“90 Day Fiance” Star Mark Shoemaker Accuses Nikki Mediano of Adultery in Divorce Filing; Mark’s Daughter Addresses Couple’s Prenup

We’re honestly still shocked this marriage ever happened in the first place.

Former 90 Day Fiance star Mark Shoemaker has alleged that his wife, Nikki Mediano, committed adultery, leading him to file for divorce. 

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Mark, 64, and Nikki, 25– who appeared on Season 3 of “90 Day Fiance”– are parting ways after six years of marriage. 

According to the divorce filing obtained by In Touch Weekly, Mark listed the grounds for divorce as “Adultery– my spouse committed adultery.”

In another section of the filing, he chose the box stating, “For those reasons, I request an absolute divorce.” 

If the marriage was as awful as this awkward kiss, we can’t blame them for their actions…

Those who watched Mark and Nikki’s season of “90 Day Fiance” may recall the couple having a prenuptial agreement, which Mark alluded to in the divorce filing by checking the “Mutual Consent” box.

“My spouse and I have signed a written settlement agreement that resolves any issues related to alimony, the distribution of property and the care, custody, access and support of minor or dependent child(ren),” the selection reads. 

While Mark and Nikki do not have any children together, Mark has four adult children from his previous marriage. He claimed on “90 Day Fiance” that his first wife divorced him, leaving him to raise their four children as a single father. After remaining single for more than two decades, Mark met Nikki on a dating website, and after traveling to the Philippines to meet her in person, he proposed after two days. 

Following the announcement of Mark and Nikki’s split, Mark’s daughter Elise Shoemaker posted a sarcastic reaction to the news, telling followers she was “absolutely shocked” as the couple “seemed so happy together.” 


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Elise later posted another video addressing the details of her father’s divorce– specifically one regarding the couple’s controversial prenuptial agreement. 

“So, I’ve been seeing this a lot where people are like, ‘Oh, they’re going to throw the prenup out because she signed it on TV.’ My father has a lot of legal experience because he sues a lot of people, so he’s not that dumb,” she said. “So the prenup that was signed for TV was a fake prenup, because obviously that prenup would’ve not been valid anymore if it were signed for TV. 


♬ –

“They signed another prenup– like, the actual prenup– without cameras being there,” she continued. “Hope that helps!”  

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  1. Ewwwwww…… these 2 are before my time of watching 90 days, so if she’s 25 now she had to of been about 21 when she married his 60 year-old ass. 64-year-old men typically can’t get it up without pharmaceutical “assistance.” A girls got to do what a girls got to do. You do you, girl! He’s a creepy old man looking for a child wife, And when this one got some cojoñes and strayed, he retaliates and divorces. Real man, huh? But if the tables were turned and it was him cheating, there’s no way she’d file for divorce, because I guarantee you he has control of all the money, whatever money there is or has led her to believe there is.

  2. Seems obvious, he should have known he’d have only *one* thing in common with a TEENAGER. I have zero respect for him and just *shocked* a 25 y/o might be questioning if there is more to life than the way she was living.

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