Former ‘Counting On’ Couple Jill & Derick Dillard Purchase House & Relocate to New City for Derick’s Job: Details on Their New Home & Derick’s Job!

” …no thanks to you, Jim Bob.”

After announcing upcoming moving plans last month, Jill and Derick Dillard have officially relocated from Lowell, Arkansas, to Siloam Springs, Arkansas, in order to be closer to Derick’s new job. (It also happens to be about 45 minutes away from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar— who live in Springdale, Arkansas, and are estranged from Jill and Derick!) 

As The Ashley previously reported, shortly after Derick announced in February that he had passed the bar exam, he and Jill– who are currently expecting their third child– told fans they were saying goodbye to the Arkansas home they purchased in 2019 and relocating to better accommodate Derick’s new position. 

According to Zillow, the couple has done just that, purchasing a 2,450 square-foot home in Siloam Springs. Jill and Derick reportedly purchased the four bedroom, three bathroom home for $385,000 earlier this month. 

While the Dillard’s new digs are closer to Derick’s new place of employment at the Adair County Clerk’s Office, he will still have a commute of approximately 40 minutes from Siloam Springs to Stilwell, Oklahoma– located on the Arkansas/Oklahoma state line. The move from Lowell to Siloam Springs cuts Derick’s commute by at least half an hour.

“I’d live in a tent if it meant putting more miles between my family and Jim Bob.”

Just last weekend, Derick, Jill and their two sons attended a strawberry festival in Stilwell, which Jill told fans, “did not disappoint.” 

As for the Dillard’s previous home– purchased in 2019 for $187,000– states that the 4 bedroom, 2 bath home was listed April 14 for $279,000. It sold on May 12 for $305,000.

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  1. I’m excited thinking about the new life you are forging together. Practicing law is difficult in the best of times, it’s got to be a great burden on those who choose it today. I’m so excited to see you settle into your new home, with a new baby on the way and all your exciting changes. Praying for a successful delivery and peace that only comes from being in God’s Will.

  2. I loved counting on, and I think it should be returned to TV. The rest of the Dugger children should not have to pay for Josh’s problems. The TV show was wonderful, I would like to watch it now.

  3. With Jill and the family moving away from family and all the drama that comes with it might be a blessing for them to relocate and have a fresh start on life! Hopefully it goes well for all them!

  4. Is it “relocating” if you’ve simply moved a half an hour away? I could do that and still be in the same city.

    1. Yes. Relocating refers to moving from one home to another. Or from one business location to another. They could have moved to the house next door and it would have been relocating.

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