RECAP: Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Says She May Have A Diagnosis For Her “Mystery” Ailments; Says Riding Extreme Carnival Rides Made Her Pain Worse

“Add it to the list!”

Jenelle Evans says she may finally have a diagnosis for her “mystery” health issues. 

After months of posting videos about her assorted cysts, tumors, aches and pains, the former Teen Mom 2 star posted a new video this week claiming that a doctor finally gave her the name of a syndrome she might have, despite other doctors telling her that there’s nothing wrong with her.

“I’ve been sayin’ ya have Aversion to Work Syndrome fa years!”

In this part of the video—which was filmed in October– Jenelle tells us how, despite being near-paralysis and in constant pain, she decided it was a good idea to go to the ding-dang fair back in October and ride carny rides. She was shocked when said carny rides resulted in her being in even more pain and feeling sick.

Jenelle– who has complained of headaches, neck pain, sweaty face, back pain and other miseries for months— stated that she was able to drag her basically bedridden corpse to the fair, where she rode several rides, including one that spun and suction-cupped her to the wall.

“I rode that UFO ride that spins around really fast,” Jenelle said. “I also rode the zero-gravity, G-force one where it sucks you to the wall and kind of turns a little bit.”

(The Ashley believes the ride is called “Alien Abduction” and she has included a video of what this ride does. This ride looks like it would make The Ashley sicker than Kieffer after an all-night meth binge!)

Jenelle stated that— shockingly— going on rides that are basically designed to annihilate your body ended up causing her pain.

“Once I did that, I felt extreme pain in my back, right where my cyst is in my back and now I’ve been sore every since!” she said. “My back hurts really bad and I’ve been having all sorts of weird nerve pain in my shoulders, my back, my ribs. Today I have a really bad headache, my neck is crackin’, my ears are popping and I feel like I can’t breathe!” 

“I feel like my blood pressure is too low, or too high, and I can’t catch my breathe!” she added. 

“I’ve never had motion sickness or I’ve never got sick from rides in my life– IN MY LIFE!” Jenelle said later. “Yeah, I was sick for hours.” 

“Well welcome to ya thirties, Juh-nelle!”

Jenelle said that she later consulted Dr. Google and realized that going on rides that jerk you around and literally SUCTION CUP YOU TO THE WALL may not have been a good idea for someone in her frail condition.

She also discovered that Dr. Google advises her not to do other activities.

“It said no trampolines, no scuba diving— which I’m certified in scuba diving so that really sucks…I actually took the classes and got certified.”

“What’s next? They’re gonna tell me it’s bad to drink beer and smoke pot?!”

Also on Jenelle’s no-no list? Roller coaster-riding. 

“It says don’t do anything with zero G-forces or anything, and I did,” she said. 

Next, we are “treated” to a video of Jenelle in the shower (no— not in a “Farrah” way). She writes that she woke up with an “extreme headache”. (Luckily, she thought to grab her camera so she could vlog her pain!) 

Jenelle then tells us that she went back to her ENT doctor to see about her cysty head and he made her take yet another CT scan. That scan showed that, as Jenelle states, her sinuses are not “ser-metrical.”

Jenelle said, by that point, was “breaking down crying” because the ENT told her that there wasn’t much that could be done for her. 

“I have double vision, I have headaches every day. I have to lay down by 6 p.m. because my head hurts so bad.”


@jenellelevansStarting out ##2022 with a dance 💃🏻

♬ original sound – Justine🦋✨ – Justine🇵🇭🦋

Jenelle was then shuffled over to the neurologist, who told her that there is “something inside her head,” but suggested she get another opinion. 

“I’m no docta but my opinion is there has neva been much in Juh-nelle’s head except tha weed!”

Jenelle tells us that a doctor she consulted with told her that if she “goes paralyzed” or if “all of a sudden you’re peein’ your pants but you didn’t try,” to go to the ER. 

Later, Jenelle comes to us straight from her She Shed.

