It’s a Boy— And a Girl! ‘Mama June: Road to Redemption’ Stars Lauryn “Pumpkin Shannon & Josh Efird Welcome Twins

“The only thing that could be worse is TWO watermelons!”

Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon has reportedly given birth to twins!

According to a source for The Sun, the Mama June: Road to Redemption star and her husband Josh Efird welcomed a baby boy and a baby girl on May 19. The news outlet reports that Pumpkin— who is the daughter of Mama June Shannon and older sister of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson– gave birth via C-section, at a hospital in Georgia that specializes in high-risk pregnancies.

The baby girl reportedly weighed 6 lbs. at birth, while the baby boy weighed in at 5 lbs., 4 oz. Pumpkin and the babies are healthy after the birth and went home just a few days after the births, The Sun‘s source stated.

News broke last month that Pumpkin and Josh were expecting twins; however, the couple has never officially confirmed the pregnancy. 

Pumpkin– who is only 22 years old— has been keeping her birth canal busy since marrying Josh in Las Vegas in 2018. At the time of their wedding, they already had welcomed daughter Ella (who is now four). Pumpkin gave birth to son Bentley– who is only 10 months old— in July 2021. A few months after welcoming Bentley, Pumpkin became pregnant with the twins. 


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Pumpkin’s family has not confirmed the births either; however, last month Mama June told In Touch Weekly that Pumpkin doesn’t need any more children.

“She don’t got no time for no more kids, since she’s already gotta take care of my kid!”

“She needs another kid like she needs a hole in her head,” June said of Pumpkin, who she admitted is a “good mom.” 

“[Her kids are] spoiled like hell,” June added.

The babies’ names have not yet been released.

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26 Responses

  1. having four kids before age 25 isn’t as common as it once was before the widespread use of the birth control pill in the late 1960s also having twins at that age is rare the likely hood increases with age also she had 4 kids in 53 months daughter Ella born December 9th 2017 son Bentley born July 18th 2021 and twins Sylus and Stella born May 19th 2022 1 month early which is not uncommon for multiples take Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthonys 15 year old twins Emme Mirabelle and Maximillian David who weighed 5 LBs 7 Oz and 6 LBs at birth respectively its also not uncommon for twins birth weights to vary their can be as little as a couple of ounces difference to over a pound in weight difference at birth example my dad and his twin sister Barbara were a pound apart in birth weight though they were born Nov 30th 1959 dad was 5 1/2 pounds at birth and aunt Barbara was 4 1/2 pounds at birth oh and there’s about a foot in height between them. dad was 5 Ft 11.5 in when he was a younger adult and Aunt Barbara was around 5 Ft tall when she was a younger adult and you start to shrink around 35 years old they are expected to live to be 86 years old which is not unheard of in their family. their dad if he’s still alive is expected to live to be 95.4 years. Lauryn based on her birthday is expected to live to age 90 as is her sister Alana

  2. Congratulations! I’m so happy to read all is well with mom and babies. Wishing you the best!

  3. Some of you need to mind your own business! As long as they aren’t asking you to take care of their babies then wish them well and move on!
    Congrats to them! I know plenty of couples that had kids 10 months apart…or they went to adopt and found out they were pregnant too. Pumpkin has an awesome support system. She’ll be fine.

    1. Why would I mind my own business. I am not a supporter of young girls, and young ladies having alot of kids, but to each their own. I do like her, and the show, and i would tell her the same,but wish her the best of luck either way. Freedom of speech,we all will not always agree on that. I sure don’t. Love my twins sure, starting kindergarten in the Fall. Love them more than my own life, but I also know as a young mother since they were born at her age, how hard it is, literally on television paycheck (for now)or not. It is not easy with even 1, but I think it is worth it, but I also know i wanted to do more in my lifetime,than just make kids.I knew better than to keep having em’ knowing how hard it is, then again, I also work many jobs,and in school,to become a communication(journalist/media) to make sure my children will always be OK. I always will share my opinion, that is what America is about, or should be. Freedom of Speech.

  4. I want to wish Pumpkin the best, but 4 kids in under 5 years is a lot for anyone. Adding in her age and family issues, and the fact that the couple doesn’t seem so happy about announcing the pregnancy/birth everywhere leads me to believe it IS a stressful situation. I wish them the best, they do have an adorable family.

  5. Mama June there calling normal, non selfish, good parenting “spoiling children”.
    She still wouldn’t know how to be a decent parent and I hope Alana stays with her sister.
    Mama June is a taker, not a giver. Alana deserves better. She should reach for the stars without a mom putting her down.

  6. Congratulations, Pumpkin, but at 22 years old with almost five kids is a little bit too many. I agree with your mother Grand-ma Mama June is right on that. No more kids, you do not need any more. Good luck with almost five kids at only 22. God bless. Not easy, so just chill,relax, let use see you donate time to your college/professional career, studies, open your own successful biz maybe, do something more constructive. Make us proud, mainly the kids, not us who watch and like the show when it is on air. Life so short, do something more rewarding in life,that you’re 1 day able to show the daughters, (but the sons too) they can do GREAT things in life,and help others if you’re able, I hope you do, and God bless. from Peyton, a fan of the show.

    1. Being a parent is absolutely rewarding, to those that want it to be. Just because it’s not something you would do, or the amount of kids you would have, doesn’t make it any less rewarding for her.

