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“Santa can skip this MTV mansion, thanks!” 

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this week!

Gifting Grinch? Teen Mom Madness: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Reveals Why She Doesn’t Celebrate Christmas or Buy Her Kids Christmas Gifts 

Pay Up! Reality Tea: Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd Agree to Pay $250k in Settlement to Employees Over Alleged Unpaid Wages 

It’s Over! The Hollywood Gossip: ‘Selling Sunset’ Stars Chrishell Stause & Jason Oppenheim Split After Just Five Months Together

Wedding Jitters! Hollywood Life: Kathy Hilton Says Daughter Paris Got ‘Cold Feet’ Before Her Wedding

Ouch! The Sun: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Calls Ex-Fiance Randall Emmett “The Worst Thing To Ever Happen” To Her

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  1. So Kailyns boys won’t ever spend christmas with their brothers? No memories, no traditions, nothing… Yeah, that sounds like Kail..

  2. Okay I actually think Kailyn is being mature about Christmas. It is easier and less hectic for the kids to spend it with their dads and then do a big family vacation with her and her family later. Christmas isn’t for everyone.

  3. Ok Kail, I get it. If you’re totally alone on Christmas, and dont want to celebrate, fine. Whatever. You’re miserable and none of this is a surprise.

    No tree, decorations, music, lights?? None of that? Wow.

    You’re a mean one.. Hulky Grinch.

    1. You DO realize there are tons of people in the U.S. who grow up without celebrating Christmas (or decorating for it, even if it’s not something they believe in) and turn out just fine and not feel like we missed out on something?

      I can’t stand Kail any more than anyone else, but the pearl-clutching over her not celebrating a Christian holiday, or going through the commercial motions of it Fer The Kids, is both ridiculous and offensive.

      If Kail doesn’t celebrate Christmas, why would she play dress-up and pretend she did? If the holiday is important to her sons’ fathers, they’re getting the opportunity to practice it with their kids, which is probably the most mature co-parenting decision I’ve seen her make.

      If the religious practice of it became important to any of her boys and then they couldn’t do that with her fathers, hopefully she’d still make that accessible to them through other means, but the idea that she would, nevermind SHOULD, decorate for or otherwise take part in a holiday she doesn’t believe in is just freaking weird and close-minded.

      I realize this show primarily presents girls who grew up in such consistently Christian homes that they got pregnant as teenagers, but, I assure you, not everyone in the U.S. is Christian, and most people who don’t celebrate Christmas don’t put on the performative aspects that accompany it.

      Oh, and most of us who are fortunate enough to even have families for whom it is an option have plenty of “traditions” and “memories”: there’s nothing Grinch-like or “sad” about not celebrating a holiday (or adopting its non-religious accompaniments) for one specific religion.

      Kail is awful in millions of ways. That she isn’t being petty about “splitting holidays” and is actually allowing her sons to spend the full holiday, each year, with their parent who DOES celebrate it, rather than insisting she get them for half of a holiday that isn’t important to her, just because she can, is one of the few ways she doesn’t.

      And, if she has an annual trip with all of her boys together, they clearly have traditions and opportunities for making memories with each other, something done in a far more luxurious way than most people are fortunate enough to be able to provide their families. And they don’t seem to be hurting for lack of material presents from her.

      Kail provides countless opportunities to put her down for her choices, appropriately and deservedly. Why are people finding it necessary to bash her for the one choice she’s made that actually supports their fathers and doesn’t prioritize herself, while also managing to show a prejudice against anyone who doesn’t follow a specific major religion, in a specific (non-religious) way?

      1. Damn that was longer than the one hour episodes of teen mom 2 i used to suffer through. You’re just a tad bit too butthurt over this article. You need some Christmas joy in your life. I’m willing to bet your name is Karen.

  4. Once again, Kail-pectate proves to the world that her bitterness and thirst for getting at the boys’ dads, is much more important to her than the boys are.

  5. Lala has never seemed motherly to me at all. And the fact that she is saying how negative he was in her life…its weird. And yes, he’s a total creep, but if I were her I’d be so focused on the little baby girl he gave me. How wonderful she is. I don’t know…

  6. “And the amount of money that I was spending on Christmas gifts and then I was only getting them for half the day and then I had to share.“

    Kail says it all in that sentence. She would have to share & Kail doesn’t share anything with anyone unless it benefits HER in some way & only having the kids for half the day wasn’t benefiting her.

    Thinking about the years we’ve seen her & the decisions she’s made – I can’t think of her doing anything for someone else – there’s always been a benefit to her that swayed her decisions. What a sad way to live. I wonder if she’s ever experienced the joy & sense of pride & satisfaction of doing something for someone just because it would make “them” happy or feel good. I hope she enjoys sitting alone because that’s where she’s going to be in the future – a lonely, selfish, old hag. Perfect ending to her story.

  7. How self-centered can one woman be?! All about her! Christmas can be a pain in the ass, sure, but I put a smile on and celebrate the shit out of it with my kid!!

  8. It’s too bad she is missing out on creating traditions and an opportunity for teaching during a season that is about GIVING. When her kids are older, they may not only resent it, but HER house won’t be the house they come home to for the holidays, and she will be sitting alone and missing out on grandchildren and life moving on without her.

    Well, maybe she will be visited by three ghosts…..and tiny tim.

    1. Right? Even if she’s turned off by the materialism (which is an obvious copout bc she has no qualms with flashy displays of wealth the rest of the year) she could do 10000000s of different traditions with the boys that emphasize giving to others. They could make Christmas cards or ornaments for a local nursing home or shelter– anything! But she just ignores the whole thing altogether because she can’t control it 100%

    2. Not a Kail fan but I think it’s nice she lets the kids go to their dads for Christmas since she isn’t a big Christmas person. Might as well let the boys celebrate with their families that really care about it.

  9. Really, Kail?? Too many baby daddies to contend with, so no Christmas, no presents, no tree, no decorations, no lights, no Advent treats, no stockings, no Santa??? Your boys are going to be little for a very short period of time. Do you do anything special for them? How sad for them.

  10. Sooo basically Kail doesn’t celebrate Christmas because she has way too many baby daddies. That is the trashiest reason for not celebrating xmas I’ve ever heard, seriously.

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