‘Sister Wives’ Finale Preview: Robyn Brown Accuses Christine Brown of “Giving Up” On Her Marriage to Kody: “You Haven’t Actually Tried!”

“He’s all yours, Sobyn!”

Season 16 of Sister Wives came to a head on Sunday, with Christine Brown leaving her marriage to Kody after months if not years of turmoil between them. In a preview for next week’s finale show, Kody’s fourth (and legal) wife, Robyn, points the blame at Christine, accusing Christine of not trying to make her marriage to Kody work.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Christine announced in November that she had left Kody, and Season 16 has shown how the marriage of Kody and Christine crumbled. After Kody announced to Christine that he was no longer interested in having an “intimate marriage” to her, due to her bad behavior and inability to be a “good” sister wife, Christine decided to leave him, moving his stuff out of her house. (She eventually sold her home in Flagstaff and moved to Utah.)

In the preview clip for the upcoming finale, Robyn makes it clear that she thinks Christine didn’t try hard enough to save her toxic marriage to Kody.

“Hey, producers? Can Kody sleep at any of your houses for a few nights? I need a break!”

Viewers see Christine proudly declare to the Reunion host that she and Kody “are divorced.” In his segment, Kody says that, despite telling Christine he was no longer attracted to her, and no longer interested in having an intimate marriage, he didn’t necessarily mean it was forever.

“I never said, no, that we weren’t going to be intimate again,” he tells the host.

Robyn— who many fans have accused of contributing to the years-long rifts between Kody and his other wives— seems angry that Christine left.

“I don’t see why giving up was an option when you haven’t actually tried,” Robyn says as she sobs. 

(Christine has made it clear over the last season that she did try to save her marriage and that she has felt abandoned and neglected by Kody for years.) 

“And by ‘Christmas’ I mean ‘sexy time!'”

We also see Janelle tell the host that, “she made a choice that she was never going to have a functioning marriage.” (We don’t know, however, if Janelle is talking about Christine here.) 

“It’s the hardest time of my life,” Christine says during her segment.

The host asks Kody if he ever vocalized to Christine that he wanted her to stay.

“Did she ever hear you say, ‘I don’t want you to leave?'” the host asks Kody. 

“No,” Kody replied.

In fact, viewers recently saw Kody say that he was not bothered when he found out Christine had packed his stuff up.

“[I feel] some kind of relief from the burden, the burden and the woe of a loveless marriage,” he said.

He claimed that Christine’s “betrayal” was actually the reason for their divorce, rather than him cutting off intimacy and emotional attachment to Christine. 

“I prefer to just treat ’em so badly that they leave on their own. Are you listening Meri?”

While Kody said he is “anti-divorce,” he stated on-camera that because Christine “has been telling wives and adult children that she wants to leave me for years,” he feels that killed their marriage.

“She murdered our intimacy with betrayal,” Kody claimed.

The ‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 finale airs Sunday on TLC. You can watch the preview clip here!

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27 Responses

  1. Robin is pretty damn bold for sticking her chin in where it doesn’t belong. I’m so glad that Christine finally left thus douche and his weird wives. Their little cult is disgusting. Too bad Mary didn’t have the balls to walk away too. Grody and Robchin were made for one another. Kind of like syph and lesions. They just go hand in hand .

  2. I haven’t watched sister wives in a long time and I just recently started watching again. In my opinion I honestly don’t think Kody wants to be married to any of them except for Robyn. His attitude towards his other children is to me just disgusting I almost feel like he doesn’t want any part of any of this except for everything that has to do with Robin. If you’re not going to be in an intimate relationship with someone then end the relationship.Good for Christine…..I’m surprised. She used to be all up on him like a wet rag. Either I never noticed before or he has become such a narcissist I can’t even stand to watch him anymore

  3. Robyn, you don’t know what it feels like to be treated that way by Kody YET!! Just shut your mouth about something you clearly don’t understand!!!!

  4. I watched. Kodys stuff wasn’t thrown out. It was packed nicely in boxes. Kody treats wives like Concubines not wives. Each one is precious to God and each one yearns to be precious to their man I’m sorry Cody but you didn’t do that seems like you had one person that you gave all your attention and affection and love to these women need love and attention just like the sun to the flowers

  5. That bull he for years has had a intamite relationship with anyone but robin…he said it’s a romance free relationship what wife wants that..he don’t have a pural marriage..he just commuted to Robin..used covid to push others faRther a away.

