‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Cory Wharton & Girlfriend Taylor Selfridge Welcome Daughter; Reveal She’s Battling Congenital Heart Disease

Nine days after Cory Wharton announced on Instagram that his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge was in labor, the Teen Mom OG and The Challenge star has finally given fans an update on the baby. 

On Friday, the couple revealed that their daughter– whom they named Maya Grace Wharton— was born on June 1, weighing in at 8 lbs., 4 oz. Sadly, the newborn is still in the NICU nine days after her birth, due to being diagnosed with a rare form of heart disease called tricuspid atresia.

“It happens when the hearts tricuspid valve does not develop,” Cory explained in his Instagram post. “This valve plays a part in the heart’s essential function, which is to pump blood between the lungs and body.”

According to Taylor, she and Cory have known about Maya’s heart condition since Taylor was about 22 weeks pregnant.


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“We found out she would need 3 open heart surgeries, one being the first week of her life,” Taylor wrote. “Our lives turned upside down in a matter of seconds. Maya came into this world doing so much better than expected and with amazing cardiologists we were able to get a stent put in place instead of the first open heart surgery. Maya had her first procedure at 6 days old.”

Cory stated that the procedure went well, but she will still need two open heart surgeries.

“She is doing very well, we can’t wait to bring her home & show her the love that she needs,” he wrote. “With her condition it requires another two open heart surgeries one being at 4-6 months old and the next not being till she’s 3 or 4 years old. Right now we are all trying to stay positive & having that successful surgery on Tuesday is something to celebrate. That’s one down, we have two left.”


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According to the Mayo Clinic‘s website, a person with tricuspid atresia has trouble getting enough oxygen through his or her body.

“People with this condition tire easily, are often short of breath and have blue-tinged skin…Tricuspid atresia is treated with multiple surgeries. Most babies with tricuspid atresia who have surgery live well into adulthood.”

Cory and Taylor are already parents to daughter Mila, and Cory shares his daughter, Ryder, with Cheyenne Floyd. According to Taylor, the week after Maya’s birth has been “the most challenging week I’ve had as a mother thus far.”

“I have felt very helpless in caring for my own child, my arms are aching to hold her, ache to feed her, ache to wake up to her,” Taylor wrote. “My first time really holding her was at 5 days old. The last 9 days have been a complete rollercoaster…”

Both Taylor and Cory wrote that they decided to talk publicly about Maya’s heart disease  in hopes it will help other families going through a similar situation.

“This is something I’ve wanted to share with everyone because I found myself looking for other heart mamas out there that know the pain I’m feeling and I’ve found help through some other moms,” Taylor wrote. “I’m still new to this but any mothers out there that need someone to talk to please don’t hesitate because I need you as well.”

Cory and Taylor received well wishes from Cheyenne, as well as other cast members from the ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Challenge’ franchises.

“We have been praying for you guys non-stop!” Cheyenne wrote. “Maya, God has you covered. Ryder can’t wait to meet her new sissy.”

“Congrats to you and your fam! Sending so much love and prayers from our family to yours,” Kam Williams— who recently welcomed a baby herself—wrote.

“Congratulations. She’s absolutely beautiful!” wrote Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer. “Sending so much love & prayers to your fam.”

“Congratulations on her! Thinking of y’all! Hope she has a smooth recovery!” Kail Lowry wrote.

Maya is expected to be able to go home sometime this weekend.

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  1. I cannot even begin to imagine what that must be like for them as her parents. I pray that that sweet girl makes a full recovery and lives as much of a normal life as she can! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. So cute! I pray she will be allright.

    Also, don’t do stuff for the third or fourth time when pregnant. And of course preferably don’t do it at all ever.

  3. What an absolute nightmare. Ryder also has some heart condition. I guess it’s Cory’s genetics (not no blame him, just to offer some kind of explanation).

    1. A simple gesture of kindness and goodwill would have sufficed. Instead, you chose to add to their pain.

      1. Ryder does not have a heart condition.

        This baby has Tricuspid Atresia which has nothing to do with genetics and it cannot be explained as to why it happens. It’s also very rare.

        You’re blaming by saying you’re not blaming.

        Perhaps you should state facts next time instead of assumptions.

    2. Ryder has a genetic metabolic condition. These conditions are likely unrelated. Even if you didn’t mean to “blame” Cory, you still put that out there which implied blame. Keep it to yourself if you can’t be kind.

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