“90 Day Fiance” Star Stephanie Matto Closes Fart-Selling Business After Ending Up In Hospital with Extreme Gas: “I Thought I Was Experiencing A Heart Attack”

“Smell ya later!”

File under: “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Stephanie Matto’s days of selling jarred farts have passed–- pun intended. 

Despite earning more than $50,000 a week through her smelly side-hustle, the 90 Day Fiance star says she has retired from peddling passed gas to strangers online following a recent health scare, the New York Post reports.

Fans first met Stephanie on Season 4 of Before the 90 Days, where she appeared alongside then-girlfriend Erika Owens. As viewers may remember, the couple’s relationship was nothing short of crappy, possibly inspiring the 31-year-old’s recent booty biz. 

“Thanks for picking up this hobby AFTER our breakup, Steph!”

Unfortunately for Stephanie, however, she’s officially closing up her colon shop.

According to the outlet, Stephanie was recently rushed to the hospital after experiencing chest pains she feared were symptoms of a heart attack. While a health exam and series of tests put Stephanie’s heart attack fears to rest, she was informed that her pain was a result of food she had been ingesting specifically to increase her intestinal gas (and income). 

“I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments,” Stephanie said. “I was overdoing it.” 

“Please let me live to see another day and fart in another jar.”

In order to keep pushing out up to 50 jars of “product” each week, Stephanie primarily noshed on beans and eggs, and even added protein shakes to her dietary regime in order to make her gas-passing products more potent…as you do. She also whipped up some recipes to “keep it exciting” and continue blowing her customers away, with menu items that included black-bean salad and onion and ham-and-pepper omelets.

Say no more… we beg of you.

“I remember within one day, I had about three protein shakes and a huge bowl of black-bean soup,” she recalled. 

Ultimately, Stephanie’s decision to consume mostly fart-inducing foods backfired, leaving her in immense pain with pressure building in her stomach. 

“It was quite hard to breathe, and every time I tried to breathe in, I’d feel a pinching sensation around my heart,” she said. “And that, of course, made my anxiety escalate. I actually called my friend and asked if they could come over to drive me to the hospital because I thought I was experiencing a heart attack. It was made clear that what I was experiencing wasn’t a stroke or heart attack but very intense gas pains.” 

Stephanie–- who chose not to reveal her wind-breaking business to doctors–- was advised to change her diet and take a gas suppressant medication, which she says “has effectively ended my business.” 

Despite pulling in more than $200,000 through her, um… unique, product, Stephanie said not everyone was supportive of her venture. 


“I have a lot of people praising me, calling me a girl boss, telling me that I inspire them to be unashamed of who they are and what they do,” she said. “But on the other end, I have been getting a ton of negativity. I have even received death threats, people telling me I should end my life and so on.” 

Stephanie said she tried her best to not let the haters get her down, and even plans to donate part of her income to charities that support gastric disorders. Still, she admits her family is probably happy to see her say goodbye to her days of earning green by way of gas. 

“I think my family is relieved [about my retirement] and honestly, so is my colon,” she said. “The diet was never sustainable and there was always an expiration date.


“Even though I got backlash, I think it has opened a new door for me,” she added. “I’m working on digital fart jar artwork at the moment. I think everything happens for a reason, and although my fart-selling days are ending, I am going to save the money I’ve made and will put some into crypto.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC)  

25 Responses

  1. ?…. And how many times did she *hit herself while jarring one of them up? Did she charge extra? ? Wth ever possessed her to do something like as a business venture?

  2. Shes so annoying. She knows exactly what she is doing though, selling her ass air to pervs online. I don’t know who is worse, her or the creeps who pay her for “fart scented rose petals”.

    1. Was just thinking the same thing – why am I working a real job when I can become an h-list “celebrity” and sell farts in a jar for $200k / yr. Sounds like a promising career option for the Teen Mom women when the show finally ends.

        1. ….aaaaannd hours after posting this, The Ashley’s Teen Mom News Pile reported Farrah has bypassed farts and is going straight to selling poo in a jar. Right on cue!

  3. I read an entire article about jarred farts only to be more grossed out by this girls BIG TOE. Picture four….check it out…that has to be a photoshop fail. No way.

    1. Stop hating cuz she is banking some major cash doing something so simple. Who cares about her photoshopped whatever….she is making that crispy dolla!

      1. I really don’t give a shit how she makes her money – if I could sell jars of farts and make bank believe me, I would.

        But I hate feet and hers are horrible.

        I said what I said.

  4. Guess this is just one more page out of: How To Stay Relevant 101.

    Stay gassy, um, I mean “klassy,” Stephanie.


    1. I would sell my farts gladly for that amount of money and pay off my house. That does make her unclassy that makes her smart. I say good for her if people are dumb enough to pay that money she should take it. Who cares? Keep banking Steph!

  5. Uhm….okay, I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of her customers. What the hell do you do with thing?! If you open it and smell it…it literally disappears. So you paid good money for…basically nothing.

  6. I don’t even know what I just read… stop making stupid narcissistic individuals famous.

    $50k? Again, I don’t even know what the hell I just read

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