“I just have so many weird stuff going on,” Jenelle says. (And, no, that’s not a typo.)

She goes on to list more of her mystery symptoms, which include skin redness after sun exposure, an itchy chest, and more.

She then introduces us to her cat, “Blacky McSmacky” (which, honestly, sounds like a joke name The Ashley would have given a cat belonging to Jenelle back in her heroin days.) She tells us that she took a neck MRI to see what’s going on with her Cracky McCracky bones.

Finally, it’s time for the last update, which was filmed on January 2. Jenelle– in bed— tells us that she has two hemangiomas on her thoracic spine and one on her cervical spine. (These are benign cysts, by the way.) She also has a variety of cysts, including a spinal cord cyst and sinus cyst.

Jenelle said that her doctor is suggesting that she go to “pain management.” However, Jenelle— ever the picture of health— says she doesn’t want to take painkillers. 

“I’d rather take a holistic approach to this,” she tells us. “Trying herbal things, like this one fruit that kills cancer cells. It’s soursop.”

“I like more natural stuff. Like, I even switched to Natural Light beer sometimes!”

After Jenelle has her appointment, she updates again to let us know that the Doc stated that her hemangiomas are fine and her neck is normal. Still though, Jenelle says she has a whole heap of symptoms, including neck tightness, pins-and-needles in her arm, extreme arm pain and swollen hands.

“I’m swollen and no one cares!”

Because of this the doctor suggested that Jenelle may have “Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.”

The Mayo Clinic’s website describes Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) as “a group of disorders that occur when blood vessels or nerves in the space between your collarbone and your first rib (thoracic outlet) are compressed. This can cause shoulder and neck pain and numbness in your fingers.”

One common cause of TOS is listed as “physical trauma.” As those who have followed Jenelle’s life ‘o’ chaos for the last few years know, Jenelle claimed to have suffered a collarbone injury back in 2018 at the hands of her husband David Eason. She later changed her story and stated that the injury was caused by a drunken fall. (To be clear, though, The Ashley is not stating that Jenelle’s current pains are a result of this or any other injury.) 

Anyway, Jenelle said this Doc will be re-doing some of her test and has ordered a “blood study” to “detect how well your blood is circulating” from her neck to her fingertips. 


“But, come to find out, my neck is OK even though I have the blood vessels, there’s nothing abnormal about that, hopefully that stays the same. They said they’re gonna monitor it and monitor the cyst in my spine…it’s really annoying because no one can figure out why I have the cyst in my spine. And that’s just scary.”

Still, though, Jenelle said she’s delighted to know she might have something wrong with her.

“And now I might have this other syndrome, but if I do I’m happy I’m gonna figure it out, because I thought my neck was crackin’ from the hemangioma but he said, ‘no, you’re neck’s not crackin’ ’cause of that.”

You can watch Jenelle’s full video below.

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube)


  1. I can save Duh Nelle sooo much time and money right now!! I’ve been in the medical field my whole adult life, your diagnosis is TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS- the good news is there’s a great prognosis for this problem, it includes giving yourself some purpose in life (maybe your CHILDREN), find a hobby (not attention seeking on social media) and if you need a DR, go see a psychiatrist.

  2. If she really has all these tumors/cysts – was her house built on a former toxic waste dump or something? It would explain so much.

    I also have to laugh about the carnival ride thing – welcome to being in your 30s Janelle! When I was a kid I could go on the same rollercoasters like 10 times back to back, but now after one I need to lay down and go home, lol. An unfortunate symptom of getting older. Redness on the skin after exposure to the sun? It’s called a sunburn, moron.

    Anyone else notice that she always brings up the fact that she’s “scuba certified” at any chance she can get like that’s some sort of major accomplishment? A monkey can get scuba certified.

