Taylor Selfridge– Girlfriend of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Cory Wharton– In Labor with Second Child

“I better book another bad MTV reality show…I’ve got a lot of diapers to buy!”

The newest member of the Teen Mom cast is on his or her way!

On Wednesday, Cory Wharton announced that his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge is in labor and about to deliver their second child. The baby is arriving a bit early, as Taylor’s original due date was June 8. (Cory and Taylor have not publicly announced the baby’s gender; however it appears that baby’s name begins with the letter “M,” based on Taylor’s Instagram bio.)

“It’s TIME!” Cory wrote in the caption of a photo showing him with Taylor, who was suited up in a hospital gown and ready to shoot out his spawn. “Just wanted to say next time you see us we will be adding our 3rd kid to this family. Thank you to everybody for reaching out. I just ask that you keep us & the baby in your prayers throughout this time. Thank you all.”


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The Teen Mom OG and The Challenge star announced in March that he and Taylor Selfridge are expecting their second child together. Cory and Taylor are already parents to daughter Mila, whom they welcomed in April 2020. Cory also has daughter Ryder, whom he shares with his ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star, Cheyenne Floyd.


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It is unknown if this baby’s birth is being filmed for the upcoming ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. The birth of Mila was self-filmed by Taylor and Cory (due to COVID-19) for an MTV special; however, MTV yanked it on the night it was supposed to air, due to some old racist tweets Taylor posted eight years before. She was also let go from ‘Teen Mom’ and has not appeared on any shows since.

Anyway, Taylor and Corey received plenty of well wishes from their ‘Challenge’ and ‘Teen Mom’ castmates.

Happening now…probably…

“YEEEESSSS!!!! Bring that baby out already!” their ‘Teen Mom OG’ producer JC Cueva wrote in the post’s comment section. 

“Congrats guys!” Briana DeJesus commented. 

“So exciting! Congrats to you both,’ Nia Moore of ‘The Challenge’ wrote. “Praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.”

Stay tuned…

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  1. He could still leave and dodge child support if they got married. I don’t see Corey as that type. But let’s not pretend like someone can’t cheat, not have the best interests, leave, or even not pay child support just because they get married.

    Also, if a person feels they should get married it should be because they love each other and feel that’s the next step… not because a person wants to “trap” them into being more accountable.

  2. Still not sure why Taylor was fired and Cheyanne was not. Oh yeah, just remembered. Double standards. Rules for thee, but not for me. Preach I will, not following rules still.

  3. Cute kids,cute momma. I am a couple months pregnant right now and I never tried to get back my cuteness from before our first almost 4 years ago. I feel like I look like a trashbin compared to some moms I see. I do not look cute pregnant. Fat face, rosacea and bad brows sure gets one down when seeing these other women.

    1. T—I’m sorry you’re feeling that way. It’s hard not to compare ourselves with others (especially when everyone else’s “perfection” is on display 24/7, thanks, social media)!

      Growing a human is no small matter, regardless of how easy someone else makes it seem!

      I hope you feel better today. ♥️

    2. T
      You are growing a little life 💖
      I’m sure you look pretty
      Remember they use a lot of filters on pictures
      Congratulations on baby

      1. No legal obligation to the mother just makes it easier for bum fathers to walk out on their families. Yes, they can get ordered to pay child support, but men can dodge that for years. All these girls keep giving away the milk for free, so the guy can cheat and leave them high and dry one day. Both parents should want better for their children’s future!

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