      I can honestly say that being a mom is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life, regardless of my age or how many kids I might have. Nothing else I have ever done in my life means anything near what being able to raise tiny human beings into bigger amazing human beings. I have done many great things in my lifetime. I have numerous degrees. I have owned businesses. I have donated my time, money, hell my home, to countless charities. But these humans, the ones that rely on me everyday, the ones that I have been granted the absolute privilege of raising…absolutely nothing in this world will ever outshine them, or this opportunity.

      Peyton, I hope you find something in life that also brings you rewards immeasurable, someday, because you won’t really “get it”, until you do.

      1. I’m a Women Self-Empowerment,Self-Consulting, who empower, lift up motivate a child-teen who has had it hard, because their mom and or dad was not really there for them, and had too many children to handle, and or a victim of abuse in the abhorrent foster care system.” I help D.V. victims realize one’s worth and show women they do not have to lay around, having a kid to hold on to a man, but do it for (your self)not to hold on to a guy.” I help women realize they can do it all in life,not think that having tons of kids by 18 to 20,21 is the way to go. I am one who also any day now, shall procure my juris doctor,(law degree)and shall be doing much more flagrantly.”I love what i do, and I love my daughters. I know 1 thing, I am not going to say anything that if it work for you with alot of kids, go for it. Enjoy.But, I’m happy to be leaving behind, since 20, a great following, when we all go to heaven one day, for our kids to say, My mom did this, she made a “real difference in life, not just sitting around having 1 after another.” I like Pumpkin, but just because I’m (sometimes) a fan of the episode’s, that does not mean I’m not going to state my own opine.” I hope one day to turn on the tv and hear,Pumpkin is procuring a college degree/working in a new career, making a real difference, while she raise the kids. The show is not going to always be on so, you’re going to need steady income.”I pray for her, I like her, and I hope this is it for her.” Nice you’re happy with all of your kids as well, President. I wish you good health, happiness,and real love and respect, in this short life we are all just temporarily living in. Peyton.

        1. I don’t believe you do, or even have done, any of that. Nothing you type is remotely coherent, so it is unlikely you’re getting a law degree, either. There is no way in hell someone is giving someone who can’t even spell opinion properly, a law degree. Nor would you be permitted to work with any agency that helps DV victims, women, children with your attitude towards them. I know this for a fact, because that actually IS is the work I do, and I have stated so on this site for years. It disgusts me that you’re trying to pretend to be someone and something you’re not..but if it makes you feel better, by all means. It’s a weird kink, but who am I to judge your fetishes.

          However, you’re still insulting as hell to suggest that being a parent is not rewarding. It’s not a path you chose, and that’s okay. It’s not a path many others choose, that too is okay. It IS a path she has chosen and has said, repeatedly, she finds fulfilling, despite being difficult (and it is). Who are you to tell her, or anyone else otherwise?

          Ftr, speaking entirely for myself here, I do not have children to keep a man, and while there are some females that do, most do not.(this is how I know you’re lying about what you do, btw, no one who does the work you claim to do would EVER say such judgmental shit). My children all came to me out of terrible life circumstances, and I am blessed beyond measure to have the absolute privilege of being their mom, and I take that very seriously. Most parents take that responsibility seriously. I can do and have done so very much in my life. You seem to be under the impression that parents are incapable of making a “real difference”, and that is how I know you’re not actually a parent at all.

          1. You’re either jealous of the lady here with the pretty name, (Shout out Peyton)

            or Peanut, you’re not focus like it’s clear she is, ha ha. Love it. Please, continue. and to PEYTON, you go girl!(Please leave, if you’re not minding your biz site here, I would love to support a strong focus amazing lady like yourself. I support all you’re about in life.Not having baby after baby. Thank you. I’m Cassie Dylan.

            If you are here reading it, I would love your info.) or I’m on FB under Cassie Dylan, ignore haters, like Peanut. I am sure you are. You’re amazing all you’re accomplishing in life.

        2. I love your real-talk here. I echo each word. you’re 100% right.
          Nothing to add, PERFECTLY said. I guess it is fine to say congrats, politically correct. But, I do not think it is smart. So you’re right Peyton. You’re doing so many jobs in life, big things, that is something your children, will be super proud of. I’m inspired. I hope to be like that. God bless you, I agree with each word.

          1. How many names are you going to use on here to comment back to yourself?

  7. At least Pumpkin takes care of her kids..and also her sister..even tho she had a crappy role model in her own mother… congrats to them

    1. The last pregnancy may have not been planned, then *surprise* it’s twins.

      I see a lot of comments being positive, as one would expect with babies, but just the thought of 3 under 1 y/o almost gave me an anxiety attack.

    2. Mick yep.
      I agree with your post, Mick, hi, well said, you’re speaking well like alot of twitter, when first announced, and FB, insta. No offense, but too much, im hence agreeing with Peyton over here, her posts, and also you, so far, it’s true. I watch and i like her on tv, but you and the other person here Peyton, are well, right.
      I had twins her age, trust me, it’s not easy no matter how many say it is or “the tv smiles.” I do hope the children remain OK, and still wishing her well, but your are right. 22 almost “five kids, under five, um “yea.”sad. to me. Hope she get her life together.

      1. Add me, because I’m agreeing with
        Mick 100% x 10 . Mick Right, Cassie Dylan,
        and I agree with Peyton too. She speak truth.
        Any one do, who isn’t afraid to say it’s too many under 20 or 21. I think she also just turned 22. That’s so many kids by 20 or 22. So icam. with you all who said too many.

    1. Pumpkin and Josh- congratulations. You are good parents. No judgment here. Both my parents came from big families. 12 on one side 13 on another. All awesome aunts and uncles and this was in early 1900’s.God bless.

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