    1. Loves to boast about that elusive “scuba certification” (*IF* she even has it…Not that she would EVER lie about anything🙄🤣🤥🤥👖🔥) allegedly obtained a decade ago that SHE HAS NEVER EVEN USED ONCE!
      Come to think of it, if you don’t use it once a year you’re required to complete a refresher course to even use it!
      I wonder what happens 10years later?😜
      She even let her “education” lapse!😂😂

      Has ANYONE EVER seen her have even minor interest in ANYTHING remotely active? She’d be winded just suiting up…IF she even knows how that is!
      Very high likelihood this came online as a “click here to print certificate”🙄
      Most people documenting their education / successes and do NOT consider hobbies as “education”.
      Janeles largest alleged decade old success is everyone else’s weekend hobby & vacation past-time 😆

      I’d ask what she puts on her resume under “education” but 😆😉🤣…

      Maybe there is a sea janitor job open??

    2. Yes, welcome to your 30s. Especially if you spend a lot of time on the couch or in bed. Things get sore. I can’t sleep in anymore because my body starts to get uncomfortable in bed. My hands and fingers are swollen in the morning. The more you crack things like your neck or your knuckles or your back, the easier it is to crack those things and the more they crack! Riding fun park rides now makes you feel like you have to pee your pants and rollercoasters or anything that whips you around hurts your neck when you’re done. Plus, the less you do in your day to day life the more likely you are to be sore from a day at the fair because you’re doing much more walking and carrying things around than usual and your body isn’t used to trying to hold itself up on rollercoasters. I went on vacation recently where most of our day was spent walking around, looking into shops and stuff, so I was carrying around my normal tote bag type purse for hours at a time and it was a little heavier bc I had a water bottle and an umbrella and some souvenirs in there. By the end of the week my neck and shoulders hurt pretty badly and even my lower back and hips because I was straining to keep my shoulders squared rather than allowing the bag to drag me down on one side. I can see how someone who hasn’t been walking around or carrying anything for months would be extra sore and screwed up after walking around the fair just for a few hours carrying a purse or diaper bag or even a heavy drink in one hand. It doesn’t mean you developed a 100 cysts or they enlarged or moved around or whatever on the alien abductor ride. Your body just isn’t use to doing literally anything.

      Use your muscles and joints or loose ‘em. There’s a reason that saying exists. Use it or loose it.

      Sometimes, after a week off of work, if I mostly just stay home and relax, my body ends up hurting more by the end of the week. My hips hurt after sitting on the couch for hours and I have to get up and stretch or go for a walk. My back and neck hurts after taking naps each day or sleeping in. I gave myself carpal tunnel syndrome one day from being on my phone way more than usual! Scrolling and writing comments on websites way more than usual, landed me with tingly, numb hands and wrists the next day! She seems to do nothing all day except lounge around, spending inordinate amounts of times online, of course her body hurts!

      My prescription to her would be to try to take a walk each day at least once and do a stretching routine a couple of times a day. Just that small amount of movement when you’re used to do nothing can absolutely help.

  3. I am actually chronically ill with a really sucky disease. I can’t go in rides, planes, saunas, can’t be in the sun or in the cold and a whole lot of other things. I feel like someone who is as sick(or whatever) as would know not to go on a ride…

    But I must say I do understand her not wanting pills(if she is sick). I absolutley have to take heart medicine so I dont want pain pills. My doctors want to give me really heavy drugs, but that makes me uncomfortable. I do physical therapy, resting, massage instead.

  4. I did a little google research of my own on broken collarbones and complications that could occur years later, and by golly a lot of her symptoms are similar to that.

    Can a broken collarbone cause damage years later?

    Complications, when they occur, might include: Nerve or blood vessel injury. The jagged ends of a broken collarbone may injure nearby nerves and blood vessels. Seek immediate medical attention if you notice numbness or coldness in your arm or hand.

    It also listed neck cracking, headaches, and most of her symptoms so if she was so serious about her health she wouldn’t blatantly ignore the significant injury her hillbilly husband caused.

