‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Carlin Bates Stewart Rushed to Nashville Hospital After “Really Bad Episode;” Husband Evan Asks For Prayers

A photo posted by Carlin earlier in the week from a different hospital visit…

Carlin Bates Stewart‘s health took a turn last night, causing her to be rushed to a larger Nashville hospital– and for her husband, Evan Stewart, to ask their fans and family to pray for her.

The Bringing Up Bates star opened up earlier this week about having to go to the hospital several times this month, due to experiencing “seizure-like symptoms” and passing out. In an Instagram post from earlier this week, Carlin said her doctors have run “multiple tests” and, while they had been able to “rule out a lot of scary things,” they still couldn’t figure out what was causing her health issues.

On Saturday, Evan posted to his own Instagram Stories that Carlin “had a really bad episode” with her health and was taken to a Nashville hospital via ambulance. He also posted a photo of Carlin on a gurney, with what appears to be a neck brace on.

“I just got back with her a little while ago,” Evan wrote. “She is doing OK but we really covet your prayers in hope of finding answers.” 

There have been no further updates on Carlin since Saturday night. 

Whitney Bates— who is married to Carlin’s oldest brother Zach— posted about Carlin on Instagram on Sunday. 

“We keep in touch with her just about every day or so, checking in to make sure she is doing OK,” Whitney Bates posted on Instagram Stories. We are just continually praying for her health and praying God has his hand of protection over her as they continue to try to find answers!

“She’s hanging in there and being a total trooper and has the best husband and support system,” Whitney continued. “Please keep her in your prayers and I know she appreciates each one of them!” 


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The official Bates Family social media has not posted any updates on Carlin’s health; however, the parents of 19 wrote a comment on Carlin’s original post about her health earlier this week.

“I know this is so frustrating and so scary, but we are all here for you!” the Bates parents wrote. “We are gonna keep praying and searching until we find out what we can do to help stop the seizures and fainting! We love you so much! You are a trooper! You’ve had the best attitude through all of this.”

Carlin is the mother of two children– daughter Layla, who was born in January 2020, and son Zade, whom Carlin gave birth to on March 28

UPDATE! Carlin and Evan have posted updates on Carlin’s health, following her release from the hospital. Click here for the latest info. 

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  1. My name is Rev Dwight Finch, my wife and I have watched you all grow up and seen you all grow up.we don’t just pray WE PRAY!!! NOT JUST. THAT WORD JUST DOESN’T BELONG IN THE PRAYER.WHEN WE PRAY WE KNOW GOD WILL ANSWER OUR PRAYER IN HIS TIME. WE KNOW HE WILL DO SO, REST AND LET HIM DO HIS JOB. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. REV FINCH.

  2. Praying for your health. May God lead the doctors to find the causes of your spells. My oldest son was born on March 28. I miss hearing about your families. I admire your parents. I am #5 out of 13. I am the oldest as my siblings older than me have passed away. Enjoy your families!!

  3. Prayers Carlin, may GOD speed your recovery. Prayers go out to you and all the Bates family. Your truly blessed to be brought up with God in your lives. It’s all in God’s time.
    . Sincerely Amanda & James

  4. Carlin, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. You and your whole family are in my prayers and thoughts each day ?❣️❣️❣️. I will be saying a rosary for you all ?. I will also light a candle at church.. I hope you get better and the doctors find out what is going on with you.

  5. Why is their first instinct to post on social media? They have been making videos about her “health scare” all week. I hope she’s okay, but it seems a little dramatized. I only say this because I’ve been following them all week and watching the “build up” to this.

    1. And who posts a picture of someone being loaded into an ambulance? Come on now… that’s a little much.

    2. They’ve been posting their life/relationship for years and are bombarded with messages of how she’s doing. Apparently you didn’t watch the show, or follow them on IG or watch their YouTube channel. And OBVIOUSLY it wasn’t his FIRST instinct idiot. It was small clip to keep the fans who care about them updated. Mean girl.

    3. Exactly. Not one IV in that ladies arm. She just has oxygen which is just under the nose, not like she was unresponsive and they had to but tubes down her throat, this is all for attention SORRY. No one in the “out of their mind worried” state will stop to take pictures and then post and have the TIME TO read comments. When my son was getting worked on after rushing him two hours away to his cancer hospital, guess what I didn’t do. I didn’t take pictures of doctors working on him or even after when they got him stable! And I was updating friends and family on his journey but never difficult ones.

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