioritizing your pursuit of both men AND women over the needs of your children! She doesn’t give two sh*ts about her kids, and she could certainly care less if she embarrasses them! Amber needs more story lines to keep getting paid by MTV!

  15. No one gives a shit who you’re into Amber. Being an absent parent is what makes you look like trash. This “news” just means that both women and men have an equal chance of being your priority over being there for your own children.

  16. Amber will go to whoever is showing her attention. Make. Female. Animal.
    She’s shown us that over the last 13yrs.

  17. Oh please… you weren’t worried that chasing your ex around with a machete would hurt your daughter, but you think being bisexual will??? It’s 2021, girl, bisexuality had been generally accepted for a looooonnnnngggg time, especially for younger generations

  18. This girl is an attention seeking, infantile, obtuse woman.
    Now she’s going to claim she had a woman in her 20s? When sis? Cause things were documented then and the entire time you were fighting with Gary in front of Leah and admittedly high. So basically this coming out story is for sympathy and deflection off of her garbage life and the fact her daughter rightfully has kicked her out of hers. I’m sure this started with her self imposed jail stint. But tryna back it up a few years to look relevant. Period. Make it look like she’s not bandwagoning for relevance, a story and a book (wtf??? Who’s reading that )

  19. The one thing Amber has excelled at most of her life is proving people to be right about her. In this case, proving her own daughter made the right decision to cut Amber out of her life. Stay strong, little one.

  20. No one cares.

    Not Gary, not Leah, not the TMiverse… None. None of us care.

    Its 2021. Being a lonely 30 yr old “bisexual” is hardly newsworthy. No one cares..

    You are no role model who ppl think is squeaky clean. You’re a druggy, a felon, a shitty mom, a liar and an attention whore.

    Women, be smart. Stay the hell away from this toxic dump.

  21. Amber keeps trying to spin her bull in silk, it’s never going to happen.

    It’s more deflection from the fact that her daughter has legitimate things to be upset at her for, and her trying to use the LGBT community to as a defense isn’t going to fly.

    GLAAD’s not giving you an award Amber, get over yourself.

  22. Oh Amber….when will you learn?

    It’s not just the story you’re telling, it’s the DELIVERY!

    This is 100% about your daughter, who has made it 100% clear to you and everyone else that she is going through a hard time because of YOU and all of your BULLSHIT, your relationships, and ONLINE behavior.

    Do you really think NOW was the time for your big “Coming Out”? Do you think THIS will make things easier for Leah at school?
    Why not keep this stuff OFF THE SHOW while things are so precarious with your relationship with her?

    I”m not saying there is ANYTHING wrong with being bisexual. But I think there is something wrong with piling on a 12 year old who has told you in so many ways she has had ENOUGH.

    Do Better.

    1. There is literally nothing that thing does that is not about attention. The people don’t care if someone is heterosexual or homosexual, what people do in their private lives is their business only.. the fact that she had to make this huge fake revelation on TV and a ‘memoir’ is so sick and depraved. There you go Ambie.. the title of your life and book.. sick and depraved. You’re welcome.

  23. Amber is so ridiculous. Her being bisexual and saying it would be embarrassing to Leah, is that really what she is worried about? How about focusing on the fact that she publicly cusses out Leah’s dad and her mom, Kristina? (I won’t give the title of mother to Amber because she has never been one.)Or about the multiple domestic violence charges she has? Or the fact that she thinks of herself first and is a narcissistic asshole? Or that she chose to go to jail when Leah was young? Or that she has consistently chosen men over her daughter? Don’t even get me started on her ridiculous rants she does on IG, maybe the rants alone are embarrassing to Leah! Is she really that stupid?

    1. Agree once again Amber is embarrassing her daughter nothing I have against bisexual people because I have family members that are this but Amber has done nothing but embarrass and disappointed her daughter way too many times to count at least Leah is very smart to cut her mom off. Kristina thank you for being the mom that Leah truly needs right now especially when Leah’s teen years are fast approaching where she will a mom figure to turn too and not embarrass her like Amber has been doing time and will continue to do so. Gary and MTV it’s time to cut the strings when it comes to Amber and her antics if they can do Ryan, his immature wife, and his parents they need to do the same thing with Amber!!!

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