  5. I have TOS and did PT for it. My first rib was basically fused from over use and I would get horrific pain but I’d take hot baths or a pain pill . I got cortisone shots and found lifting weights helped . Some of her symptoms seems insane to me but I’m not a doctor .

  6. I REFUSE to watch ANYTHING from her and give her even my 1 measly “view” ~ thank you for taking one for the team!👍👍

    You cant write this crap!
    If this was aired on MTV there would be an uproar bc NO ONE would believe this trashy patheticness!

    But let me get this straight…she wants to sue the fair for a ride that MILLIONS of people have ridden without incident for getting sick (as we all do when repetitively spinning…similar to JEs experience with revolving doors to every dr who has the misfortune of being on her hit list, funny no complaints there!) which happened a couple of months ago YET she has been a lazy blob who has flat out refused to work or do ANYTHING productive with herself since, well, birth.

    As much as I dislike the overly used phrase, it’s too fitting to not:
    Make it make sense!

    She was always the laughing stock with her munchausen issues but SHE has just made HERSELF an udder (sic) JOKE!

    One thing I do agree with her on is that she belongs with DE! They are both hideous dishonest manipulative (at least by attempt only, both lack intelligence for execution) wastes of space and leaving him wouldn’t make a dang bit of difference for her image. SHE cemented that YEARS ago and just keeps fortifying it more & more with each & every pathetic post.
    They both need jobs simply to keep them occupied! Apparently “parenting” hasn’t succeeded in that (and vice versa)!

  7. I’m going yo diagnose Jenelle myself. If she can be a Google doc, so can I.
    Here it goes;
    1. Yah High high high Duhnelle
    2. The most extreme carny ride you’ve ridden is your clown ass husband
    3. You have a cyst “in” your spine because people get cysts.
    4. You are a hypochondriac
    5. You’re doctor shopping and will absolutely go to pain management. You fucking lying liar who lies
    6. Nobody cares or believes you

    So my official diagnosis is :
    White Trash attention whore .

    1. I’m confused…. She can twerk at the gas station and have no pain issues, but can’t walk around the fair?! Can’t stand her 🤮

  8. SourSOP… Jeeze woman. All the time in the world to research things but can’t get a script down for her lying sessions. That whole thing was an eye roll and a half. The fact I can see straight is impressive. Complains redness is an issue.. in the sun? SUNBURN u jack$#@&. She’s a hypochondriac and it’s blatant. She’s sickening. The day we find out something “happened” to her, wouldnt be soon enough. Idc

  9. Just for the record, if she’s not doing pain management, it’s because pain management requires a full panel drug test as well as testing for alcohol (which can detect if any alcohol has been consumed in the 72 hours before the test). This is not because she believes in the “wholistic,” route. Just sayin.

  10. I can’t even ….
    I also never got sick on fair rides until getting older; that just happens when you grow up Jenelle. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
    When your skin is red after sun exposure it’s called a SUNBURN.

  11. She probably doesn’t want to go to a pain medication dr because they drug tests. She would also have to sign a strict contract with them. They also keep track if you are prescribed any controlled meds by other drs.

    1. Exactly this. I have a family member in pain management, and they randomly drug test. No weed for her!

    2. They don’t keep track of pain meds prescribed by other docs in Virginia. Atleast they didn’t in 2017. Maybe laws have changed since then, idk.

  12. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when these docs leave the room and laugh about this pill chasing asshole and her smorgasbord of symptoms she googled in and attempt to get some meds.

    1. I imagine treating the complex syndrome of seeing molecules and getting sick on roller coasters is priority number one for doctors right now.

  13. I had TOS with radiculopathy due to repeated traumas and posture issues. Fixed it permanently with physical therapy.

  14. I thought she already HAD a diagnosis of a spinal cyst? She needs a fresh ailment, I guess.

    How offensive to everyone who legitimately struggles with chronic health issues.

  15. Thank god! A New Year’s miracle!

    Now that we got the diagnosis, lets get her treated and start putting in some job applications!!

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