  6. Robyn Brown is an odious woman and a horrible sister wife. I hope this show gets canceled and Christine gets a show all about her new life (and hopefully new dates).

  7. Of course, it’s ALL Christine’s fault! /s

    Kody, go suck an egg. You and bitch face Robyn deserve each other. Flaming narcissists. This show would be so much better without them (and take Meri out too. She’s a buzzkill.)

  8. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: He’s a tool. Sobyn Robyn wanted this ALL along! She’s manipulative & deceitful. I call bull$hit that she “didn’t sign up for this”. Meaning that she doesn’t want him all to herself & doesn’t want to share her mansion with him fulltime (that she paid not a dime for). She’s the grossest one of all, period. Show me ONE episode where she WASN’T crying! Can’t because there isn’t one. Nobody feels sorry for you or Kody. ick….

  9. Pleeeeeeeease ! Give me strength! This is just another one of Sobbin Robyns attempts at trying to make her look like the martyr of the family, the one that wants to hold the family together, blah blah blah….when everyone can see right through her!
    She wants Kody to herself so her and her kids ( and the nanny) can be one happy monogamous family.

  10. Please. Sobbin’ wanted Christine to stay, simply to postpone the eventual outcome. Kody is probably out looking for replacement (s) this very second. Bad news for Sobbin! The mission statement (revision #43) must include the following:
    HEY! Interested in polygamy? Wondering WHY any thinking woman would accept the challenge? If your dream is to birth a gaggle of children, live in poverty, and spend your days stroking the ego of a sorry excuse for a husband, have we got a deal for you! Help the Brown family convince everyone once and for all POLYGAMY is a LOUSY idea! First to reply/be selected will get a wet bar for use in a particle board shack, plus a lovely assortment of (unsellable) Sister Wives closet jewelry. Sign on TODAY!

  11. What more could she have done, Robyn? She had a husband that told her he basically just wanted to be roommates with her. Christine has dignity and knows she deserves better.

  12. Kody proved he’s nothing but a liar. Robyn proved she’s fake. Christine will come out ahead of all these losers.

  13. No one believes CHRISTINE didn’t try and we all know YOU (Robyn and Kody) *need* (use) her more than she needs you.

    Have fun raising those babies with a deadbeat Robyn!

  14. Anti divorce? Did you not legally divorce Meri to be with Robin? God I hate this guy. He doesn’t care about anyone but Himself, not even his kids. When you look him in the face on tv, you can see the crazy in his eyes. He is not normal, like most cult leaders.

  15. I cant wait to see Christine in the near future with someone who treats her like she deserves.

    Robin will realize she is married to a bossy pig who will always choose HIMSELF even before his children.

    Misery does NOT love company, if the company is an over-moussed misogynist who, for someone who does it all “in the name of religion”, lives his life completely opposite.

    1. I think Robyn got exactly what she wanted Kody has alienated his other wives and his other children ..and yet he’s super affectionate with her and her children… They have to look back on TV and IRL and witness that. I can’t imagine they hurt and embarrassment and jealousy it causes. She mentions time and time again that Ariel and Solomon need him but she Doesn’t give a damn about the other children that need him. I used to think that she was getting a raw deal with the public and today I see right through her. She publicly stated that she has an amicable divorce with the other children’s father.,so why did they need to get married again? She has manipulated this entire family from the jump.

      1. Amical would be too strong but I remember in 2016 when the kids were getting ready to spend Christmas at their fathers house and they were super excited.. Robyn was the one that left the marriage because of abuse claims but the children were happy to go see him. And obviously they had some kind of custody arrangements because she had to let them go

      2. I believe she has planned it, played up to kootiies feelings when he had conflict with the other wives,she kissed his ass and stroked his , shall call it his ego?

  16. Girl please, Christine wised up and left after YEARS of trying. You should be happy, 1 down 2 to go and you can have him all to yourself!!

    And what divorce? She was a spiritual wife…not legal!!!

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