‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Season 3 Premieres Next Month: See the Lineup of OG Competitors & Watch the First Trailer

Me, jumping back into my ‘Challenge’ addiction…

The Challenge: All Stars returns next month with 24 OG competitors–- all of whom have previously made it to a final–- fighting it out for their chance to win $500,000.  

“This season, I’ve upped the ante,” longtime ‘Challenge’ host TJ Lavin tells the cast in the Season 3 trailer. “I’ve only invited an elite group of competitors.” 

TJ goes on to reveal that each of the competitors has previously made it to the end of at least one season, before warning the cast, “This will be your biggest competition yet.” 

By “Elite” he means they’re ready to do almost anything to win some cash…

Filmed in Panama, Season 3 will air over 10 episodes that will drop weekly on Paramount+, according to Heavy.com. 

Here’s a look at ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Season 3 lineup, along with each competitor’s original show and notable ‘Challenge’ stats:  

Kailah Casillas, The Real World: Go Big or Go Home – 5 Challenges, 1 Final, 0 Wins

Yes Duffy, Road Rules: Semester at Sea – 3 Challenges,  1 Final, 1 Win (‘All Stars’ Season 1 Winner)

MJ Garrett, The Real World: Philadelphia – 3 Challenges, 1 Final, 1 Win (‘All Stars’ Season 2 Winner)

Tina Barta, Road Rules: South Pacific – 5 Challenges, 2 Finals, 0 Wins

Jordan Wiseley, The Real World: Portland – 6 Challenges, 4 Finals, 3 Wins

Cynthia Roberts, The Real World: Miami – 2 Challenges, 1 Final, 1 Win

Laterrian Wallace, Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour – 3 Challenges, 1 Final, 0 wins

Melinda Collins, The Real World: Austin – 4 Challenges, ‘All Stars’ Season 2 Runner-Up

Veronica Portillo, ‘Road Rules: Semester at Sea’ – 11 Challenges, 4 Finals, 3 Wins

Nehemiah Clark, ‘The Real World: Austin’ – 4 Challenges, 1 Final, 1 Win (‘All Stars’ Season 2 Runner-Up)

Jonna Mannion, The Real World: Cancun – 5 Challenges, 1 Win (‘All Stars’ Season 2 Winner)

Mark Long, Road Rules: The First Adventure – 7 Challenges, 4 Finals, 2 Wins

Roni Martin, Road Rules: Northern Trail – 2 Challenges, 2 Finals, 2 Wins

Darrell Taylor, Road Rules: Campus Crawl – 9 Challenges, 4 Finals, 4 Wins (‘All Stars’ Season 1 & Season 2 Runner-Up)

Kendal Sheppard, ‘Road Rules: Campus Crawl’ – 1 Challenge, 1 Final, 1 Win 

Brad Fiorenza, The Real World: San Diego (2004) – 10 Challenges, 4 Finals, 1 Win

Wes Bergmann, ‘The Real World: Austin’ – 14 Challenges, 5 Finals, 2 Wins

Nią Moore, ‘The Real World: Portland’ – 2 Challenges, 0 Wins

Syrus Yarbrough, The Real World: Boston – 5 Challenges, 2 Finals, 1 Win

Jemmye Carroll, The Real World: New Orleans (2010) – 7 Challenges, 1 Final, 0 Wins

KellyAnne Judd, The Real World: Sydney – 4 Challenges, 1 Final, 0 Wins

Tyler Duckworth, The Real World: Key West – 4 Challenges, 2 Finals, 2 Wins

Sylvia Elsrode, The Real World: Skeletons – 3 Challenges, 1 Final, 0 Wins

Derrick Kosinski, Road Rules: X-Treme – 10 Challenges, 5 Finals, 3 Wins

‘The Challenge All Stars’ begins streaming May 11 on Paramount+. 

Watch the Season 3 trailer below! 

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(Photos: Paramount+; YouTube) 

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  1. I’m more excited for this then the regular challenge these days. I pretty much only watch that one because CT hasn’t converted to All Stars yet.

  2. This may sound ageist but Mark. Cynthia and Syrus seem too old for this. Is Cynthia still rocking those long ass nails?

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